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Horoscope 2018: Chinese New Year – Predictions in the Year of the Dog


Born in the year of the DOG – 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018


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If you were born in the year of the dog, 2018 is going to be generally a very good year. But you must be a little careful not to wear yourself out. It’s one of those years where you start out with tremendous energy only to find yourself burning the candle at both ends. This could result in a great deal of frustration because you know what you want but can’t quite get the desired result. Nevertheless, you’ll be happy and more so if you’re able to manage your schedule, get more rest and remain optimistic in spite of the obstacles you’ll encounter.

You mustn’t rely on your luck or your past successes to carry you through in the next 12 months. This year, as mentioned, is about hard work. If you’re looking for a new job or wish to be promoted you may also have to work just that little bit harder to get the attention you need even if you’re skilled at what you do.

This year may cause you to be impulsive probably because you’ve shoved so much on your plate. In that respect, rushing here, there and everywhere may result in mishaps or even injuries especially to your extremities eg your legs or your arms. You could be rather extreme and this may also play out in your relationships where you could be reactive. If you’re a city dweller, pay close attention to your health and in particular your lungs, throat and mouth. Your breathing may be adversely affected especially if your environment isn’t clean or hygienic.

Financially take more precautions with your security and don’t overspend. Get a budget going so you can keep track of exactly where all your money is. You have to move slowly by breaking down large tasks into digestible components. This will be the best approach. Try not to transgress rules. This means sticking to the speed limit and also adhering to the rules and regulations of clubs, work and even family promises that you’ve kept.

It’s best not to grow too big, too fast, if you’re a business person and the key phrase for you would, therefore, be: slow and steady wins the race in 2018.

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Born in the year of the RAT  – 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008


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For those of you born in the year of the Rat, this is not a bad year for you. There’s nothing in particular that can be pointed to as making you feel unhappy or frustrated but there’s a subtle undercurrent of things are not being quite right and so you mustn’t allow yourself to be dragged down by negative feelings.

Although you’re reasonably likely financially, there’s a chance you might want to take a gamble and this, unfortunately, may cause you to lose. If you’re looking to independently start a business. 2018 is also a good period to do that. If you’re looking for independence and freedom, however, you must remember that taking on any sort of responsibility may not fit with your desire to roam freely at will.

The idea of independence also relates equally to your relationships and if your partner wants that same level of freedom you can’t expect them to adhere to the constraints you set when you yourself want to live the life of a single person. This freedom should be shared mutually both ways.

As for your health, you’re likely to the physically prudent this year as the year of the dog usually brings good health for those born under the Rat. Your lower back, kidney and renal area may be subjected to some weakness and women should be careful with their reproductive system as this could also be a problem for some.

Your emotional life will generally be satisfying and this is also a good time to embark on a new relationship. Overall, money, relationships and life generally will be lucky.

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Born in the year of the OX – 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009


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2018 is an important year and flexibility is your main keyword especially if you run into problems. Those issues don’t extend to your physical health however and you’ll maintain well-being throughout 2018. Overall you have a strong constitution but may be prone to digestive issues. The main caution here is to not overeat or overindulge in your lifestyle.

Hidden enemies may be lurking in the shadows so you should work hard and use your intuition to determine who your genuine friends are. You may have trouble with those born under the year of the Dog so don’t force the hand romantically even if you feel there’s something there. These affairs may fizzle out as quickly as they start. If you’re currently in a relationship, work harder to keep the flames of love blazing.

Falling in love may take a little longer for you this year and even if you meet someone you shouldn’t be too quick off the mark in committing yourself. There are also indications of disputes with others and you don’t want this to spill over into your relationships so take your time and ask questions without making too many firm commitments.

Risky investments should be avoided because money isn’t just going to fall into your lap. You’ll have to work slowly and methodically, investing your money more cautiously and conservatively. Your greatest capital is your ideas this year.

Apart from your relationships, your social opportunities expand and you may be able to find a new network of people who can further your social as well as professional interests.

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Born in the Year of the TIGER – 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010


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If you’re born in the year of the Tiger 2018 is fortunate for both professionally and financially. As a Tiger, the year of the Dog brings plenty of opportunities so the difficulty is only in which of those opportunities you should choose. Your money and luck increase but by the same token being cautious won’t harm you.

You have a desire to do, feel and gain a lot so this means you should try at least to some extent, to control your desires. This may be difficult at first but you’ll realise that this is in effect going to give you a sense of power and also improve your health, believe it or not.

You’ve spent the last few years working hard to achieve many things and this year looks like the time when you’ll reap good karma for your hard efforts. You must continue to be more conservative with your money and your investments, especially if you have some doubts. Overall, however, financially, things should work out well for you and you can achieve a great deal as long as you sustain your efforts.

Later in the year you’ll be luckier romantically. If you’re looking for a soulmate, this is the time of the year when better opportunities arise. Although it seems the year is generally fortunate, stay in good spirits and try to enjoy yourself and laugh as much as possible. This will attract fun people and even more luck into your life.

