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Aries 2020 Yearly Horoscope

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A General Overview of Aries Horoscope for 2020

Welcome to 2020 Aries!

Right now, you’re going through one of the most important periods of your life. In fact, from time to time you’ll stop and realise just how much headway you’ve made in your self-understanding, your understanding of others and precisely what it is you have to do at this point in time. You’ve been going through some very big karmic growth spurts. Why is this?

Firstly, Saturn, the tester, is spent considerable time moving through the upper part of the horoscope reshaping your personality, your ego and self-understanding. This has not been an easy cycle because it’s Saturn’s job to obstruct, and impede the growth you know you must go through. But when everything is against you, that’s when you start to shine. When you have to figure out new methodologies to solve the problems that you start to improvise and find new ways of doing things. 

You currently have the Sun, past karma point or South node along with Jupiter and Mercury all transiting your 10th house. The very first few weeks of the year should present you with opportunities but sometimes too many opportunities can be an obstacle in themselves. Making choices, correct choices should be the result of the personal growth you’ve gone through. In much of this at least at the outset of 2020 will be related to your work and professional objectives.

One of the problems you may experience is employers saddling you with more than your fair share of responsibility on your shoulders. Fortunately, you have the support of Mercury to make your feelings known to communicate clearly what you will and will not do. This is a matter of maintaining your integrity and self-respect. If you keep bowing down to others to do work that is out of your scope, to help them when it’s obviously a one-way street, to continually serve and not be appreciated for the service you perform, you will rebel.

The placement of Jupiter in the zone of work is an exceptionally fortunate one. Jupiter’s role is to expand and enhance. As one of your primary luck planets, this can only be seen as a wonderful opportunity to forge ahead profession. Although you have some additional responsibilities, the placement of Jupiter shows that you’re up to the task and will perform your duties well. This should bring the recognition you expect for a job well done.

On July 5, lunar eclipse also in this very same area of work, could be the turning point for many born under Aries. The eclipses are important and herald an important shift into a new professional cycle. Because the Moon relates to a great deal of your emotional and family affairs, for you, finding balance emotionally is going to be the key to accepting life’s challenge for bigger and better things. As the old saying goes, “the greater the achievement, the greater the sacrifice”. Bear that in mind.

Pluto continues to do its work in your social sphere as it transits the 11th house and will continue to do so for many years. Venus also kicks off the New Year in this 11th house indicating a need to expand your circle of friendships, identify those people who are genuine and through the process of Pluto to eliminate any of the dead wood in this area of your life. That’s not always an easy task but when you realise that there are other people who are prepared to appreciate you and acknowledge your efforts, the task of walking away from out what relationships becomes all that much easier.

Uranus, the disruptor and planet of sudden and unexpected events make its presence felt in your second house of finance and income. Favourable aspects from Jupiter and Mercury ensure that whatever abrupt and unexpected changes occur, can ultimately be in your best interests. It’s important to have a clear-cut plan and possibly even Plan B so that if things get too unruly, you at least have something to fall back on.

Yours is also indicates a revolutionary approach to dealing with the issues of the house of transits. In this case, your value system may be drastically changing due to its influence. What you once valued may no longer be of that much importance to you. Perhaps you’re starting to understand that the best things in life are free. The second house has some relationship to family matters as well. It’s quite likely these two issues of income and finding what’s worthwhile and valuable in life will be connected in some important way.

If you haven’t spent enough time with family or loved ones, and you’ve been constantly on the treadmill of work, income and paying bills, you might find that that is starting to wear a little thin. Uranus and Jupiter will ensure that you make a healthy transition to what’s most important in your life. 

You need to work on your family and domestic affairs and should do that early in the year. The reason for that is the lunar eclipse on January 11 taking place in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is your fourth house and has rulership over your mother, your emotions and historic family generally. The eclipse can shake things up, stir up unwanted things but this is exactly what you need to set your house in order. Communication is the key and once again, Mercury’s presence in the upper part of your horoscope as the year starts is a welcome transit that helps smooth over your domestic woes.

With Mars, your ruler, transiting through the eighth house of deeper emotional issues as 2020 commences, you must be careful not to allow negative and hurtful emotions to impinge on your relationships.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must also try to avoid disputes surrounding money and material affairs. Steer clear of envy, vengeance and anger but more importantly, if you do feel these emotions welling up, find some sort of way to positively release them. By harbouring these feelings, you only do harm to yourself in the long run. Look at what is causing the problem and try to rationally address it.

