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Sagittarius Horoscope

You can recognise a Sagittarian by their open and magnanimous, carefree style. If you’re born under Sagittarius you have an optimistic view of life and are probably one of the most striking star signs of the zodiac given your unstoppable drive and positive zest for life.

Being the ninth sign of the zodiac and ruled by jovial Jupiter, your good nature and wonderful sense of humour wins you friends wherever you go.

You exude self-confidence and in fact are sometimes probably a little overconfident, but strangely you still endear others to you with your infectious laugh and generous manners.

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Jupiter is responsible for your luck but you do have a tendency to believe nothing will go wrong, and for this reason you’re known as being a bit of a risk taker as well. Friends and family members may be frightened by this attitude but they secretly envy you for having such a strong belief in yourself.

You’re a big thinker in everything you do and can’t handle the response ‘Oh, you can’t do that’, or ‘That’ll never work out’. You must surround yourself with people who believe that they can achieve things and mutually you’ll be able to help each other achieve those farsighted goals.

‘The bigger, the better’ seems to be the Sagittarian trademark and you’re happy to take a shot at anything you believe is worthwhile. No one is going to stop you once you’ve made up your mind.

You have an incredible sense of timing, which means you often find yourself in the right place at just the right time to make things happen for you. You also have an uncanny knack of hooking up with people who can help you achieve your ambitions.

You’re very interested in personal growth and self-understanding, which is part of the other Sagittarian ideal of expansion. Expanding your horizons is what you are about and the knowledge, philosophy, facts and figures and anything that can give you a deeper and broader insight into life is perfect for you.

Getting to the bottom of things and understanding why life is the way it is fascinates you and therefore you need to associate with others who can act as catalysts for your journey of knowledge. You will make many pilgrimages to different parts of the globe in your search for self-understanding and, in fact, your whole life is one big pilgrimage in your quest for self-knowledge.

Visiting different countries and exploring the culture of those places will give you an even greater sense of understanding and develop your sense of spiritual connectedness to people from all over the world.

The symbol of Sagittarius is the Centaur—half man, half beast. The additional feature of your totem is the bow and arrow that the Centaur holds and steadily aims at the wide blue yonder. That’s you, aiming as high as you can to achieve whatever is possible in life.

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You have a positive mental attitude and when you can are always keen to help others develop the same confident attitude. You believe that life is a science of human possibilities and will never take no for an answer. To you the possibilities are endless and you prefer to look at the cup being half full rather than half empty.

You’re constantly on the go so it’s pretty easy being a Sagittarian to become rather bored if you don’t have things to keep you mentally and physically stimulated. You also need that in relationships and therefore it’s quite common to find the Sagittarian exploring the world of love and the many characters that come their way. It’s best to exhaust this desire before settling down.

It’s important for you not to limit yourself and in relationships and work you need freedom to explore the many avenues of life that will open up to you. If anyone tries to hold you back this will only cause you frustration and even make you retaliate over time.

Your ruling planet Jupiter is one of the most intuitive and you should always trust the gut feeling you have when you meet others. Act on this and it’s hardly likely you’ll be off the mark. Overall you invite life’s challenges and see this as a way of growing stronger and better and for this reason Sagittarians are usually quite successful in anything they attempt.

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