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Mars is the fourth planet in the Solar system. Being personal in its sign, house and aspects reflecting basic psychological functions in the personality. Certainly, red is seen as the symbolic color for Mars – the color of blood, fire, action and passion.

Traditionally, Mars is the ruler of Aries influencing leadership and drive. Then Scorpio influencing intensity and sexuality and Capricorn influencing ambition and loyalty. Therefore, the aspects with Mars in your chart show things like how you handle frustration and conflict.

Notably passionate and impulsive, being the masculine aspect – going beyond sex and into your drive, discipline, willpower and stamina. On the other hand, Venus is seen as the feminine aspect, tempting Mars to smell the roses along the way. So the two planets Mars and Venus are reflective of many relationships with Mars being the gas and Venus the brakes.

However, it is able to ignite our passions and propel us forcefully towards our goals. Its influence particularly important as it’s able to determine the way we pursue and achieve our goals in life.

In addition, it has a profound effect on our sexual identity. Determining the way you choose to initiate a situation and court a potential lover. From being coolly detached to the charming intensity and every style in between.

Characteristics of mars

Firstly, Mars’ energy can become a negative force when it serves only the Ego, rather than a higher cause. But it is able to cause destruction when its power is used for questionable purposes, being a primal force in our social lives.

Secondly, planet Mars is able to stir up serious trouble when repressed, if in conflict with other planets you may struggle with anger issues. And Mars will always eventually erupt, seeing temper tantrums or constant irritability.

Therefore, simply asks to be given an outlet and a promise to be channelled. So when your own Mars nature is understood, it is much easier to master. Once mastered, Mars is able to guide you to make the most of your potential by highlighting your own natural assertiveness.

Certainly, Mars rules the sex organs, bladder, and muscular system, sense of taste, face, left ear, kidneys, inflammatory conditions, burns, accidents and sexually transmitted diseases within your health.

However, people strongly influenced by Mars tend to find themselves careers such as sport and competition, entrepreneurship, administration, police, army and technical work.

Mars in the Twelve Signs

Here, Mars is in its element and gives the native the whole of its energy, willpower, and courage. For him to approve of some question is equivalent to defending and propagating it. He likes to fight for that which is sympathetic and one may often find that “veni, vidi, vici” ( I came I saw I conquered ) comes true for him.

Mars in Aries renders pushing, energetic and dauntless, positive and enthusiastic. But it is obvious that in his zeal a man with this position. At times trample on other people’s most precious principles. Therefore this does not prevent him from going on even though everyone should be against him.

For instance, when afflicted the native is restless, impatient, choleric, violent, adventurous, imprudent.

Twinging pain in the head, insomnia, congestion of the brain, brain fever, hemorrhage of the brain and delirium. Even sunstroke, inflammation of the eyes, wounds in the head or face, bleeding of the kidneys (Opposition Libra), ringworm (Square Capricorn). Too impulsive, rash actions should be prevented as much as possible by self-control. The use of exclusively vegetarian food is recommended especially when afflicted.


Gives perseverance, renders resolute, positive and persistent; the person with this position will be a great worker who is always at it. Sharply defined applied art, etching, wood-carving and crafts. But probably most of all sculpture and architecture come to expression with Mars in Taurus. This position moreover makes the native liberal.

Affliction renders obstinate, headstrong, difficult to manage, vindictive, reckless, and wasteful.

Affections of the throat, boils, rheumatism in the neck-muscles, goiter, adenoids, swollen tonsils, polyps, diphtheria, nasal catarrh and bleeding of the nose. Also mumps, venereal sores, excessive functioning of the sex-organs (Opposition Scorpio), caustic urine. The vocal organs must not be forced.

Similarly, makes the native very observant, able rapidly to survey the whole (but not the detail of a question or thing). And gives a witty, clear way of transmitting impressions to others. He is sometimes sarcastic, more or less caustic and satirical in remarks or admonitions, very fond of friendly disputes and verbal sham fights; acquaintances are often made fun of. However, this sometimes drives friends away or even makes enemies of them. Although this consequence was by no means intended and as a rule, pride hinders further reconcilement.

Mars in Gemini renders intelligent and quick at speech, vigilant, active, above-board, honest, studious, inventive, and mechanically capable.

