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Your Current Karma: Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing You

Know more about Your Current Karma: Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing You.

Are you afraid, fearful of what’s happening at the moment? All the signals in the news prompt you to be terrified. The covid situation is catastrophic, the United States is now in the midst of another election, economies are faltering and life seems to be getting difficult for many people financially. All these things constantly undermine your sense of security and well-being.

Although fear is a natural part of nature and evolution, we would all like to live in a more balanced way without this negative emotion undermining every day. Yet, without it, we would be in real danger. Pain and fear give us an insight as to when our survival is being threatened.

When you feel pain or fear it’s a natural signal that something isn’t quite right. Generally, we apply this principle to physical pain and discomfort but we can extend the notion to our emotional and mental states as well. If you’re feeling any sort of emotional pain, it too is a single that something isn’t right in your relationships or domestic circumstance.

Astrology and the transits of the planets can show us what your karmic challenges are and why you may be feeling fear or worry at this time. Below is an outline of the main planetary factors that are influencing you and what may be giving rise to some sort of fear.

Just as there is a natural type of fear that is designed to protect you, there are irrational fears and these are the fears that I would mainly like to address in this overview of your current karma. Irrational fears are without base or occur when some previous experience is become lodged in the psyche. Thereafter, it’s almost impossible to live untethered from these terrifying memories.

Please note, that the following is simply an astrological assessment and is in no way designed to act as a substitute for deeper psychological counselling which may be necessary if your life has taken a turn for the worse and you are not able to lift yourself up out of fear and anxiety. Astrology can act as a pointer however and for those of you strong enough to deal with your inner demons, this may at least put you on the path of healing and self-empowerment.


Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouMuch of your karma is focused on your family life, especially over the next few days. Issues relating to your property, mother and other fixed assets could be plaguing your mind. Are you trying to hold onto things that have exceeded their use-by date? This is a question of attrition and simplification not of bringing in something more from outside yourself.

You must learn when to let go of things which no longer serve you on your path. Your fear may be rooted in the fact that you have become habituated to being with people, living in a certain circumstance or even working in a particular job. This cycle is about reinventing yourself and eliminating the fear of the future but may be deeply rooted in your identity with your family. Making a break doesn’t necessarily mean discarding the ones you love. This could be a simple matter of stepping away in keeping some of your personal affairs more private.

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouMany of your problems are now being amplified by the Moon and North Node in your third house of mental activity. Remember, thinking is destiny. What you bring your attention to is only going to grow stronger. That can be something nice or it could be something fearful and repulsive. The principle is the same, however. Whatever it is you’re bringing your focus to is being amplified. That thing will manifest as a reality, there is no doubt about it.

The way out of this is to refocus on some aspect of life that you enjoy, particularly if it has to do with mental stimulation. Communicate your ideas all these fears to your friends and loved ones.

Part of you is hiding behind a shadow, also fearful of sharing that fear with others. If you trust the people you are with they will be of great assistance in helping you transcend these problems now. You’d be surprised just how open people are to helping you. It makes them feel good.

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouMoney is simply energy. As the Moon and Rahu connect in your second house of finance, you may be particularly concerned about where you’re going to get your next dollar, how you are going to pay the bills and what your future financial security is resting on. This fear is only augmenting the lack you experience at this moment. You must also remember that there are different types of currency not just financial. You focused on your attention on the financial currency rather than such things as time, energy, well-being and even your breath. All of these are a currency of sorts – things in your life that at different times take on a greater or lesser proportion of “value”. In this sense, they are what I term “elegant currency”.

One of the most effective countermeasures to lessening your worry and anxiety over money is to develop a sense of gratitude for what you have. You must also protect an air of confidence and trust that the universe is going to bring you what you desire. Rather than worrying about debts you can try thinking about and imagining yourself having lots of money and being debt-free.

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouYou can be worried about yourself now especially because your ruler, the Moon and the shadowy North node or karmic point is transiting your Sun sign. There may be irrational fears about yourself and how others perceive you. These fears are obviously unfounded but unfortunately, the human mind needs something to latch onto and it’s usually negative. This is the case when you go to a rather rough patch and your confidence starts to wane.

The superior way to overcome these fears and anxieties is to focus on someone else. Remind yourself of the difficulties others are having and how much worse off they are than you. Refocus your attention on someone you love and give them your assistance. Forgetting yourself is a spiritual trick to put you in a much higher state of mind. You are naturally endowed with a compassionate mind being born under the element of water. Use this element wisely. Speaking of water, Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist, had a wonderful saying which will help you adapt to some of the difficult circumstances you are in right now and that is: Be like water.

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouYou are concerned you are losing something. This may have to do with things of monetary value or maybe more importantly, your time, your sense of self and God forbid your identity. The one hand, you want to be compassionate and generous by giving of your time and your resources to others. On the other hand, you realise that being used and abused lead you to feeling depleted and empty.

Is there any sort of happy medium? There is, but this requires discrimination on your part. The discrimination relates to picking your mark. You can’t have everyone and, if scrutinised more carefully, you’ll see that very few are deserving of the help you wish to give. It’s far better to help others to help themselves. You mustn’t perpetuate incorrect belief systems. Some people feel entitled to be beggars and ask others rather than helping themselves.

You must search long and hard to re-establish your identity especially if you become carried away by the day to day routine. Spent some time meditating and get back to the core of yourself.

