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Clearing Emotional Blocks Using Astrology

This article will examine Experiential Astrology, Karma and Narcissistic personality disorders. It also discusses symbols for women. Then we’ll discuss how astrology may help you make better decisions regarding your life and career and how it can be used to assist you in dealing with trauma. These decisions can be made without the need for therapy or reflection.

Experiential astrology

The ability to clear emotional blocks can make a huge difference in your personal and professional life. Consequently, losing a close companion can cause feelings of grief, loneliness and insecurity. Even the loss of a long-time relationship can impede the development of new intimate relationships. Astrology may be able to help with emotional blockages. These are some ways to clear emotional blocks using astrology.

Narcissistic personality disorder

The use of astrology to help deal with a narcissistic personality disorder is not new. Numerous people read and study astrology articles and consult fortune-tellers. However, some people have a more profound belief in astrology and its predictive powers. Studies have shown that firmer beliefs in astrology are associated with higher levels of narcissism.

This book might be difficult to understand if you’re new to psychology. While narcissism is widely considered a personality disorder, many people misunderstand the word. Many people confuse narcissism with self-confidence. People who have self-confidence are advocates for themselves and know their worth. On the other hand, Narcissists lack empathy and feel entitled to insult others.

Due to cyclical abuse, narcissists can form tight bonds with loved ones. Narcissists may also feel guilty or obligated to their loved ones for changing the status quo. Although it can be challenging to spot, this bonding is genuine. Likewise, it is often difficult to identify the signs of narcissism and its symptoms.

Empathy is a crucial component of narcissistic behaviour. Also, empathy is the ability to see things through another’s eyes. Empathic people can better understand and appreciate the feelings of others and thus have a balanced perspective on their lives. Then empathy is not the same as pity, wherein we cry for others when they are sad. In addition, empathy is much more complex than this.


If you’ve experienced a period of depression or emotional blockage, you’re not alone. Many people have found that clearing these blocks is possible through astrology. There are many things to consider before you use astrology for clearing your emotions. Below are a few examples of some of these factors. Firstly, you should determine what the cause of your emotional block is. Certainly, meditation is a good option if you are unsure.

Women's symbols

The astrology symbols can be used to help you overcome various emotional and mental challenges. They are meant to soothe your life’s energy and make you attune to the spiritual realm. You can use these symbols to support your work and your relationships. If you are considering the use of astrology, you may want to learn about these gemstones and how they can help you in your life.

The Cosmic Science of Practice

Practising the Cosmic Sciences for clearing emotional blocks is a powerful method for opening your mind to the innate wisdom of the universe. It helps to remove negative emotions and health blocks by moving energy. It can trigger negative memories or feelings. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way because we sometimes have to let go of old hurts to move on and heal. But, it’s essential to keep in mind that clearing emotional blocks is not just a healing process. Utilising this practice will help you experience psychic experiences and increase your intuitive awareness.

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without conscious rational thought. The intuition bypasses both thinking and inference processes, providing a direct download to the answer. We can learn to use intuition in our daily lives to clear emotional blocks and open up our consciousness to a whole new level. This process is the most effective method for removing emotional blocks. It can help you transform any aspect of your life and move closer to achieving happiness and success.

Astrology can be used to remove emotional blocks

Astrology can help you clear your emotional blockages for many reasons. An astrology can be a way to understand your own karmic past better, increase happiness, and feel more heard. In other words, astrology should not be used as a replacement for therapy. The therapeutic approach of your therapist should be holistic and take into account the person’s history. That means that you should explore other methods of healing as well.

Almost all astrologers begin by helping you understand your birth chart. The big three are your sun, moon, and rising signs. By learning about these elements, you can regularly use astrology to determine how planetary current events influence your birth chart. You can use full moons or longer-lasting transits to help you decide when you should take a break or if you need to pursue more complex opportunities. To identify potential conflicts or connections that could make your life more difficult, you can compare your chart with another person.

While astrology is a highly nuanced system, it is also highly detailed and requires much time to learn. It can be challenging to get into a routine and use it for personal development. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it’s a beautiful tool for clearing emotional blocks and moving towards happiness. And don’t worry if you don’t feel like putting time into your astrological practice – clairsentience can help you learn quickly, integrate new information, and flow.

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