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Here’s your Virgo 2024 Yearly Horoscope Forecast

Love and Romance for Virgo in 2022

Romance-and-friendship-2019What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

The solar and lunar eclipses are important in determining the trend of your social life and friendships. This is because the Moon governs your 11th house of friendships. The solar eclipse of May 1 takes place in your ninth house of philosophy and legal matters. It will be very near explosive and unpredictable Uranus. This has an important repercussion on your friendships and emotional ties to your ‘tribe ‘.

Friendships are suddenly impacted by this solar eclipse which, incidentally relates to your 12th house of secrets and hidden enemies. The 12th house also relates to additional expenses and so your social interactions could embroil you in losses financially. At the very least emotional losses are indicated as the Sun and Moon are involved.

The lunar eclipse takes place almost immediately after the solar eclipse. That occurs on May 16. This eclipse occurs in the sign of Scorpio. This is your third house and is related to communication, short travels and also siblings. When we talk about the explosive nature of Uranus, its impact will be felt not only on your friends but also, quite likely on your siblings, particularly younger ones.

In this instance, eclipses reveal something about the way you communicate with others. In the introduction, it was mentioned that this is a year of significant self-transformation. Communication underpins any sort of self-development. You’ll be measuring your improvement by how it impacts others. This is primarily done through communication, how you convey ideas and most importantly how well you listen.

Saturn is the principal planet of love and romance, ruling your fifth house of love affairs and creativity. The full Moon conjunction with Venus at the outset of the year, informs us that there is a tug-of-war with controlling Saturn finding it difficult to contain all of this abundant loving and creative energy.

Jupiter is also described in the overview of your year gone as expanding your horizons in terms of your relationships and love life. If you’ve married Ms every possibility you will be looking to enhance the relationship. Notwithstanding the troublesome square aspect on January 3 to the node, the positive aspects will take place throughout 2022.

Jupiter is opposing your Sun sign throughout this period that you may be overly generous for perhaps even wasteful with your time and emotions. You must become more emotionally economical that makes any sense. Better. The opposition picks around 15 March also shows that your idealism is possibly becoming too impractical.

What you want and what you can have in your relationships may be at odds with each other. This will be more pronounced as Jupiter makes a conjunction to Neptune on April 13. Soon after, on May 11 it transits out of your seventh house and into Aries. Is your eighth house of intimate connections.

There may be areas in this subtle part of your life and relationships that you haven’t easily dealt with. That’s why on July 29 Jupiter will make a retrograde or reverse move back into your seventh house on October 28. What this means is that you have very clear ideas of how you want to improve your love life throughout the coming year. You may need to go back and consult with your partner and ensure you are both converging along the same lines rather than diverging.

In this period reappraisals and discussions continue throughout the retrograde cycle of Jupiter. On November 24 Jupiter once again prepares to move forward on December 21 and re-enters Aries. You are more willing and able to confront those deeper emotional issues of intimacy and eventually resolve them through meaningful communication.

It’s important to look at the key transit of Venus, the natural planet of love. You and the year with Venus retrograde in your fifth house which continues until March 6. Venus goes direct on January 29 and whatever matters have been held up in a romantic sense move forward at that time. The conjunction of Mars on February 17, and again on March 6 reveal your passionate impulses. This is a very physical transit. If those desires aren’t met fully, it could be an explosive and frustrating time.

On April 6 Venus moves to your seventh house of love and marriage. This is one of the better periods to connect with your partner, notwithstanding some of the earlier problems mentioned. The opposition aspect to your Sun sign throughout April is problematic especially with the conjunction of Venus to Neptune on April 28.

Astrologer’s Note

Idealism due to the frailties of being human needs to be addressed. It encompasses all relationships. Don’t be obsessive about love especially if you’ve met someone new.

This is likely with the square aspect of Venus to Pluto on May 27. Friendship is stronger when Venus transits your 11th house after July 18. It remains there until August 12 during which time a beautiful trine aspect takes place on July 25. This is the time when your dreams come true romantically.

The transit of Venus to your 12th house reflects a period where you are spending time and perhaps even money on luxurious items or gifts to please your lover. Those excesses can spiral out of control especially around August 18 when Venus trines Jupiter up until the 25th with the square of Venus to the node on the 27th the square of Uranus. Try to be realistic about what you can afford and remember that it’s the thought that counts.

Just before leaving the 12th house, Venus makes an opposition aspect to Saturn. A cooling-off of your emotions is to be expected. That won’t harm you too much as Venus transits your Sun sign up until September 29. Your cool, calm and charming vibrations will still attract many friends as well leading to several social opportunities.

During the latter part of the year, Venus transits your fourth house. That happens after November 16 ensuring your love of family and home take precedence over other areas of your life. You’ll feel comfortable in your own space but may also want to make some radical changes domestically. This is shown by the opposition aspect of Venus to Mars on December 1, the square to Jupiter on December 9 and the conjunction to your creative fifth house on December 10.

Venus completes its 2022 cycle in the same place it began at the beginning of the year reflecting on some important love and romance is going to be.

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Career and Finance for Virgo in 2022


Slow and steady wins the race seems to be the key phrase so you, Virgo in 2022. The astrological reasoning behind this is Saturn impacts your workplace throughout the coming months. The primary keywords for this planet are concentration, resolve, discipline and conservative activity.

