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Here’s your Leo 2022 Yearly Horoscope Forecast


The focus this year is clearly on your work and how you perform it. As 2022 commences the Sun, retrograde Venus, Pluto and Mercury jointly associate in your sixth house. Planning effectively and reworking your work methodology is going to set the pace not only for your career but for every aspect of life. How you manage your time and resources is shown by this part of your horoscope.

Because Mercury and Pluto are in proximity these are the keys to your success this year. This relates to how you use your speech. Pluto’s power is related to transformation. Finding new ways to communicate your ideas will hold you in good stead.

Meanwhile, Venus is retrograde and you’ll be doing a lot of soul-searching figuring out the best way to achieve your professional ambitions. That’s because Venus rules your 10th house of career. Dedicate time to working out your plan until the 29th when Venus goes direct. You may already have that plan in place in your bottom drawer but the immediate way of achieving your objectives is to implement it.

Saturn is transiting your seventh house of relationships and this isn’t easy. Furthermore, the opposition aspect it makes to the sun, your ruler on February 16  shows greater responsibility is much needed in the area of love and romance. This is is even more significant for your committed relationships.

Saturn moves into its retrograde phase on June 5 and remains in this backward trajectory until October 23. Many born under the sign of the lion have to reappraise their relationships. If you’ve had a challenging romance you may find your partner a little emotionally distant for some time.

Saturn is a cool planet according to astrologers, and this sometimes disconnects lovers from each other. That doesn’t necessarily mean this is a permanent feature of your relationship, just one that requires careful management. Egos should be left at the front door if you’re truly serious about improving the quality of your love life and repairing those broken bridges.

Throughout 2022 three important eclipses punctuate the year and highlight your domestic and career areas. The solar eclipse on May 1 takes place in your 10th house of career. You will seesaw between domestic and professional responsibilities. Divided loyalties surface and this can be a very demanding time indeed. On the one hand, you want to fulfil your professional obligations yet on the other you realise this is eroding the quality of time you need for relationships on the home front. This is certainly going to require a delicate balancing act.

The second occurs on May 16 and this is the lunar eclipse taking place in your domestic sphere. This is a time to lay your cards on the table with those you love most. Tensions may have been running high over the past couple of years especially with the social and political mandates for lockdown.

If you’ve been locked down with someone too long, nerves will have become frayed. Because the Moon rules your emotions gay tempers are likely running hot and emotional reactions have got the better of you. This during these times you need to bring your inner self under control of the bigger picture.

2022 commences with the Moon and Mars coming together in your fifth house of competition and investment. The fifth house is a speculative house and these two planets often express themselves as impulsive desires not necessarily based on any clear reasoning. If you’re looking at spending money you should do so cautiously especially as Jupiter, which rules this area of your horoscope has only just entered your eighth house of shared resources. This happened at the tail end of 2021.

Jupiter moving through the eighth house results in contradictory effects. On the one hand, speculative ventures often end up a disaster if you haven’t done your homework. On the other, the eighth house is a house of legacies, insurance, and other banking matters. It also shows the money you receive from investors. If you’re at a later stage in life the loss of all the parents or relatives may be on the cards. This may be a time when gifts or large sums of money are bequeathed to you. The eighth house is one of wills and legacies. Those at retirement age find themselves recipients of lump-sum payouts and will not have to work so much.

Jupiter is not alone in your eighth house this year. Neptune joins Jupiter to hit you up with a dynamic duo of spiritual power. This is about working on your inner self. The eighth house is a house of self-transformation and Jupiter expands your interest in these matters. Jupiter is also ruling this place along with Neptune. Therefore, both planets are comfortable and allow you to work through those psychological complexes that have been undermining your efforts for years.

You’re worth mentioning that the eighth house is also, along with the 12th house, the zone relating to your sexual intimacy. This will act as a perfect counterbalance to the cool and aloof Saturn transiting your seventh house of marriage and significant relationships. As an opportunity for you to bond and grow your love and particular to share some of your deeper secrets with your partner.

Finally, the North and South Node, the two bodies responsible for the distribution of your past and future karma are readying themselves to move out of the 11th and 5th houses respectively. Your 11th house is a house of gains and fulfilment. It also shows that desires can overpower you.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must learn to control this and direct that energy into areas that offer you the best return for the investment in terms of time, money and love and passion.

As these planets shift position on January 19 you feel an immense change of direction. The North Node moves to your 10th house of career while the South Node and to your fourth house of domestic activities. This reiterates the eclipse effects mentioned earlier. Balancing work and personal affairs will be a key theme this year.

Love and Romance for Leo in 2022

Romance-and-friendship-2019What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Venus are the principal planets of love for those born under the sign of Leo. This year, as mentioned at the outset of your reading, the significant transit of Saturn in the foreground of your horoscope is very powerful. You find Saturn transiting your seventh house of marriage and primary relationships. This is going to underpin all the other transits of your horoscope in 2022.

