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The Astrology of Success

How are Courage, Determination and Success Seen from Your Astrology Horoscope

Everyone wants to be successful. They want to have a fulfilling life with a profitable career, satisfactory relationships and a family. They pretty much want all their ambitions fulfilled. The reality of life is far from fulfilling… for most. Most of us plan, create lists, study and get all hyped-up at motivational talks. Spiritual seminars and other academic forums are also used as ‘leverage’. We tend to believe the more we learn and understand, the more it will help us connect with the right people. All this is hoped will result in greater success.

ASTROLOGY OF SUCCESS NEWSLETTERIn astrology, success is shown from the strength of the horoscope at the exact moment of birth. Success is shown by the location of the planet ruling the rising sign, the Sun. More importantly, the 10th house of the horoscope and its ruler, relate to the potential for success and brilliance in life. Few stop to consider that underlying any success is the courage or fearlessness required to take the appropriate steps to achieve a specific goal.

The third house of the horoscope tells all about one’s desire, and the ability to actively seek what one wishes to achieve. If the 10th house is strong but the third house is weak, they can indeed achieve success but it will more or less be stumbled upon or happen as a consequence of luck rather than any wilful or directed action to that end.

Success is not only based upon courage, however. Trust is an extremely important component of having the courage to take those first steps. Very often, we have bad experiences and our attempts to achieve something significant remain unfulfilled. If you’ve fallen flat on your face, you aren’t exactly endowed with the faith required for any future attempts, are you? Therefore, faith that Providence will carry you through and provide you success is an extremely important ingredient.

Another factor in success is perseverance. As Thomas Edison once asserted, it wasn’t the success of his achievement in creating the electric lightbulb that was the extraordinary thing. Rather, the prior 10,000 failed experiments were the greater success according to him. In other words, if this story and many others like it are anything to go by, a person is only a failure if they give up without making repeated attempts to achieve their heart’s yearning.

Finally, a carefully crafted plan which can sometimes take years to refine is a must. Once the plan has been written down, you can commence working that plan. As the saying goes-plan your work, then work your plan.

astrology of success do something greatEmpower yourself NOW!

These above points are essentials in your search for success and a meaningful life. Having courage to pursue what you love, and to do what makes you feel alive and passionate is not something everyone is blessed with. Your sincere endeavours are most often undermined by subconscious fears. This is where astrology comes to the rescue and reveals those areas in your life that are hampering your efforts.

Bright, planets such as the Sun now, Mars and Jupiter ruling or connected with the third house augment your success. Any hard aspect to these planets will naturally indicate likely challenges. But why fear challenges? Look at the number of failed rocket launches that Elon musk and Space X have attempted for him to achieve his dream of venturing out into space and populating planets for the future posterity of humanity!

Any of the malefic planets such as the Sun, Mars, ill associated Mercury and a waning Moon, along with the North or South node, function extremely well in the third house of the horoscope. Not all are endowed the same measure of courage. Mars is more vocal and physical in its manifestation than say, the Moon which is inherently softer by nature. But any of these in their own way promise success especially during their allotted cycle or when in transit they cast auspicious aspects. Having any connection to the 6th, 9th, 10th or 11th houses greatly amplifies the opportunity for success in one’s chosen field. A clever astrologer can pinpoint the timings and even sometimes the exact dates when these upward movements in career and life achievements are likely to occur.

The 11th house of your horoscope shows the promise and fulfilment of those desires. Desire is the fuel for any ambitious plan – practical, emotional or spiritual. Unfortunately, due to cultural and societal upbringing, we generally only apply the term success to practical, professional and financial ideals. In fact, such things as marital happiness, sporting, hobby interests and spiritual activities require the same measure of courage, discipline, intent and planning as any material goal.

destiny engineeringAstrology is, in a sense, a form of destiny engineering as I call it. It’s through this mechanism of looking at the horoscope, seeing what the inherent value and strength is that we gain greater insight into a person’s potential. Along with the challenges that are prevalent in the chart we can see exactly how to travel the straightest path between A and B to achieve those desired goals. There are remedial measures that can be utilised to counteract the influence of obstructive planets. This is especially important when hard planetary aspects adversely affect the 10th house of profession. This segment of the horoscope is also referred to as the house of karma. By karma, we not only mean the law of cause and effect and its operation but also karma as the general field of activity, action and diligent pursuit of any ambition.