Affliction makes the native critical, ironical, leads him to flitter away energy. It makes him inconstant, whimsical, imprudent, quick at repartee, cynical, sneering.

Tendency to a hemorrhage of the lungs, pneumonia, bronchitis, coughs, cuts, neuralgia, inflammation of the nerves. Fractures and wounds of arms, hands, collarbone and shoulder. Fractures of the thigh bone (Opposition Sagittarius). Gall diarrhea (Square Virgo). The chest should be kept warmly covered, and the blood kept pure.

When a fiery, active planet is placed on the imaginative watery sign Cancer, the activity will manifest more in the imagination than in reality. The native has a great urge to achieve big deeds which will astonish the world. And all that ends in either grandly conceived plans or a fantastically exaggerated story of an insignificant occurrence.

Cancer’s feeling for domestic life is usually too strong (if Mars does not receive very many strengthening aspects). For the native to set out into the world martially. But the domestic circle and friends will often be treated to all kinds of reproaches, lessons, and remarks that usually cause estrangement or rupture.

A person with this position is very fond of his personal freedom. But at the same time is inclined of his own accord to assist others with advice and deed. Compulsion arouses passive protest.

Affliction renders irritable, revolutionary, disobedient, blustering, and careless. They should be warned against infections, especially women ought to beware of it, particularly at childbirth.

A dry stomach cough, bleeding of the stomach (melena), vomiting of blood (hematemesis), heartburn, eructatra, dyspepsia, a tendency to take too much liquor. Accidents through fire, illnesses of the gall, vomiting of gall, typhoid lever – miscarriage.

Enhances the energy, and makes for the resolute carrying through of a plan, once conceived and clearly pictured in the mind. This position renders the native somewhat irritable, bellicose and provocative. But this does not usually give offence because others feel the good intention behind the action.

Moreover, Leo’s loyal nature is sufficient to warrant. It will, however, be wise for the native to work at his own improvement. And progress with the greatest possible devotion, and endeavour to discover the bright side of everything.

The temperament is rather vehement and thoughtless, but with some training. And an earnest will for good may be transmuted into an invaluable force. Although a little difficult whilst developing it is an indication of strong personal life. Mars in Leo makes the native enthusiastic, active, zealous and sincere, independent, bold, fond of a responsible position, fiery, loving, frank.

Affliction makes him choleric, hot-tempered, fond of taking risks, irascible, exacting. Disappointments may be expected through excessive impulsiveness and haste in love affairs.

Affections of the heart, pericarditis, endocarditis, enlargement of the heart. Palpitations of the heart, aneurysmal of the veins, rheumatism of the muscles of the back, oppression, apoplexy and fainting fits. Swoons, sunstroke, malaria, nettle-rash (herpes zoster) inflammation of the throat (Square Taurus). Passion should be sublimated as much as possible.

Gives a sharply analytical, active intellect. Always on the lookout to discover things which may be profitably used against people holding different opinions, who will therefore often be defeated. But apart from this combativeness, there exists a great love for every kind of study.

Perseverance in the dull parts of it makes the native fit to act practically and resolutely. Also strategically able to put his *men” in the choicest places. Mars in Virgo renders the native quick to understand, yet cautious, diplomatic, scientific, matter-of-fact, practical in distributing work, a capable worker.

Affliction makes the native critical, sly, irritable, worrying, discontented, irascible to dependents, and often causes intemperate appetite.

Peritonitis, hernia peritonea, appendicitis, enteritis, hernia, disturbed liver, typhus, diarrhea, dysentery, worms in childhood. This position makes the native receptive to contagious diseases; the right diet should always be strictly followed.

Produces an enthusiastic partner, one who prefers to cooperate and does his work best in cooperation. A person with this position is very sensible of love and kindness and very easily suggests to himself the advisability of sharing another party’s feelings once affection has been shown or assumed to exist. So as long as sympathy has not turned into (Libra) antipathy, it is found difficult to say anything unkind to people or to refuse them.

Affliction renders the native passionate, inconstant, jealous, whimsical, bad-tempered, argumentative, tyrannical, unfaithful; what others say influences him too quickly.

Kidney trouble, inflammation of the pelvis (pyelitis), nephritis, bleeding of the kidneys, fevers because of inflammation of the kidneys, headache (Opposition Taurus), sunstroke, lumbago. Should beware of infection.

