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Your Cross and Triangle Spread

Cross and Triangle Spread

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You the Significator and Your Life Force

The Seven of Wands
Courage will bring victory. Success seems certain

That Which Influences Your Thoughts

Three of Cups Reversed
Overindulgence leads to pain and failure.

That Which Influences Your Emotions

Knight of Cups
Grace mixed with laziness. Preoccupation with sensual fantasies. Look for a message, opportunity or invitation.

That Which Influences Your Spirit

Ace of Swords
The triumph of power and will. Emotions are felt strongly. Great activity abounds. The heroic personality is near or soon to be born.

That Which Influences Your Physical Self

Queen of Swords Reversed
Gossipy, dogmatic and unreliable. Dishonesty may be expected.

Forces that Oppose You

King of Swords
The ability to govern and give good advice. A powerful enemy and staunch friend. Strong, authorative and able to lead.

Other Forces that Oppose You

Ace of Pentacles
Prosperity, pleasure and beauty can be realized.

Energies You Need to bring to the Forefront

Seven of Pentacles
A lull in the growth of ventures. Speculation may not be wise at this time. Success may not be known.

The Outcome

Ten of Pentacles
Riches either made or inherited may be yours. Attention to family matters may be needed.