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The significance of Mother’s Day

Most cultures place a great deal of importance on Mother’s Day and so they should. A mother conceives, undergoes pregnancy, endures painful birth and then unconditionally loves her child throughout infancy, childhood and into adulthood. She tries to instill in the child the qualities and skills that will give the infant the ability to deal with the world and act in a responsible manner, independently carving their own way through life eventually.

The significance of Mother’s DayIt is these qualities of motherhood however that elevate this day once a year, to a whole new spiritual platform. Those qualities of selfless love, unconditional giving, nurturing, compassion and empathy are totally aligned with the spiritual ideal. It seems as if mothers have a natural instinct in keeping with this spiritual objective. There are many types of love in the world but I think we would all agree that the selfless quality of motherhood which is far beyond any of the typical give-and-take relationships we see elsewhere in life.

Along with the first, seventh and tenth houses of the horoscope, the fourth house represents one’s mother and is one of the cornerstones of the horoscope. The signifying ruler of this fourth house is the Moon which is also representative of one’s mind and the link, although not immediately obvious, make sense when you realise that the formative years of our lives and how our minds develop are indeed mainly attributed to the quality of the relationship we have with our mothers. Loving, and secure childhoods result in well-adjusted individuals and vice versa. The mother is the foundation believe that of the development of the child so no wonder this fourth house of the horoscope has been given so much importance by astrologers.

The quality of nurturing we see in the ideal mother is not limited to the relationship of mother and child. This quality the supposedly what we must all imbibe if we are truly on a spiritual path. Those pangs we feel when we see someone underprivileged or helpless is that very same compassion and love given to us by our mothers. So the role of mother is not limited to the female of our species but is rather the stage of development we must all attain whether male or female.

In these modern times what is needed is this quality of nurturing empathy for others. This sensitivity seems to be lacking now and is quickly deteriorating into a narcissistic epidemic sweeping across the planet. Sense of self and the ego is paramount with this consideration of others falling by the wayside. Restoring these human emotions of love and care is the more substantial meaning of Mother’s Day. But this is sometimes not possible, even obvious when looking at the fourth house to see exactly what influences are there shaping the mind and hearts of youngsters.

When Mars and Saturn influence the fourth house, and to a lesser extent the Sun and nodes, children have a difficult childhood and may even be subject to abuse. I have many horoscopes in my collection with this combination and quite a few of these individuals are adopted. Even though they may be brought up in wonderful, loving families the sense of separation has a marked influence on their psychological development and from that vantage point we can see just how important a mother’s love is.

Being compassionate has its downside however. To be compassionate means to be vulnerable. Being open and giving means that there is always the possibility that you are going to be hurt or rejected. There’s never a guarantee that when a mother raises her children, giving them complete and unconditional love, that they won’t leave, never to return. But that isn’t usually the focus of a mother’s love. The mother loves without thought of return.

This Mother’s Day, the above theme should be kept in mind and yes, honoring one’s mother is obviously in order, but the true honour and respect is to imbibe these qualities and pass it forward.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.!


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