There are people around you who may in fact the undermining you so you must learn to sift through those that are genuine and those who are secretly enemies.

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Born in the Year of the RABBIT – 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011


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If you’re born in the year of the Rabbit this is an exceptionally good year for money and life generally. Don’t expect your bank account to double or triple in value but if you’re careful your money will grow – slowly but surely. Those you meet will want to help you. You may even meet someone born under the Rabbit sign who will share your passion. You may become attached to each other.

Because the year of the dog reflects all things financial, you’re interested in creating a better portfolio to secure a better financial future. You can achieve a lot this year along these lines. Your career should be successful and if you’re looking to improve this area of your life then you’ll be blessed with success.

You’re happy in your work and will probably spend more time at the office, not only because you can earn more money because, but because it lifts your spirits. As a result of this additional income, you also have a chance to make some longer-term investments.

Your attitude this year romantically is loving and you attract equally loving people in your friendships. Your honesty will be appreciated and you may also be called upon to assist others in mediating their relationship problems, probably because you’re setting an exact example they wish to follow.

Fatty foods should be avoided as your liver may be a problem. Take care the light and nutritious meals and don’t eat too late at night when your metabolism is slowing down.

Be careful of theft or loss and even though this may only be a small amount, any loss can be annoying. If you have some specialized skill or service this is the year in which you can make inroads into the market and create a good name for yourself.

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Born in the Year of the DRAGON – 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012


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If you were born in the year of the Dragon 2018 is more of a spiritual year in which you should pay closer attention to your inner gifts rather than what you hope to achieve materially. In other words, money shouldn’t be your primary focus. You have some big ideas about how you can earn money but investment should be conducted with due diligence and enquiry with people who have the expertise to help you.

If you’re looking to achieve bigger things in your professional activities, this could be a preparatory year where you’ll be tested to see just how well you shoulder responsibilities and leadership. Just because your income is constrained doesn’t mean you can’t set yourself up for bigger and better things in 2019 but you’ll be tested. If you’re impatient you may blow some really good opportunities in the coming cycle.

This year shows that others are prepared to help you distribute the work and therefore if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, you must convince others to help you. If you take on a leadership role, you mustn’t continue to shoulder the burden but rather delegate. That way the work will get done faster and you won’t be as stressed.

If you’re looking for some sort of financial gain, you should look to those born under the year of the Dog to assist you as they can help you find the right avenues of investment and finding new streams of income.

It’s not a good year to forcefully express yourself as this could land you in all sorts of head-on confrontations with others especially those envious of you or wishing to acquire the same position that you’re going for eg a new job or promotion within your organization.

Count your pennies this year and also when shopping look for the same or similar items in other stores at less expensive prices. You’d be surprised at how much you can save if you do a little shopping around.

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Born in the Year of the SNAKE – 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013


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Those born under the year of the Snake can expect a much luckier time in the next twelve months particularly in the matter of friendship and romance. This is a good period for affairs of the heart and you’ll be excited about your prospects for a better love life generally. A cautionary note, however: if you’re already in a relationship you need to be careful you’re not too demanding or obsessive about how you want things and in particular how you want your partner to act. By trying to control your spouse or partner you’ll set yourself up for a fall. Try to be more amenable and speak softly and you’ll go further with your lover.

Whatever efforts you put in this year will be equally returned by karma. You’re able to showcase your skills and abilities to those you work and play with. For this reason, money should come to you easily and in terms of work opportunities, this could be one of those lucky years where you land the big one with an extra wad of cash thrown in for good measure. Considering how you can better capitalise on your savings and investments will also be of interest to you in the next 12 months.

Communication is a key part of your life now so paying close attention to the impact that your conversations have on others will hold you in good stead. On a spiritual note, you’ll be confronted by the need to bring your actions and your words into alignment. If you bring these two things further in line with your thoughts then you’ve created a magic combination in which your karma will bring you incredible benefits over the coming twelve months.

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Born in the Year of the HORSE – 1942, 1954,1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014


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Being born in the year of the Horse brings you good fortune due to the fact that there’s reasonable compatibility with the Dog. If you happen to be involved with friends or co-workers born under the year of the Dog you can expect an additional dose of help from them in your efforts. You will confide in them and they may even come and help you with your tasks or even bigger problems that may be bothering you.

In other areas, you’re pushy with your philosophy or religious beliefs and want to convince others of your opinion. If you’ve made great headway in the last year or two it’s important that you don’t destroy the gains that you’ve made by being too argumentative or demanding of others. It’s important to curb your ego otherwise you won’t get the support that’s rightfully yours because people will misinterpret your intentions.

If you fall in love with someone you may find that they’re willful and strong headed and this can, therefore, bring in its wake a series of disputes or arguments. In some cases, for some born under the year of the horse, this might be a litigious year so you should as much as possible avoid any sort of dispute that will land you in trouble.

In your social affairs, you’re likely to hear news or worse still gossip and hearsay that you might easily become embroiled in. Even if you do hear something about others it’s best that you keep these matters as secretive as possible rather than passing them on down the line. There’s an indication that if you do this, it could all come back to you and you’ll be the one left holding the baby.

