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Sagittarius Love Horoscope

What does Sagittarius Love Horoscope mean?

SAGITTARIUSL1There’s a natural attractiveness about you, Sagittarius. Because you have an innate sense of giving and generosity, people like you and this is just as true of the opposite sex. Sharing and receiving in a meaningful relationship is of primary importance to you and you essentially believe that life gives you what you give to it. This is the case with love, you believe.

You have optimism about relationships and believe that you’re destined to meet someone who can meet your expectations romantically. Being a fire sign you are passionate and have a natural inclination for romance and sex so if there is anyone else out there up to the challenge you’re more than happy to invite them to step into the ring of fire, and go forward with you to enjoy life.

Some Sagittarians tend to see relationships as a never-ending challenge and can hop, skip and jump from one partner to another, never feeling fully settled. If you are excited or passionate about someone you’re with the gloss can sometimes rub off fairly quickly if they are not as upbeat and animated as yourself. Try to extend your philosophical view of life and look a little deeper into the person’s character before making hasty judgements about them.

Sport and play are essential for you in love as they are in life. You need partners born under the star signs that can give you mental and physical stimulation and in particular the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will do that (see the compatibility sections for the interpretation on how these star signs work for you).

You have a very amorous nature but at times are hot and fiery, so much so that your search for passion can overstimulate you to such an extent that you that you miss out on any emotional satisfaction. Don’t overlook the subtler aspects of the relationship and what that person has to offer you. Again, try to look below the surface if you are looking for long-time satisfaction in a relationship.

There are times when a Sagittarian will finally realise that the sexual excitement of a relationship in no way fulfils the broader requirements of the Sagittarian character. It’s true that you need a deep mental connection with your lover if you are to feel contentment in the long term.

For you, Sagittarius, a partner’s role is not just sexual or even emotional but also one of support in what you choose to achieve in life. You have a great deal of enthusiasm in generously assisting your partner to achieve their goals but by the same token expect the same measure of support in return.

You like to create something through a mutual sharing of ideas with your loved one. Fire signs are always creative and if the person you choose to have by your side doesn’t display this same level of creativity you’ll quickly lose interest in them. You like to think that this creativity also extends to the bedroom as much as the world at large and you prefer a partner who is exotic and playful between the sheets as well. As a Sagittarian you have many fantasies that need to be fulfilled through your personal relationships.

Venus the planet of love has a strong influence on the lives of Sagittarians and dominates their zone of friendships and social life. Culture, fashion and a sense of style is all bound up in your choice of lovers and marital partners. You want someone who has class and a sense of elegance. Although you have a carefree and easygoing approach to life this sometimes masks your need to join with a soulmate who is able to express this classy side of life.

Once you do settle down and marry, to you this commitment will take 100 per cent of your mind and heart and will act as a wonderful edifice for the rearing of a family. As long as your domestic life is active, adventurous and full of fun-filled social encounters, your love life and marriage should also be particularly satisfying.

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