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouAs the principal planet of karma, the North node transits your 11th house of friendships with the Moon, you may develop some fears or insecurities surrounding this part of your life. You could find yourself making a greater effort and feeling a stronger desire to have a larger social circle. Are you sure this is not masking some deeper insecurity? It may well be. They fall into the Facebook “friends” trap which assumes that quality equates with quality. No way! You want people that actually respond when you say hello and who take your friendship seriously.

This is a period of sifting the chaff from the wheat and looking more deeply at the quality of your relationships rather than the quantity. There is a divergence now where your needs are greatly at variance with those of the group considered friends for years. This is a period of attrition in which you need to let go of people who are no longer connected to who you’ve become. Old habits die hard.

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouOften the fear of failure is what holds you back from achieving success in your professional life. For some time now your work has been a focus and with the Moon transiting this area over the next couple of days you will find yourself even more fixated on how you can achieve your professional ambitions. Many opportunities will come your way but you have to be discriminative enough to know which ones are worth pursuing and which ones should be discarded.

You must be careful not to become envious of others who’ve achieved more success than you. Perhaps you are only looking at the superficial aspect of their lives and not looking underneath the surface to see exactly what it took for these people to obtain those notable achievements. Rather than begrudging others that success, look to what you can do with your time, your scheduling and your skill sets. It’s time to improve yourself because if these energies are used correctly the North node in this area can bring immense success. You deserve it!

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouFear comes in many different forms but for you right now Scorpio, the transit of the North node and Moon in your ninth house has something to do with your moral or ethical standards. You may have to compromise these to achieve something else. You may also find yourself in a dilemma, fighting your lower nature as your higher nature attempts to lift you onto a more pure platform of experience.

There’s no point beating yourself up over the past and if there is some guilt about having fallen from the standards you’ve previously set yourself, get back up brush yourself off and move forward. You can’t change the past but you can certainly learn from those errant ways. In any case, everything you are experiencing is designed to help you grow and understand yourself and others more deeply. Explore alternative belief systems now to gauge yours against different perspectives. This will open your mind and perhaps help you resolve some of these internal dilemmas now.

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouThe eighth house of your horoscope has a great deal to do with sexuality and intimacy. While the North node or karmic axis is transiting this area, you may have to deal with issues of sexuality-those of your own and those you are involved with. You are always going to be matched perfectly with the one you love so you have to find creative ways to align yourself with each other. If you feel dissatisfaction or boredom, don’t wait for the other person to make the change.

You must take the initiative to improve things. If you don’t, it’s likely your partner is thinking the same thing in which case, neither of you will make the first move. You must also understand that intimacy and sexual sensitivity requires a type of buildup.

This isn’t simply related to the foreplay of a physical nature. It’s been said that for a man to turn his woman on, a woman loves the fact that he is cleaned up, wash the dishes and prepared some food. This is what turns a woman on. Therefore, look further afield than just the bedroom and what’s beneath the sheets to how you can spice up your romance right now.

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouThe Moon and North Node, the karmic point in your horoscope, are currently transiting your seventh house. This gives rise to concerns over your relationships. Don’t fall into the trap of being fearful of losing what you have. That very motion can have unconscious implications and send non-verbal cues to your partner. Much of your communication is non-verbal so you want to be sending the right messages even if you do have some doubts about your relationship at present.

Saturn is also known to cause some problems related to your self-image right now. You may not feel particularly good about yourself and this will of course reflect back on the quality of your relationships. Don’t be fearful of who you are but rather standard you had tall and be proud of who and what you have become.

This may be one of the causative factors underpinning your inability to meet the right sort of soulmate if you are single. It may also have to do with the dissatisfaction you feel when your partner doesn’t meet your expectations. Both of these two completely different scenarios have the same taproot emotionally and karmically.

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouYour health will be a concern and of course, you should worry if things are not right in your physical well-being. But that’s different to taking clear and well-defined steps to improve your health and eradicating anything that may be causing you anxiety. Your sixth house is a lot to do with your diet and lifestyle so right now your current karma is pointing you in the direction of getting that side of your life on track.

Apart from this, your 12th house shows Saturn in your past karma point throwing your mind back into the past. Regrets, shame and endless ruminations over what could or could not have been are also subtly based in the mechanism of fear. You have to cut this at the root and bring yourself back into the now.

What you become acquainted with this principle, will learn that your physical health is a veritable mirror of what’s going on in your mind and your heart. The chemicals and biological processes that take place within you secrete hormones which either augment or detrimentally affect your physical well-being.

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Fear, Astrology and How the Planets and Karma are Influencing YouBecause the North Node and the Moon happen to be transiting your fifth house at this moment, you may be having the wildest thoughts. Even if you’re thinking is not centred on anything fearful, you should be fearful of thoughts and imaginations that erode your time and have no constructive output. The indication here is that you must take more responsibility for your thoughts. Investigate how your thinking has a marked impact on your karma and destiny.

Before any action is taken a thought, an idea or a vision has to take root within you. And behind that has to be a passion and commitment to achieve a desired end. Part of your meditation during this period is to also take responsibility for going on in your mind. This will give you strength and help you direct your thoughts into more positive directions.

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DADHICHI-MTDadhichi Toth is a Vedic astrologer with 37 years’ experience in both Western and Eastern systems of astrology. He is the founder and CEO of can be contacted at [email protected]

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