The energy, the pushing force which Mars gives through the sign Scorpio, which at the same time rules Mars, should not be restrained but guided in the right direction in order really to reach something.

Otherwise, this force which can at most be driven back temporarily all the same manifests itself and finally may even turn against itself, like the “Scorpion” which kills itself with its own sting.

Appropriate use of physical faculties should be decided on by common sense and reason. All actions should be controlled from within; rash speech or writing usually has unpleasant consequences. Mars in Scorpio makes the native courageous, energetic, strong, positive, ingenious, autocratic, undaunted, once an aim has been set it will be reached whatever the cost.

Affliction makes him selfish, blunt, bitter, caustic, passionate, extravagant, querulous.

Piles (hemorrhoids), fistula, bladder-diseases, irregular functioning of the sex organs, premature births, inflammation and festering of the sex organs, hernia inguinalis, caustic urine. Diabetes, appendicitis, nose and throat diseases (Opposition Taurus). Should be warned against infection, immorality. Hygiene of the sex organs is advisable.

Gives the courage to send one’s own ideas out into the world. From a harmonious aspect to Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, it may be assumed that matters relating to self-acquired religious knowledge, will be attentively listened to in small unorthodox circles.

If however, Venus is Retrograde, the knowledge will not be mastered completely, the attitude will be too mental, and the person concerned will be inclined to trifle away his energy. Mars in Sagittarius renders bold, open, enthusiastic, argumentative, just, thrifty, fond of traveling and sports.

Affliction makes the native contrary, fractious, sharp, arrogant, foolhardy; inclined to inconsistency. This position warns against considered actions.

Sciatica, inflammation of the hip joint (colitis), fracture of the thighbone, sores on hips and thighs. Cough, pneumonia, bronchitis, consumption (Opposition Gemini), boils, typhoid.

Gives willpower a solid basis, in addition to patience and perseverance. Discouragement at drawbacks cannot long suppress the native’s energy and again and again, new attempts are made to get on. He should guard against having too many irons in the fire, because this makes for failure, entailing a bad influence on the nervous system.

Mars in Capricorn makes the native dignified, gives a sense of responsibility, ambition, and enthusiasm; makes him courageous, patient, persistent, active, more respected than loved.

When afflicted: rash, impulsive, stubborn, over-valuing himself, more feared than respected, vindictive. A person with this affliction should guard against falls.

Affections of the knees, inflammation of the knee joint (gonitis), gout of the knee, podagral, rheumatic fever, inflammation of the mucous membrane on the kneecap, nettle rash, chickenpox, small-pox, measles, scabies, dysentery, jaundice, ulcers in the abdomen.

Indicates success in life through the native’s own merits and activity, through the spreading of new or newly revived ideas in literature or philosophy.

Business, as well as marriage, will greatly improve his financial and social conditions, although no regular rise may be observable. He has a great love of work in order to be independent, and this increases in proportion as more difficulties or opposition arise.

It is advisable for the native not to fly in a passion or become impatient when opinions differ but he should try as calmly as possible to comprehend the various views.

Affliction renders Bolshevistic, revolutionary, contrary, bombastic, fool-hardy, difficult in intercourse, makes for a great difference of opinion, makes fractious, blunt, and gives speculative inclinations.

A propensity to nervousness. Fracture of the lower leg, fever, overheated blood, sores on the legs, infection of the blood, skin eruptions, rash palpitations of the heart, fainting fits, eye diseases. The blood should be kept pure and the native should be careful of infection and contagion.

Weakens the will and makes it difficult for the native when necessary to put a check upon himself. This position often leads him to feel misunderstood, especially under the paternal roof.

Under very extraordinary circumstances a love relation will be entered into of which acquaintances will remain ignorant, or know very little. Mars in Pisces gives a liking for diplomacy and secret leadership of enterprises.

The affliction causes an inclination towards excess in the use of alcoholic liquors, illicit love-relations, doubt and consequent financial loss. Such a person feels himself badly treated and is apt to be unreliable and self-indulgent.

Painful feet, bunions, corns, accidents to the feet, perspiring feet (hyperhidrosis), deformed feet, tumors, complaints of the respiration organs, consumption (Square Gemini), inflammation of the intestines, diarrhea (Opposition Virgo).

Temperance should be practiced and the use of alcoholic drink be limited as much as possible.


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