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Boris – The Twice Cursed

It was some time in 1998 that Boris, a quiet and humble Slovakian visited me. Boris’s story is like many I will present in this book Incredible but True Case Studies and though it may be difficult for those reading this to believe these things happen, you’d be surprised just how often they do and now, these days as a consulting astrologer I am never surprised at what incredible story awaits me with each and every passing client.

Boris’ story goes back 25 or 30 years to when he was a young man in Croatia growing up in a small town with his family following the customs of the day.

In his early twenties he was fortunate enough to meet a young lady whom he fell madly in love with. She too fell in love with Boris and although when he came to me he looked quite pale and unwell, I could imagine that in his heyday he cut quite a figure being tall and quite imposing. He would have been a handsome young man and I am sure the young ladies would have been enamored by him.

As it turns out however, Boris’ family took a dislike to his newfound love and made life quite hard for him. The girl however was quite the contrary and her family liked Boris very much.

As time went on Boris and his young girlfriend decided to marry and this completely outraged his family. They would do anything to stop him marrying into that girl’s family. Some of you may be aware that there is a strong tradition of selecting the bride and groom for one’s children in these European and Asian cultures and it was probably the same for Boris.

Boris announced his desire to marry this girl and so a party was arranged to invite everyone to celebrate with them. But Boris’ mother and sister had other devious plans for him.

In the village was a notorious witch who had the ability to cast spells and bring about changes as desired by her clients. Such manipulation of the natural elements would in some cases, as with Boris and his girl, tear them apart so that the marriage would not be consummated.

Boris’ mother and sister visited the witch who gave them some instructions as to how to break this relationship. She told them to acquire a pig and to skin the pig alive and to bring her some of the flesh from the inner part of the skin. They did her bidding, killed the pig by skinning it alive and brought her some of the flesh upon which she did some incantations and then gave them the flesh telling them to slip it into the drink at the earliest possible time.

At the party unbeknown to Boris or his girlfriend the conniving mother and sister secretly slipped the pig meat in the drink and Boris drank it. Within a day or so he fell into a deep slumber and related to me how unusually from that time on sometimes slept 16 to 18 hours a day. He wasn’t able to concentrate and suffered bad headaches. He lost all his zest for life and couldn’t quite figure out what was going on until Boris informed me that about a week later he had an incredible dream in which a bearded saint appeared before him. How did Boris know what had happened? How am I relating this story to you? According to him the bearded saint that appeared to him in this dream about a week later informed him what his mother and sister had done to him. He was shocked by the events but what was to ensue was even more shocking and unbelievable!

Needless to say the curse that was put on Boris worked perfectly! He lost complete interest in his love and the marriage never went ahead. But that wasn’t the end of it. When the girl’s parents learned of the breakup they were completely outraged and proceeded to consult the same witch that Boris’ mother and sister had gone to. The mother asked the witch to put a curse on Boris for destroying her daughter’s life and leaving her, not consummating the marriage. The family was deeply embarrassed and wanted revenge. Poor Boris! A double dose of witchcraft over which he had no control whatsoever.

On top of the sleeping curse that had already befallen Boris, this second curse must have intensified his suffering and apathy towards life. He never explained to me how he had come to marry his present wife but he didn’t seem all that enthusiastic about anything at all.

We discussed his horoscope and he explained to me that some 25 years later, just a month or so before he had come to see me, the bearded saint who had appeared to him a week after the first curse was put on him, had finally reappeared and encouragingly indicated that these curses would finally be lifted. Within a few days Boris had heard about my work as a remedial astrologer and contacted me.

After studying Boris’ horoscope which you can see in the appendix in Part 2 I spoke to my mentor, a tantric astrologer in the south of India, who is well versed in methods of counteracting witchcraft, evil eye and other dubious or nefarious activities that are designed to harm humans and create the sort of problems we see in cases such as Boris.

My teacher embarked on a one month program of sacred fires in which herbs, incantations, prayers and other tantric rituals are performed. At the end of the ceremonies a bag of approximately 1 kilo of sacred ash was sent back to me. I was requested by my teacher to ask Boris to eat several spoonfuls of this ash each day until the full amount was fully consumed. Boris, desperate to achieve some sort of resolution to this problem, was unflinching in his trust and appreciation of what we had endeavored to do for him.

About a month later there was a knock at my door and who should be standing there but a bright and cheerful looking man whom I at first couldn’t believe was Boris. Hands folded, head slightly genuflected with a tear or two rolling down his cheek I was certain before he even uttered a word that the rituals by my teacher in India had worked and brought him to healing that he had prayed for so many years.

Boris was cured and from time to time thereafter kept contact with me and even sent me several clients from his community. In the last couple of years I haven’t heard from him but I must say Boris is one of the most fascinating, incredible but true case studies I have dealt with in my professional career.