A slow and steady pace is what’s needed this year. This applies equally to your style in dealing with co-workers or employees as much as it does to how you execute your tasks. You want to avoid any sort of error especially if the project you’re working on is of primary importance to your business and your reputation.

The type and hard aspect between Saturn and Uranus, the two principal rulers of your sixth house of work indicate tension between this conservative and progressive approach to work. On the one hand, you want to prove that you’re capable of generating new methods in using your ingenuity by being a step ahead of your competitors. On the other, you realise that you can’t wander too far from established practices or you risk alienating co-workers and possibly your employer. You are walking a tightrope this year in this regard.

Mercury governs your 10th house of profession and reputation as well as self-esteem. In the overview, you were introduced to the idea that Mercury’s contact with Pluto promises a revolutionary year especially with the trine aspect to the 10th house of your profession itself.

Mercury starts the year in your sixth house so that you can anticipate much planning and interaction along with copious emails as Mercury moves retrograde on January 14. It proceeds to go backwards after entering Aquarius and then backtracks back into your fifth house. It moves direct on February 4. Re-entering your fifth house quickly makes its way into your sixth house of workplace connections on February 15.

At that time, it squares Uranus and this will be a frenetic time for you. A little time later, on March 3 it makes a conjunction with solemn Saturn. These transits indicate many changes in the plan if not cancellations which may happen suddenly as a result of the impact of Uranus.

On March 10 Mercury moves to your seventh house of business partnerships and makes a conjunction to fortunate Jupiter on March 21. This is a green light to further your professional objectives through a careful selection of business partners and clients.

Mercury remains in your seventh house and on March 27 makes conjunctions and oppositions to Jupiter and Neptune as well as the Sun sign respectively. Idealism could get the better of you if you could rush headlong into ventures not been properly thought out. Take a deep breath and get all your facts and figures right.

Shared resources are important throughout the transit of Mercury in your eighth house up until April 11. After this, some legal matters or at least red tape issues can be problematic. You could be high strung around April 18 with Mercury making a conjunction to Uranus.

Mercury’s transit in your 10th house of professional esteem affects this area of your life when it goes retrograde on May 10. This continues up until June 3 but after this it hits the ground running on 14 June re-entering your 10th house and trines steady Saturn. You are challenged with the square of Neptune on July 3 so keep your professional vision practical. Saturn’s trine aspect will help you do exactly that.

Careful, steady and methodical activities bring success. Your success is notable when Mercury trines Neptune while transiting your 11th house in mid-July. Please be careful not to spend your hard-earned cash too easily, especially during Mercury’s transit in your 12th house after July 19. This may be unavoidable particularly if you own a business and realise that you have to spend money to make it. Don’t let impulse dictate your actions around July 27. Mercury squares Mars and Uranus.

The transit of Mercury through your second house brings quick profits and greater earnings but you may continue to be wasteful even up until September 3 with Mercury opposite Jupiter. At that time Mercury again goes retrograde until its forward motion on October 2.

The period of Mercury, your career ruler, is doing its direct transit in your second house from October 11 to October 30. Its trine aspects on the 23rd and 27th to Jupiter and Saturn respectively are also augmented by the trine aspect to Mars. This is all about making money but being shrewd in the process. Contracts are uppermost in your mind when after October 30, Mercury transits your third house until November 17. Some partnership deal is fulfilled around November 13 with Mercury trine Neptune on the 17th with a trine to Jupiter as well.

Property issues take precedence at the close of the year when Mercury transits your fourth house after November 17. You may be looking at real estate or other investments at this time. Especially in the last month of the year with Mercury transiting your fifth house in trying to Uranus and the Sun some sudden investment opportunity may arise.

The year closes another retrograde movement of Mercury on 29 December which leads you into 2023. It’s best to have a holiday and not make rash decisions at that time either.

Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Virgo in 2022

The transit of Venus this year is important in determining the lucky phases of your life. Its retrograde action in your fifth house as the year starts is a testimony to the fact that 2022 will be a year where you reap the benefits of your past life actions.

Venus is your ninth ruler of the future and the fifth house governs your past life as well as actions earlier in this life. Some of the important transits which punctuate the year and highlight when to expect good fortune include the trine aspect to the North Node on March 1. This brings benefits via work and personal reputation.

The seventh house transit of Venus makes contact with both Jupiter and Neptune. This is a lucky cycle of transits that take place between May 1 and again after May 29 when Venus enters your ninth house of good fortune and spirituality. Relying on your faith acts in concert with good planning and solid business practices.

Venus transiting your 10th house brings further good fortune particularly with the trine aspect to Saturn on July 13. Saturn rules your fifth house and therefore a connection between the rulers of the ninth and fifth are indeed auspicious. This is a time when you may be the recipient of some winnings by way of investment. Even taking a punt on some gambling scenario isn’t out of the question.


Don’t be foolish. It’s best to just gamble small amounts if just to be safe.

Good luck can also be acquired through friends during the transit of Venus in your 11th house after July 18. Then again financial benefits through these friends are accentuated after October 13. The repeated trine aspect to Saturn and Mars underpins this. There may be some opportunity in connection with someone from your past life during this period of your life.

One of the most important treasures is peace of mind. That’s usually found to arise with the transit of Venus in your fourth house. That transit occurs after November 16 until the end of the year. 2022 wines down with some satisfaction through work and a well-deserved break.


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