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Caffeine and its Effects by Guy Jefferson

Know more about Caffeine and its Effects by Guy Jefferson:

Guy-Jefferson-smallHealth is a topic where there is more confusion and lack of solid principles than almost any other. Yet there have been more books written on the topic and there are more supposed experts in the area than almost any other… Let’s take a quick look at caffeine for example – almost everyone’s got a cup attached to their body somewhere today – ask most and they’ll tell you its a part of their daily health regime, others simply ‘need’ it to keep them going!  That’s a problem to me right there – if you need anything to keep you upright, your lifestyle may need some overhauling – to say the least!

This is what I’ve learnt in over 20 years as a health advisor/naturopath about caffeine –

  • It causes headaches/migraines
  • Heavy head aka brainfog  
  • A feeling your neck cannot support your head
  • A band of pain above the eyes
  • Heavy and achy legs
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Chronic Lower back pain

Other well documented effects of caffeine are as follows:

  • Cyst Formation – particularly breast lumps in women
  • Insomnia and inability to sleep soundly & night urination (nocturia)
  • Bloating & Fluid Retention
  • Chronic Fatigue due to caffeine’s effect on the body’s ability to absorb iron
  • Nervousness, agitation and irritability due to caffeine’s effect on the central nervous system
  • Female Infertility
  • Sinus Congestion & pain

You’ll find caffeine in – coffee, chocolate, some tea, energy drinks and cola type drinks also. Withdrawals include –

Extreme Fatigue & Lethargy

  • Extreme Fatigue & Lethargy
  • Achy Legs
  • Nausea
  • Heavy Head
  • Viral symptoms
  • Headaches
  • Weight loss

The best way to get off this substance is cold turkey, don’t wean off it, just get off it! That’s my advice to my patients.

Health always improves when you give it a chance, we just have to eliminate things from the diet that shouldn’t be there in order for us to feel our very best. 

 Guy-Jefferson-smallGuy Jefferson has had a diverse history as a professional health consultant. Beginning with personal training he was able to practically understand physiology and the needs of everyday people like you and I. Guy focuses on a holistic approach to health and as a naturopath with a solid grounding of practical understanding is able to pinpoint accurately the sorts of problems and remedies that are necessary from case to case, individual to individual. If you’d like Guys advice you can contact him here

His website is also a rich resource for those seeking greater well-being and health Please do take a visit

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