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The Wife Murderer

George visited me sometime in the mid 90’s and what struck me first and foremost was his leathery well-worn face. Time had certainly carved its experiences into his face through the very visible lines.

Different clients often give you a different sense and with George I had an initial uneasiness which I tried to cover, and tried to mask, which of course is the professional thing to do. I didn’t want him to get wind of the fact that I felt rather uncomfortable in his presence. This discomfort I would still learn had a very accurate basis.

As soon as we settled down to the reading George immediately, without too many words, slid a small photograph across the table to me and curtly asked “what can you see with this woman?” My response was swift “this woman is dead” I remarked. “She either died in an accident or through some operation or injury via metal” I added. “Very good!” jumped George with the only smile I would probably see during that reading lighting up his face. I knew I had hit a nerve and my intuitive assessment was correct.

I had also remarked that he must have been away for a long time out of the loop, away from society or simply not in that much contact with the world around him. He agreed but quickly again turned my attention to the photograph. “So tell me, how did she die?” he asked as if to test me and it became quite clear. I didn’t want to blurt it out by my sense was a foreboding one and just before I had a chance to utter the words “Did you kill her?” He blurted out Ï put three bullets in her head”.

A silence befell the room for just a few moments and it was at this point that George proceeded to tell me the whole story unadulterated. And this is where an astrologer should never judge too harshly as the story that unfolded seemed almost so unbelievable that it could be made into a movie.

George and his wife had a mixed business on a corner in the city of Sydney. Needless to say they weren’t doing to well, and they eked out a living selling the normal groceries people required such as milk, bread, eggs and the odd chocolate bar or soft drink.

George worked hard whilst his wife tended to the mixed business by day and of course he would afterwards assist her on returning home.

One day while George was at work a bunch of young gang members visited her shop, purchased some cigarettes and the like and left. A few days later they returned and began to make it a habit to drop in and pick up their necessities on their way. On one occasion they began talking to George’s wife and somehow they struck up a connection which became more and friendlier as time went on.

One day one of the gang members explained to George’s wife how they were involved in peddling drugs. Mary, George’s wife, was curious and when they started to tell her just how much money could be made through the trade, she became even more curious and so much so that the gang members offered her the opportunity to perhaps sell some of their goods under the table, so to speak. This frightened, but at the same time seemed a very alluring method of overcoming some of her and her husband’s debts. She secretly began dealing some of the drugs under the table and kept it a secret from George for some time.

This secret was not to remain a secret for very long when the cash started pouring in and George naturally questioned his wife to the source of the additional funds. The shop wasn’t doing that much better so there must have been something to explain how the additional cash was coming into her hands.

She made up some story to tell him that she was doing a little bit of extra work on the side and even though that made no sense George just let it slip, for a while anyhow. Eventually it became too much for Mary and she spilled the beans panicking that she had befriended these gang members and was selling drugs under the table in the shop. George was shocked but didn’t quite know what to do about it.

When the gang members learned that George had been informed of this unsavoury alliance with his wife, Mary decided to take the side of the gang and they plotted to kill George firstly to protect themselves and their illegal business activities. Several attempts were made on George’s life and he quickly caught on to what was happening.

To cut a long story short, George realized that his wife was no longer on his side but a bitter enemy who was trying to take him out and move on by making a choice of the gang and the money.

The rest is history with George quietly murdering his wife and pleading self-defense. He did in fact shoot her with three bullets to the head and received 8 years jail. This part of my reading wasn’t quite accurate when I mentioned that he had been out of the loop and away. The eight years he was out of circulation simply related to the fact that he was incarcerated for that period of time.

This too was one of the most bizarre but true case studies on my files. Unfortunately I have looked everywhere for George’s horoscope and to this day cannot find it. I do recall seeing many typical astrological principles staring me in the face and for that reason what I have done is included a couple of serial killers in the back of the book so that those servants can see what principles are present in the horoscope of someone destined to kill another human being. This principle will be equally applicable to George’s horoscope.