The opposition to your Sun sign causes you to rethink your position with the one you love. You may now be at a point in your relationship where some of the human frailties you have overlooked previously in the early part of your life are now starting to irritate you. This becomes more pronounced when Saturn makes a square aspect to the North Node in your 10th house.

It was mentioned that throughout this year the recurrent theme of work versus domestic obligations will be paramount. You’ll feel the pressure up to April. This reflects ideological, social or cultural differences between you and your partner.

On January 3 Jupiter also makes a square aspect to the North Node and therefore these ideological differences will start to rear their ugly head as early as January. This causes you to seek the comfort and company of friends as a backdoor exit. The North Node transits your 11th house throughout the latter part of January and also mirrors this.

Your idealism is at a high point this year. As Jupiter moves quickly to your eighth house of intimate connections, it makes conjunction with Neptune. This indicates either a spiritual epiphany of sorts or on the other hand, some terrible confusion about where you stand relationship-wise.

When Jupiter transits to your ninth house on May 11, you start to experience greater clarity. This area of your horoscope is ruled by the fire sign of Aries and offers a great deal more initiative, religious and philosophical conviction. The ninth house has to do with your belief systems. If you’ve compromised these for the sake of keeping your partner happy you at last start to realise you must be true to yourself if you’re going to be happy in the long run.

The transit of Venus through the sectors of love is important. Therefore when Venus makes its move to your seventh house of marital affairs on March 6 you feel a significant upliftment or desire to reconnect with your lover. This transit coincides with the conjunction of Mars making you feel passionate and loving. You want to demonstrate your love and also feel that it is being reciprocated.

The square of Venus to Uranus on March 19 triggers problems relating to shifts in their work schedule which impact relationships generally. On March 29 when Venus makes conjunction with Saturn. This creates a cooling-off effect on your relationships. You’ll feel distant from the one you love. You need to make a greater effort.

Friendships are likely to take on a more important role in your life after June 23 with Venus moving to the 11th house. This is socially solidifying. Venus makes a trine aspect to Saturn on July 13 although the square aspect to Neptune on the following day. This means you must scrutinise any new acquaintances. There are elements of deception on the part of others and overconfidence on your part.

Venus has a marked impact on your relationships and also on you. This is more pronounced after August 12 when it re-enters your Sun sign. An excellent trine aspect to Jupiter, the planet of love takes place on August 18. This is a time of being in love. It’s also a period in your life when you could well be the recipient of unexpected gifts or favours. You’ll enjoy this timeframe not just because of what you are receiving but because you exude a lot more self-confidence, magnetism and sex appeal.

Expect unusual and perhaps unexpected romantic activity after September 20 when Venus makes a trine to Uranus. As Uranus is transiting your 10th house this may be the perfect opportunity to meet new acquaintances or others through your work.

The opposition to Jupiter on October 2 indicates that you’re possibly giving too much to others. You need to establish the worthiness of others before offering your heart 100%. There’s no rush, so take your time and evaluate everyone you come in contact with.

As Venus makes its transit through Scorpio on October 23, it’s preceded by a very tough square aspect to Pluto on the 20th. This is one in which you’ll be dealing with baser human emotions. Envy, jealousy, spite and aggression are going to be part of this astrological mix. You must keep your wits about you and sidestep confrontations with those who are trying to undermine you. This is the classic stalker aspect so be careful you don’t invite these types into your circle of influence.

The latter part of the year excellent time to foster your relationships. Venus transits your fifth house of love on November 16 and by November 30 is in a wonderful trine aspect to the Sun, your ruler. You feel confident and comfortable with the new people you meet. If you’re already in an established relationship it’s time to turn up the heat and index sizzle India love life. Put aside some time to experience more excitement with your lover or spouse.

More challenging aspects in the first week or so of December mean time out. That’s because Venus makes an opposition to Mars on December 1, a square to Neptune on December 4 and a square to Jupiter on December 9.

Astrologer’s  Note

Spend time doing your own thing so that you can come back to the relationship in a more positive and reciprocal frame of mind.

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Career and Finance for Leo in 2022


Stability is one of your main keywords this year. Professionally your horoscope continues to undergo the rather zany and erratic influence of Uranus. Furthermore, its retrograde motion increases its volatility and throws numerous spanners in the work in there and everywhere. What’s more, Venus, ruler of your profession is also retrograde in the sixth house of your workplace environment and co-worker agreements! Pretty much all these areas are under the hammer particularly when the year starts. That’s the reason you must have a solid game plan in place.

The game plan as mentioned this year isn’t only related to your timeline of schedules and deadlines. It’s about how you’ll fulfil your necessary responsibilities. This is much to do with how you manage the people you work with as well. Human workplace relationships will be a very important component of your year.

With Mercury and Pluto also transiting your sixth house, you’ll be dealing with power trippers who carry hidden agendas in the back pocket.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must remain alert to red flags when they’re being waved in your face otherwise, you’ll find yourself mired in all sorts of complications. This will ultimately divert your attention professionally.