Generally, if you keep your nose clean, the coming twelve months will bring great fortune and a greater degree of happiness.

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Born in the Year of the GOAT – 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015


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For those born in the year of the goat, you’ll find yourself climbing what at first seems to be an insurmountable wall of obstructions from all directions however, you have the requisite insight and ability reflected in your totem, the goat, to climb the highest mountain with skill. The job of the goat is to manoeuvre each and every rock and crevice carefully so this is exactly what you will do in 2018. For this reason, you’ll find yourself strengthened in spite of the difficulties you’ll confront.

The new opportunities that arise as a result of your confidence will help you redirect the anxiety and stress that may be there in the beginning of the year. You will find new avenues or outlets for your creativity and this will help you capitalise on your talents financially.

You may find others confronting you over trifling matters and you’ll also be tested in this respect to keep your cool and show that you’re the hero in any situation. Don’t lower your standards to others but look up and be the better person as this will also set an example for them. Let nasty comments and backtalk flow off the duck’s back so to speak.

In matters of love, you shouldn’t overemphasize the trivialities but rather you should speak with your partner and try to work together to achieve something great together. Take some time to discover a hobby and redirect your negative energies into something useful that can be mutually beneficial. This will bring you closer together romantically. This also a time when you can travel somewhere exotic together and reminisce about old times. It’s time to rekindle your love.

This year will set you up for bigger and better things next year as you’re winding up and have to work hard to nudge luck in your direction. You won’t make the big gains you expect in 2018 but you can indeed look forward to better times ahead by laying a solid foundation in these coming months.

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Born in the Year of the MONKEY – 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016


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For those of you born in the year of the Monkey, the year of the Dog may be a troublesome one especially in a financial sense. If you’ve already committed yourself to big monthly expenses, credit card bills and other investments, you need to find ways of curtailing those outgoings so that you can start to save a little for a rainy day. In this matter, it’s very important not to try to keep up with everyone else by buying the latest phone or fashion statements as this will quickly erode your bank balance.

Your relationships also come under the microscope and will be a challenge for you. Better for them to be under the microscope and the hammer! The way to do this is to exercise as much self-control as you can even if you know you’re right in an argument. You’ll have somewhat of a rollercoaster ride throughout 2018 and if this is the case, you may find that getting away from everything for a while as the best option to you calm down and get a little more perspective on what’s going on. Don’t let romance get you down even if you think for the time being you can’t find a solution to the problems you have.

Lady Luck won’t bless you with a huge bonus or any other sort of fortune but in a roundabout way you can slowly chip away at your debts and start to find peace of mind financially. This will be a year when you learn the lesson of selfless service, giving to others and helping them with their problems at which point you’ll realise that the degree to which help them is the same degree to which life will return fortune, luck and happiness back to you.

In terms of friendship and for that matter romance, try not to get too involved with those born under the year of the Dog and if you’re already in a relationship, the best thing is to try to minimize your differences and look more towards the similarities between the two of you.

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Born in the Year of the ROOSTER – 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017


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Those born in the year of the Rooster have had a difficult year or two and this year is also still going to be riddled with challenges. Don’t overextend yourself, look after your health and don’t expect too much either from people or life itself. This really is a year of self-reliance. The greatest gains you’re going to make this year will be more in the efforts that you exert and the ideas and intellectual property you own. Don’t underestimate your own power or the value of what you have even if you don’t see immediate results. Life is still testing you a little but you don’t need to become a beggar.

Others may try to piggyback your ideas and efforts so you should be skilful enough in ferreting out those who are genuine and those were trying to use you for a free ride.

Sometime later in the year you may find that things turn around rather quickly and that money will start to flow back to you but under no circumstances should you enter into any dispute or litigation as this will neutralize any of the gains that you have had. You should be absolutely clear in all your contractual arrangements before getting involved with others.

Your relationships should start to see an improvement and you’ll feel better about the mutual support system that you’ve developed with the one you love. For those of you who a single, this may be a year where you’re more focused on your work, getting things back on track and identifying what your main life mission is. You could say that 2018 is more of a transitional period.

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Born in the year of the PIG – 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007


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If you were born in the year of the Pig it means that you could find yourself achieving a few more financial benefit. The type of people you meet will be instrumental in helping you achieve your financial goals but having said that, don’t think for a minute that you don’t have to continue working hard to achieve the best results for yourself. Although it’s a lucky sort of year laziness will dissipate those opportune financial streaks. Keep working hard!

For some of you born under the year of the pig, this is a period when you can make a stronger and more enduring commitment to the one you love. Singles may even meet someone who they feel is an excellent match as a life mate.

Things move slowly for you this year but you shouldn’t take that to be a negative signal but rather a time when you can examine things more carefully – your money, career, relationships and family matters but most importantly your own self.

Generally, career and money matters are lucky and you should see more of it because the Dog is especially useful for professional matters. As the year progresses you can expect more and more opportunities opening up for you.


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