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Love and Romance for Aries in 2020

What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

The secret to your marital and relationship success is in finding a common threat of friendship. As Venus, the planet ruling your marital affairs transit the 11th house of friendship, this should be the foundation an ideal of your relationships in 2020. The Sun, ruling the fifth house of love affairs transits this area as well during February. You can see that the first two months of the year will be pivotal in establishing how well the rest of the year will shape up in terms of your emotional and romantic affairs. Take a little time at the outset to connect with your loved one and engage them on a social level.

Venus makes some important transits throughout 2020. Observing its movement can give you important hints as to what is happening in your love life. On January 14, it transits through your 12th house. You may want to take some time out with your loved one and re-establish your connection. Often this means getting out of the slipstream of day-to-day life and going somewhere quiet we can be undisturbed and truly ignite that flame of passion once again. While Venus is in the company of Neptune, especially around January 28, your idealism will know no limits.

On February 8, when Venus transits your Sun sign, it’s as if you have a new lease of life.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must be careful not to give away too much of your time, love and energy to those who are undeserving. This is because around the 24 Venus enters the right angle to Jupiter. Don’t waste your love on the wrong people.

If communication is lacking, things pick up around April for when Venus transits through your third house of communication and short journeys. Throughout March there may be some aloofness between you and your partner. The hard aspect of Saturn means that love may not be easy. You may in fact feel unloved. You may also be obsessing over this fact due to the simultaneously difficult influence of Pluto. Understand that this is a purging period and often spending time alone is an excellent tonic spiritually.

Better communications throughout April are a result of the transit of Venus through your third house and a far better trine aspect to Saturn. These could transits are triggered on April 4 and 5 respectively. The only difficulty is that you must guard against the square aspects of Neptune which cause you to fall into unrealistic expectations of your partner and yourself.

Your relationship intensifies with the retrogression of Venus on May 13. This continues through till June 25. You may need to reassess your relationship on many levels at this time. You may also have to sit down and have that deep and meaningful discussion if there are things not to your liking. That may not always be easy and there could be a little bit of a run around as your partner is evasive. You must also be honest with yourself to get to the bottom of things

The forecast for Venus transiting your fourth house from August 8 is an excellent one. You’ll feel more comfortable at home but also within your own skin. Journeys to the north for pleasure will be fruitful. Take time out with the person you love let them know that your commitment is real. This can be a time when you put aside your past hurts and agreed to move forward with a clean slate.

One of the better positions for Venus is its transit through your fifth house. This takes place after September 6 but by the 16th, when it hits the right angle of Uranus, expect some unusual twists and turns in your romantic affairs. You may also feel the need for greener pastures yourself at this time. On September 22 the Sun, ruler of your love affairs, also makes contact with your seventh house of marriage. For those singles contemplating tying the knot, this is usually a time of the year when deeper long-term commitments take place.

The health of a loved one may take precedence after October 3 when Venus transits through the sixth house of health, debt and enemies. Dealing with problems of a loved one may chew up considerable time. The test has to do with selfless love and serving your loved one without thought of return.

Excellent aspects from Pluto and Saturn to Venus occur on the 22nd and 25th and precede the transit of Venus into your seventh house after October 28 brings with it a renewal of sorts in your relationships especially if you’re married or in a long term committed relationship. From October 11, you can expect a more progressive approach in your relationships. Your partner will be more amenable to trying different things both between the sheets and in the greater world. 

Sexuality and delving into the deeper aspects of your love life will partner are highlighted after November 21 when Venus transits your eighth house. You may also find some pretty crazy stuff going on romantically. Leading up to November 28 when Venus moves to the opposition of Uranus you may be hard pressed to figure out what’s going on. You may be left hanging and will need to assert yourself.

On December 6, Venus makes an important trine to spiritual and idealistic Neptune. Your dreams for a wonderful love life should continue as long as you are again, watchful against the right angle aspect on December 30. Keep it real and love, romance and marriage should end on a good note in 2020.

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Career and Finance for Aries in 2020

Just before the New Year of 2020 started, a new Moon took place in your 10th house of profession. This clearly shows the fact that you have an interest in making important changes in your professional activities. Most importantly, you want to do something that is inherently resonant with who you are. It’s a time when you’ll be discarding work which is it fulfilling you emotionally or spiritually.