The Sun is an important body. It relates to your general professional activities each year. While transiting your sixth house right at the get-go of 2022 it strongly influences you up until January 20. Mostly, the aspects are to Uranus, Venus, Pluto and the North Node. They’re quite favourable during this timeframe. The only exception relates to enemies who may be out to get you. That’s more prevalent on or about January 17 when the Sun makes conjunction with Pluto. Mark it in your diary. If you’re dealing with people in meetings read between the lines to understand the true motives.

Between January 20 and February 19, you’re able to connect with the general public. This will be important if you happen to be in sales, marketing or any sort of telemarketing field. You’ll be able to entice more customers into your business. In particular, leading up to January 23 the Sun makes conjunction with Mercury which is ideal. Accountability may be thrown out the window around February 5 when the Sun transits Saturn. This is further complicated by the Sun’s opposition to your Sun sign.

Banking matters are highlighted between February 19 and March 21 as the Sun transits your eighth house of shared resources. A great opportunity occurs when the Sun makes conjunction with Jupiter. This is the time to talk to your bank manager about getting those loans you’ve needed at the best possible interest rate. This is also a time for inviting venture capitalists to help if you’ve been considering a new business enterprise.

At the introduction of your reading, it was said that the solar and lunar eclipse of May 1 and 16 respectively, would be significant milestones in 2022. New insights are gained through the experiences you’ve gained. This is a spring cleaning of sorts and heralds a noteworthy change of direction especially if you haven’t been happy with what you’re doing in your career.

By far one of the better periods is the transit eclipse in your 10th house. This is the beginning of some new opportunities. It may not necessarily mean a change of company or location but quite likely stepping up the ladder of success through a promotion, at least temporarily. In any case, around May 5 the Sun hits Uranus, makes a conjunction to the North node on May 13. It squares Saturn on the 16th, a sudden sense of duty will arise. With that, there should be an improvement in your finances, albeit rather slowly.

Speaking of finances, the transit of the Sun through your 11th house from May 21 to June 21 is an excellent time to look forward to a pay rise and increased profitability in your business. Throughout August and September, it’s also a time with the Sun transiting your finance sector, the second house, which also brings good luck and greater cash potential.

September is improved with the trine of the Sun to the Node especially on September 11 with its trine to Uranus, indicating a sudden and unexpected inflow of money. When the Sun transits your third house makes contact with Mercury on September 23. This is an ideal period to renegotiate a contract be particularly happy with the deal that you’ve had.

The solar eclipse on October 25 relates to real estate transactions and issues around the home. This transit and the Sun through your fourth house of property and bigger tangible assets indicates a chance to earn money. This will be through the acquisition or sale of real estate especially with the conjunction of Mercury on November 9.

The trine aspect to Neptune on November 15 and the trine aspect to Jupiter on November 21 shows your aspirations for work.

Astrologer’s Note

Improving your position in life will be underpinned by a soaring imagination and ingenious ideas. You should continue to pursue your goals and feel confident that all that is more than possible in 2022.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Leo in 2022

New opportunities will continue to come your way throughout January 2022. You should capitalise on these occasions. In particular, use the favourable aspect of Pluto the North Node to dig deeply into your inner self and find those parts of your being that will make you happy. Because transformative Pluto regulates elimination, part of the process is to be ruthless in discarding those elements of your personality which no longer serve you anymore. Those negative traits must be eliminated permanently.

The North Node transiting your 10th house starts its 18-month cycle on January 19. Much of your luck comes via professional opportunities. It reflects a period of stepping up the ladder of success and the North Node’s transit amplifies these opportunities. This means promotions can be big ones when they arise.

Astrologer’s Advice

You mustn’t falter or be indecisive. The North Node is notorious for gifting you great opportunities but equally, snatching them away. You don’t want to lose out by wavering in your resolve.

Mars is the principal planet governing your ninth house of higher spiritual activities, belief systems and morals. Its initial 2022 connection with your fifth house and the Moon means you actively take an interest in meditation and other yogic practices. Interestingly the fifth house is also related to sport and competitive activities as well. You can easily get into the zone in any way that suits your personality.

Running, surfing, playing tennis or group sports are ways you elevate your spiritual awareness this is done primarily by getting yourself out of the way. Sport is a great way to do this Capitalise on spiritual opportunities throughout January up until the 24th at which time Mars makes its way out of this fifth house.

When Mars moves through your ninth house, you’re empowered spiritually. What happens after May 29 is particularly important because it makes a conjunction with Jupiter. You feel your powers of perception, intuition and luck increasing. Mars blesses you with good fortune, increased health and vitality when on June 17 that makes a trine to the Sun.

Astrologer’s Advice

Be careful not to burn yourself out because the square aspect to Pluto on July 2 could undo all of the good work you’ve accomplished.

Throughout the rest of the year, Mars transits to one of your best houses-the 10th. This is the area of career and so between July 5 and 11 profitability can be expected. Your life ambitions can be fulfilled after August 20. Mars continues to transit these areas of your horoscope for the rest of the year as it goes retrograde. It is imbued with even greater power after October 30.

Astrologer’s Note

Much can be achieved not only in the spiritual realm and in the material as well. Friends will be of great assistance as the year comes to a close.


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