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Your Current Karma – Special news bulletin for ALL star signs

What does the Combustion of Mercury, Mars and Venus mean for your Star Sign?

If you’ve been feeling rather frazzled of late, you can put it down to some extraordinary astrological patterns occurring right now. When planets transit near the Sun, their energy is affected and their electromagnetic fields are impacted by the sunbeams. This can cause changes to occur in the areas of life that are ruled by these planets.

Just recently the Sun has been in the exact degree of Mars and this will be causing havoc especially to the signs of Aries and Scorpio. Individuals born under these start signs can be forgiven for feeling debilitated, edgy, unable to concentrate and possibly even angry with their current circumstance. Shortly, the same intensification will take place for Taurus and Libra born natives. The Sun is also in proximity of Venus, the ruler of these signs.

Not only do these four-star signs experience the effects of combustion but all other eight signs of the zodiac encounter some sort of impact by this intense conjunction with the Sun. This combustion takes place in different areas of the horoscope depending upon your Sun sign or rising sign. Here’s a brief overview of these 12 signs and how the combustion will impact each and every one of you.


Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsYour health may be adversely impacted by the combustion of the Sun. This is your principal ruling planet and is currently transiting your sixth house of health and well-being. This area also, therefore, demands extra attention to your daily routine, diet and the way in which you approach your work. During this planetary transit it is most important to listen to your body signals and rest when and if needed. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends and this will start to tell. You must also avoid conflict with co-workers, is the sixth house relates to this area of your life.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsIf you are a parent this period of combustion brings in additional responsibilities associated with parenting or problems that you’re unable to address adequately. As the combustion is taking place in your fifth house, such things as parenting, romance, creativity and speculative enterprises may come under the hammer. You need to be less impulsive and this is borne out by virtue of the fact that Mars, the planet which epitomises impulse, is also still in close proximity to your ruling planet Venus. Try to do things which give you a sense of balance and creative satisfaction to help counteract the influence of these sunbeams.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsAs well as the combustion of Venus and Mars, your ruling planet Mercury is also about to hit the Sun’s centre in transit. There are some astrologers who exempt Mercury from the combustion we’re talking about however, there are some who believe that this may cause frayed nerves, even nervous exhaustion, as well as futile discussions. As this combustion of three planets is taking place in your fourth house, it relates to your domestic activities, family life and most importantly your peace of mind. Try to build bridges rather than destroy them now. You may be right in your opinion but not everyone is going to agree with you. For this reason, it’s best to agree to disagree.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsWith the combustion of Venus and Mars and Mercury in your third house of communication with Venus having a strong say in your social activities, friendships may become unbalanced under this set of planetary positions. There may be disputes with close friends or maybe even a divergence in terms of your philosophical ideals. There may be demands placed upon you which you feel are unrealistic. There’s no point bottling up these feelings if you feel as if there’s some injustice being done. Communication is the key, as always, with your star sign, in sorting out these problems.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsCombustion of these planets takes place in your second house of finance and values. Some astrologers are also of the opinion that close family ties may be adversely impacted by no less than three planets being under sunbeams. Take stock of your working activities now as well, and try to understand that doing too much actually undermines your efforts to increase your flow of cash and secure your future. You are chasing far too many financial objectives now to make any stick. There could be worries regarding bills and how you’re going to meet your financial commitments. The best advice is to stick to one path and do what works for you with full concentration and commitment. Fortunately, these transits don’t last long so there’s light at the end of the tunnel.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsAs Venus, Mars and your ruling planet Mercury, all suffer the combustion of the Sun now, in your Sun sign, you must be careful to manage your health and do less. You may feel overwhelmed and mentally exhausted as a result of these aspects on your Sun sign. You may find that some of the work you’ve done this inductor other people’s standards. You may also be putting in extra hours with little appreciation. You may have to reassess the situation and feel as if your input isn’t being valued. Perhaps because you’re so detail orientated that others are becoming irritated with you. You should give others enough rope to hang themselves with. Under the currentcircumstances don’t get overwhelmed by opinions or differences in style. That way you maintain an equilibrium of sorts in the process.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsAt this time, Venus, Mars and Mercury are in the company of the Sun in your 12th house. The combustion taking place here may dredge up a great deal of information from your past. You’ve tried to suppress some of these experiences but now you’re forced to deal with them. The best thing is to not suppress but rather meditate and understand the consequences of those events. Although some of the experiences you’ve had may trouble you, and may even have been traumatic, try to put a different spin by looking at it this way: if these events hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t have become the person you are today. Looking at things in a positive light will relieve you of the pressure of solar combustion.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsThe combustion of Mars is important for you right now as it’s one of your ruling planets. With Venus, your seventh ruler associated with Mars in your 11th house, you may have the opportunity to be with friends but won’t experience full satisfaction from those friendships. In some ways, you want to become a hermit and not deal with the same people you usually do. Changes are afoot and they aren’t external. This combustion is burning all the dross of your past and removing those things in your perception which are obstructing your happiness. Try not to resist what’s going on right now but rather, spend some time alone and enjoy your own company. This will greatly relieve you of any stress.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsFortunately, with your ruling planet Jupiter still transiting your Sun sign, the combustion of Venus, Mars and Mercury in your 10th house makes it a little easier for you to withstand the onslaught of demands in your professional arena. The combustion of these planets taking place here relates primarily to your professional life, promotions and self-esteem. Sometimes making too much effort to achieve these objectives is what causes problems. You have to trust that you’re capable enough to achieve what you deserve and don’t appear too needy. Furthermore, you don’t have to advertise your skills as your employers have already noted your abilities. This transit is underway for a few days more so be patient until things settle down and that much-coveted position may be yours after all.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsMercury, Mars and Venus transit through the most important houses for your Sun sign, namely the fourth which relates to family, and the fifth which is your creative endeavours. These two planets are connected now in the combustion in your ninth house. The ninth house is the principal-based area of your horoscope. Sometimes you have to stick to your guns even if others in their droves are against you. There may be an issue of integrity that you have to deal with and that can be causing you immense strain right now but rest assured, standing firm on these principles will result in increased respect from those who are currently opposing you. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsMoney matters may become a contentious issue now or Mercury, Venus and Mars are under sunbeams. This combustion is in your eighth house and as Mars rules your third house of contracts, some agreements may be broken or your perception is that someone hasn’t adhered to what was promised. It’s one thing knowing full well that promises are being broken but convincing others of this fact is another matter altogether. If you’ve pooled your resources, especially financial ones with someone else, you may be unhappy in the way those funds are being managed. It is in your control and you can change things immediately if you wish, with much better results.



Your Current Karma - Special news bulletin for ALL star signsWith three planets combust in your seventh house of marital affairs, navigating your emotional relationships will require every ounce of skill that you possess. You may be feeling exhausted by dealing with a situation that just doesn’t seem to change, no matter how you approach it. Sometimes, absence is the best way to make a point. You are able to increase your value by being conspicuously out of the picture for a while. Like any other commodity, love is valued less when it’s freely available, remember that. By stepping out of the picture you’ll discover that like any other commodity, you become more valuable to the other personby being absent. In this way you can start to win back some well-deserved respect.


As a general piece of advice for all-star signs, when these troublesome transits take place, meditation, fasting and time out is best advised. Often when you’re trying to solve a problem or confront people or the circumstances head on, the result is additional friction and even greater problems in the process. By being ‘passively engaged’ in the problem that you’re confronted with, you don’t add further fuel to the fire, and mysteriously, solutions arise of themselves.

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