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Planetary Vibrations and Mantras

The science of sound vibration or sonic healing is also an ancient occult science. In the Sonic Healing Room we will introduce you to the principles and techniques of mantras and sacred sound vibrations for realigning your subtle bodies. Feel the energy of the planets as you discover their secret language. Experience harmony of the spheres and tune into the Planetary and Angelic healing forces.

Yagna & Fire Ceremonies

Vedic ceremonies are done in order to clear any imbalance of energy in the home or office space. This is the traditional and appropriate ceremony to perform when entering into a newly acquired property, a house, apartment, shop or an office.

All enclosed spaces create an energy field which is further conditioned by the auras of the people who use the space and the interpersonal dynamics that occur in it. The purpose of this ceremony is to transmute the negative into a positive beneficial force and to remove all obstructive elements. It consists of a Ganesha Puja, a purificatory ceremony and an invocation of the VastuPurusha for blessing the space and affording protection.

Ceremonies can also be conducted for specific star signs and/or planets. The full ceremony for all planets is called NavagrahaHoma.

Yantras, Mandalas and Talismans

Do you have problems? Really togh ones that just don’t seem to go away?

Yantras or Vedic talismans are mystical designs and diagrams of power. They have been used for thousands of years to evolve human awareness and spiritual wisdom. Worldly benefits are also said to result from meditation on the sacred diagrams. These yantras may be purchased commercially but seem to have little or no value unless prepared under strict guidelines by qualified Tantrik practitioners. Efficacy of mantra and vibrational healing also relates to the time of the day and year when the activity is commenced.

Different phases of the Moon, Sun and planets determine the fruits of the activity of the yantra. For this reason, a lot of work, including traditional Vedic fire ceremonies and distant cleansing of your aura during the rituals is conducted.

The talisman or yantra is prepared and sent along with other healing herbs and powders for your use as per the instruction of the practitioners ( astrologers, tantriks and metaphysicians who will prepare the remedies and talisman).

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The Ten Goddesses or Objects of Knowledge

The ten objects of transcendental knowledge are known as DasaMahaVidya. Each of these objects has been symbolised as a female deity or Goddess in the Hindu tradition of worship. In truth, these Goddesses simply represent the cycle of time and life and the cosmic energies which ebb and flow through our lives and the cosmos. These ten energies contain all wisdom, all potential – past present and future.

Here in the sphere of mystic designs you will find the Cosmic graphical representation of each of these Powerful Goddesses or Powers of Nature. Each is unique in its shakti (Power) and is capable of bestowing its inherent Power on those who meditate and focus on the representative designs.

Select one of the ten Goddesses and meditate on the geometric shape which represents Her and allow the energy to percolate within your being. It is said that each Goddess blesses the worshipper with her gifts as per Her Energy.

First Object of Transcendental Knowledge

The Power of Time

Kali - Power of Time

By meditating on this mystic design you will intuitively experience the meaning of time and the fact that time itself is the devourer of all. Time is the medium within which all things are born and die. Therefore this yantra bestows on the meditator fearlessness, conquest of time and death and immortality. Those who choose to worship this yantra, are disassociated from the world and as such need to consider their responsibilities in the traditional sense before endeavouring to connect with its Power.

Second Object of Transcendental Knowledge

The Star, The Power of Sound

Tara - star, power of sound

Tara appears as a light or star in the abyss of the first moments of creation of the cosmos. The word ‘Tara’ literally means a star but also as reference to Her who rescues from worldly existence those drowning in suffering. By meditation on Her design, one is freed from the trammels of earthly existence, develops the Power of speech and experiences peace within oneself. Tara is the great Goddess of the Budhist tradition, though historically has Her beginnings in Hinduism. Now I wrote all this


The Power of Perfection, Radiant Beauty

Sodasi The Power of Perfection, Radiant Beauty

This yantra represents the young beautiful Goddess, who has dominion over the three worlds. Meditation on this design results in the Power of attraction in its worshiper, allowing him or her to captivate the world.


Conscious Space, Power of knowledge

Bhuvaneshavari Conscious Space, Power of knowledge

This yantra embodies the principals of Space. As Kali is Time, Bhuvanesvari is Space. In this way, both Goddesses adequately represent Einstein’s concept or theory of relativity, in as much as Space/time is the dual media in which the Cosmos functions. Through worship of the design of the Goddess of Space and knowledge, one experiences oneself as an omnipresent being. Her meditation is said to confer everlasting knowledge and as such is not different to the Goddess Saraswati.


The beheaded Goddess

Chhinnamasta The beheaded Goddess

The one who sacrifices. This mystic design is one of the most mysterious. It represents the Goddess who has beheaded herself and holds her head in her hand as blood spurts forth from her neck. It is not as frightful as it may first seem and actually represents the Spirit of sacrifice as the law of life, the law of evolution and the way of atonement on the path of Karma. Just as the Sun pours forth its vitality, its rays of light and warmth in an endless sacrificial rite, so too the meditation on the design of Chhinnamasta deepens the capacity of the individual to surrender and share oneself with all. All the negative traits of nature are to be surrendered in the process.


The Power of Death

Bhairavi The Power of Death

Whereas Chinnamasta is the sudden final death of the ego, Bhairavi could be considered to be the slow process of ‘dying’. This process in fact begins at the moment of the birth of all things and through this process of Kali, Time, which is closely related to Her, all things must end. Meditation on Her mystic design, gives insight into the process of death and the eternal transcendence of one’s own Spirit.


The Smokey One - the Power of Poverty

Dhumavati The Smokey One - the Power of Poverty

Meditation on this yantra of Dhumavati is an unusual one. Whereas many of the Goddesses, even the fearful ones, exhibit an appeal of beauty, Dhumavati is depicted as an ugly old woman. She is reflected in all of the aspects of life which we shun, i.e. the diseased, the destitute, the forlorn and those that are outcast. This meditation on Heryantra deepens one’s conviction that all objects in this universe are indeed in a state of decay and that one’s true self is truly not an object of knowledge.


The Power of Cruelty

Bagalamvkhi The Power of Cruelty

Meditation on this mystic design is said to endow the meditator with the Power to control your enemies and those who seek to harm you. In all contests, and all legal battles, Her Power is notorious. This reflects the cosmic cycle of survival of the fittest. Through the meditation on this yantra, your success in competition is secured.


The Power of Rulership and Domination

Matangi The Power of Rulership and Domination

Through meditation on Matangi’s emblem, you’ll come in touch with the royal cosmic Powers. The Power of Dominion. All wishes are fulfilled as the yantra works on providing the meditator, you – with a lustrous energy which attracts all the necessary worldly comforts of happiness, peace and prosperity. As she is known as the elephant Power, great strength is also endowed on the worshipper.


Power of Wealth and Prosperity

kamalatmika Power of Wealth and Prosperity

Kamala is considered the Goddess bestowing great fortune on her worshippers. The yantra embodies these Powers of prosperity and abundance and in fact relate very much to the Goddess Laksmi who is probably better known and more popularly worshipped. She has rulership over the auspicious sign of Taurus, which represents earthly comforts and sensuality.

Planetary Counteraction and Empowerment

There are many ways to counteract the negative influences of planets in our horoscopes and the ancient astrologers have given such things as the use of gems, the recitation of mantras and prayers but one of the most effective ways to empower yourself and to reduce the malefic influence of the planets is through the practice of meditation.