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The Astrological Significance of Mother

The bonding between a mother and child is revealed astrologically.
Mother’s Love

Here, we can understand the astrological  significance of mother.

The month of May is generally dedicated to honouring mothers worldwide. The importance of having a good mother, an early positive foundation in life which sets the stage for our own development can’t be overestimated.

Astrologers have for thousands of years been able to look at the horoscope based upon the time of the birth of an individual and see clearly what sorts of results are likely to occur in terms of the type of mother, nurturing, and also the skills they themselves will develop at a later stage when they themselves become parents. It is clear that the genetic make-up of an individual is linked to the horoscope and therefore not only can we see the environmental factors but the genetic hardwiring that goes into making us who we are.

The 4th house, the Moon, the ruler of this house, its location in the horoscope and the aspects formed to these planets and the house itself will determine the quality of the mother, whether or not there will be mutual love and support and whether or not the early part of life was indeed one which will produce happy memories.

It is quite obvious that if this part of the horoscope is somehow blemished then the early experiences in life are unpleasant and even painful. Let’s take this next horoscope as an example. You’ll see I’m using the Hindu Vedic chart.

At the bottom of the chart you will see 3 planets conjoined in her 4th house-Saturn, Mars and North node with the South node in opposition. The ruler of this 4th house is Mars  a bitter enemy of Saturn. It’s the 6th and 7th Lord, an enemy of her rising sign which is Leo.

Having so many malefic planets influencing this 4th house with the ruler of the 4th house also in close conjunction with Saturn is a testimony of the difficulty she had in her early life. She was adopted in infancy and I’ve often seen this combination and many horoscopes.

Moon is Hammered in the 8th House

There is no relief either from the natural significator the Moon which is relegated to the 8th house, the most difficult house of the horoscope. It receives no fortifying aspects either from Jupiter, Venus or Mercury is neither does the 4th house. In this case we can say fairly clearly that the nurturing of mother is absent and this was indeed the case.

I’ve spoken also of the importance of the 4th house in terms of one’s inner happiness and self-satisfaction. Peace of mind can be seen from this single house so naturally if one suffers through being denied the love and care of mother this is somehow, some time going to be reflected in this deep inner and unfulfilled need.

It’s not surprising that many people who have had difficult childhoods, have been adopted or have been abused by their primary carers do tend to find that harder later in life to be happy and fulfilled naturally have no real role modelling from which to base their own parenting skills.

We must always look to specificity in a horoscope and not simply generalising based upon these injunctions. Although these difficult components are seen in the planetary positions in this horoscope there is also a dictum which stipulates that if Jupiter is in the angle either from the ascendant or the moon it can neutralise many of the problems that are seen by way of hard aspects and malefic combinations.

Jupiter Rising At Birth 

This girl has Jupiter rising at the time of the birth and this has to large extent neutralised these difficult early factors. What has been observed however is that although Jupiter is the planet of optimism, this girl does suffer depression which is rooted in this 4th house combination of very troublesome planets. She was not abused as such and this is where Jupiter can offset a lot of the problems, but she has suffered ongoing depression.

When looking at this horoscope from the lunar position we see Gemini and Mercury ruling the 4th sector and these are also under hard aspect with Mercury receiving the sextile aspect of Saturn and Mars fully aspect in my 8th house or inconjunction the 4th house.

Without being too technical, this simply means we can see a repeat to some extent of the difficulty associated with this part of the horoscope.  Astrologers will look time and time again at repeated combinations in the charts of people who have suffered such things as the loss of a mother, abuse or adoption and these patterns do seem to recur.

To see what your 4th house has to say about your early childhood patterns, your mother and more importantly how peaceful you are in your life and how well you execute your duty as a parent, have a personal reading.  Your horoscope and will be prepared for you and a consultation to explain these things can be done here.

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