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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin – Marriage made in Heaven? by Dadhichi Toth

Featured News: George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin – Marriage made in Heaven? by Dadhichi Toth

George-Clooney-Amal-300x300George Clooney has for many years been a self-proclaimed bachelor but recently his marriage put an end to that. George and Amal were recently married and it’s always a good idea to take a look at how the horoscopes match to see whether indeed George’s now defunct bachelor status is permanent.

Based upon the sidereal Vedic horoscopes we see first and foremost that the lunar stars are in agreement with George’s lunar star being the fourth star to hers. Unfortunately we don’t have theexact birth time for Amal so working on a noon birth time we can only estimate and approximate. 

It’s vitally important to see first and foremost the juxtaposition of planets in George’s chart with that of Amal’s. Amal’s lunar position although debilitated is in the eleventh house of friendship and this is always a fortifying aspect between lovers. Apart from the physical and emotional intimacy we would expect from a long-term relationship, the fact that the lunar positions are in a 3-11 combination attests to the fact that apart from the usual sexual and emotional elements George and Amal are indeed very good friends and enjoy hanging out with each other. 

Venus also has a lot to say about the satisfaction the couple with have in a relationship.  Once again Venus in Amal’s chart is in the eleventh house from George’s Venus. This again shows a very strong connection socially and their Image courtesy                                                 activities and lifelong aspirations should generally match. It’s interesting to note on this point that George’s Venus is in the idealistic and spiritual sign of Pisces which is probably why George has spent so many years hedging his bet as a bachelor. His idealism may have found that no-one was able to live up to his expectations and standards. That Amal is now his wife says a lot for who she is and the fact that she must have fairly high standards herself for George to tie the knot.

George-Clooney_001Mars is the sexual planet and in both horoscopes Mars is located in its sign of debilitation in Cancer. Ordinarily this position of Mars is not considered good as it subdues the vital force but in Amal’s horoscope the retrogression of Mars elevates this planet and apart from the fact that it is in a mutual exchange with the moon, debilitating both planets, its retrogression highly enhances its effects so this is positive. Both of them have similar drive and physical need. It appears from this position along with Venus and the moon that they do indeed feel in synch most of the time and based simply on these testimonies it’s likely that this match will be a good one.

We must never forget the communications aspect between a couple and for this we must look at Mercury.  George’s Mercury in Aries with the exalted sun and Amal’s Mercury in Capricorn with the sun shows the challenging demands that may be placed on this relationship through difference of styles and thinking and relating. This is not to say that this will detract from the otherwise good aspects in the horoscope but we do see that this is the one point that will keep the fires burning. Having differences in opinion as long as there is enough mutual respect between the two, ensures a feisty and ever exciting rapport between the two. For this reason I don’t think that this square aspect which is generally considered bad is going to act all that detrimentally for these two. 

Another observation which I think is very interesting is the conjunction of George’s Venus to Amal’s south node pointing to the fact that there must be some strong past life connection between this couple. Another important fact associated with this is the very close conjunction with Venus being at 15° of Pisces and the south node in Amal’s chart being at 17° Pisces. The closer the degree the more intense and meaningful the aspect. Also Saturn in Amal’s chart falls very strongly on the north node or future karma aspect of George. Structure will be an important lesson that Amal may need to learn through being with George. Both of them actually have quite a few inter-related aspects in the sign of Capricorn siderially. Jupiter, the moon and Saturn in George’s chart are connected with Mercury, the sun and Venus in Capricorn in Amal’s chart. This is indeed a very structured and practical relationship and financially too both of them will find much in common.

We must always look to the prevailing astrological trends and transits to see exactly what may be happening between the two right now. Right now if we look at George’s current life cycle we see that he is in the tail end of the Jupiter cycle which for him is not a good planet with his Aquarius ascendant. Fortunately that planet is debilitated in the twelfth house and this may account for why he has done so well over the past 10 or 15 years. 

Most astrologers are of the opinion that this second and eleventh ruler should necessarily be strong but as this is an inimical planet to the rising sign and its ruler Saturn it’s fall in this twelfth house accounts for the successes that he has had. His coming cycle which commences on 10 February 2015 is his ruling planet and in fact rules not just his ascendant but his lunar position as well. Saturn is in its own place in Capricorn in the twelfth house and this should be a period of change where George pulls back a little bit as the twelfth house is the house of privacy and spiritual aspirations. 

We need to see whether or not Amal’s horoscope agrees and as I said earlier because we don’t have the precise time of birth we can only estimate these cycles. For her Amal-Alamuddin_001she is currently in the sun cycle and that continues up until the approximately 4 February 2018. The lunar cycle for her based upon her lunar chart rules the ninth sector and is in the exchange with Mars. These two planets fortify each other and this for her also should be a spiritual period where she should do well in her life. In some ancient scriptures of astrology the ninth house along with the fifth is considered a place of childbirth. We may actually see her looking to fulfill this part of her life but we must also use common sense as her age now may preclude her from doing that. But then again adoption doesn’t necessarily mean one needs to be of a child bearing age. It will be interesting to see how this aspect of her life pans out. 

The Saturn cycle in George’s chart and the lunar cycle in Amal’s chart could indicate some emotional constrictions after the 2018 period.  All in all, however, both charts do tend to display quite a bit of agreement with the Mercury-sun squares in both charts adding the challenge that they need to keep this going.  






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