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Astrological Profile for Those Born on October 22

Your Star Sign is Libra

Libra Zodiac Sign

Your personal ruling planets are Venus and Uranus.

You certainly don't like traditional or run-of-the-mill relationships. That's because of the influence of Uranus on your life. Its vibrations add a touch of the bizarre to everything you do and aspire to - not just relationships.

You relish the idea that you are different and may at times go out of your way to bring the point home - sometimes to your own detriment. But that doesn't seem to phase you.

Your path contains many unexpected events - difficulties in marriage and rivalry in work. Your exceptional talents should be manipulated wisely to bring out the best possible outcomes.

Your lucky colors are electric blue, electric white and multi-colors.

Your lucky gems are Hessonite garnet and agate.

Your lucky days of the week Sunday and Tuesday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76.

Famous people born on your birthday include Franz Liszt, Timothy Leary, Joan Fontaine, Derek Jacobi, Charles Keating, Jeff Goldblum, Amanda Coetzer and Zac Hanson.


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