Those challenges are more easily dealt with if there is additional strength in the third house or to its ruler. If you lack courage and are timid and empty of any sort of self-confidence, how can you possibly achieve anything in life? The primary job of the astrologer is to firstly see whether or not you are capable of achieving success. This must be promised in your horoscope.

As mentioned earlier, some people stumble upon success, win the lottery or have huge empires handed down to them through inheritance and the like. Unfortunately, many of them lose everything given to them. It’s a well-known fact that those who win lotteries often commit suicide or again, end up penniless because of a lack of discipline or knowledge in how to handle such large sums of money.

Mike TysonLooking at your horoscope it’s necessary see in what way your third house can be strengthened. What is the condition of your third house? What are the planets that are going to give you the requisite strength, courage and trust to move forward confidently and to take those calculated risks that are often necessary to achieve a level of success that the average person is not willing or able to achieve?Let’s take a look at the horoscope of someone who has achieved success and look at the third house of the horoscope. The following chart is that of Mike Tyson the youngest boxing champion in history. (The chart has been prepared using a western tropical format with a whole house system).

In his birth chart, the ruler of the third house happens to be one of the same as the ruler of the 10th house, i.e. Venus. Look at Venus the planet of courage placed in the 11th house of fulfilment of desires. It’s not far from his North node or planet of karma.

There’s no doubt that his desire, courage and intention was linked to his sense of purpose and destiny. Yes,Mike Tyson was indeed destined for great things. Having the ruler of the third house simultaneously ruling the 10th in the 11th of fulfilment is a very fortunate combination. The 10th and 11th houses linked to ones profession make all sorts of amazing wishes come true. The fact that he lost most of his fortune is another matter which can be seen from the Sun and Jupiter in the 12th house of expenditure.

Ordinarily wouldn’t think that the planet of art, music and culture would be so prominent in the chart of a boxer. If you look carefully, you’ll see that Mars and Venus are both located in the same sign of Gemini and Mars also has the strong square aspect of Saturn, which rules his sixth house of work. It is placed in the eighth house of death. This empowers him to conquer his enemies. You also see a similar and intimate link of Saturn and Mars in the horoscope of Muhammad Ali.

Neil ArmstrongAnd here we have the horoscope of the first man to land on of the Moon, Neil Armstrong. The ruler of the third house, the Sun is boldly placed in its own sign and house indicating the sheer courage possessed by this man.

The sextile aspect of Mars, another planet that naturally endows one with boldness, is in a favourable sextile aspect to the Sun.

It’s interesting to note that the air sign of Gemini’s rising that much of his work related to air travel. The ruler rising sign, Mercury is very closely associated with Neptune, which rules the idealistic nature of his work.

Jupiter, the co-ruler of his work, is aspected by Saturn, which rules all things hidden being in the eighth house.

Martin Luther KingCourage comes in different forms and Martin Luther King exhibited that socially and politically by fighting for black civil rights. He achieved his ends but paid the final price. The Moon rules the third house of courage and is closely associated with his ascendant ruler Venus.

Saturn, which co-rules his professional activities, is in a hard aspect to the Moon indicating the challenges he had in fulfilling his ideals. Note also the basement of transformative Pluto in the third house indicating someone who never gives up.

By looking at the third house of your horoscope, you can see the type of strength and courage that you possess. If you are endowed with valour you can see easily where you can direct this energy for the best results. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses that high level of courage as shown in these few examples. If that’s the case, some measures can be taken to improve your courage quotient. If you’d like to know more, contact me here at [email protected] and I can organise an appointment time to show you how to restore your courage, self-confidence and ability to achieve everything you wish for in life.

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