Making these changes can be difficult as you still have the enduring transit of Saturn within this most critical area of work and self-development. As the South node or point of past karmic influence is also transiting this zone of your horoscope simultaneously, you will be seriously examining your past, where you went wrong, and also why you chose the path you are on. This will give you some important insights, some good, some bad, about the whys and wherefores. Please look at this as a positive. Unless you take a look and acknowledge the problem, there is no way that you can fix it.

The undercurrent of Saturn’s transiting energy will support many of the other planetary transits that occur this year. You may be sliding around a little bit in the first month of the year as Saturn moves into conjunction with Pluto. Someone may leave you in the dark as to the outcome of changes within the organisation you work for. Alternatively, other people may seem to be pulling the strings with little or no input on your part. This may make you angry.

To establish what’s the important correspondence this year is in relation to your work. Particularly around January 12, May 13, July 31 and August 15, you can effectively write and persuade others with your inspiring and visionary approach. Contracts can also favour you and you should spend adequate time identifying exactly what it is you want. It’s not only a time to check out the fine print, but to write your own fine print so that contracts work out in your favour. Very quiet

The combined influence of Jupiter and Pluto on your career will be felt around June 30. Circumstances surrounding your professional life may be out of your control and this can be extremely frustrating. Other people will seem to be steering the boat of your professional destiny. Trying to wrest control back may not be an easy thing. It’s important not to enter into battles of will, power plays or mind games. This is exactly what the other players want. You have to be above this to come out unscathed. Jupiter goes stationary direct after September 13 so whatever issues were weighing you down should start to lift after this time.

The Sun transits your sixth house of August 23. In this location, your work and being detailed about it will come to the fore. Health issues may also be a problem if you haven’t been responsible in your lifestyle and dietary habits. Eating on the run, not paying enough attention to exercise etc may be the cause of some lower vitality or even ill-health. Guard against this as this could be a busy time.

On September 22, when the Sun transits the seventh house of partnerships, is well favoured and you should try to strike up a deal with anyone who is interested in supporting you or collaborating with you in your ventures.

Shared resources are indicated by the eighth house and when the Sun transits this area on October 23, may be time to talk your bank manager, accountant or financial planner to ensure that you have all of your finances in order. Mercury, simultaneously opposes Uranus on October 8 and this can indicate unexpected communications or emails that throw your schedule into disarray.

On September 3, the Sun makes an incredible and favourable aspect to Uranus. Between September 10 and November 14, your ruling planet Mars goes retrograde. This can show a level of uncertainty in your professional affairs and life generally. It’s not until November that you are able to fully grasp what you need to do and that this time will have the confidence to move forward in a direction which is consonant with your desire. 

Things happen when the Sun transits the 10th house nine December 21, just before Christmas, you may land that coveted position or at least be given the green light for a better position in the New Year. Any interviews you attend should be successful as people will easily see your merit and can appreciate your talents.


Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Aries in 2020

Much of your karma is now tied in with family affairs and in particular your mother in anything related to your genetic heritage. The North node or future karma point is currently transiting your fourth house. This can in some cases unsettled once peace of mind. This may also have to do with your belief systems which have been entrenched as a result of your past family and cultural conditioning. As Jupiter opposes the North node in the first week or so of the year, these beliefs may not only be shaken but shattered. You are seeking deeper answers and if you find them, you realise that this is going to have deep ramifications across every aspect of your life not just your domestic sphere. Keep seeking those answers.

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Your spiritual planet Jupiter as mentioned earlier, is connected to your professional activities. When you do the best quality work possible, you are in fact in that zone of spirituality. That can only happen if the work you are doing is resident with who you are and what you love. Operative word, love.

Jupiter spends most of the year in your 10th house of profession but on December 11 does make a transition to your 11th house which indicates an opportunity for late fulfilment. Siblings, friendships and other important relationships receive the blessings of your best planet. This ensures your social activities and friendships are built on a solid footing of spiritual and mutual understanding.

The period of June 23, November 29 is also important. Neptune, the principal planets spirituality and idealism Ms retrograde then direct on those dates. Your intuitive powers will be strong and you should use them in gaining the benefits that are due to you from the good karma of your past.

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