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Astrologers consider the Moon to be just as important as the Sun through its different phases, waxing and waning in appearance in an unchanging cycle. The Moon is said to represent the feeling nature of individuals, associated with their memories, moods, subconscious habits and emotional make-up.

The Moon represents receptivity and vulnerability, having a mysterious and influential power over us. Also, the Moon orbits the earth in 28 days, with each star sign embraced for approximately 2.33 days. The phase of the Moon at the time of birth is particularly significant to individuals, with four individual phases.

Those born in the first quarter of the moon (1-7.5 days) are likely to be enthusiastic, optimistic and youthful with the sign of Aries influencing their nature. They enjoy taking the initiative, particularly in romance, and finding opportunities to express their interests.


Those born in the first phase may have the inclination to be selfish and to overreact. These people are likely to find success early in life due to their strong drive and motivation.

People born in the second quarter (7.5 -15 days) are ambitious, sociable and charismatic with the zodiac signs Cancer and Leo influencing their nature strongly. Others will find themselves drawn to these people and they will enjoy the limelight.

And those born in the second quarter enjoy the attention, high status. And have the motivation to achieve something that will have them remembered by others. Although they are slow to anger, if enraged the consequence will be intense.

Individuals born in the third quarter (15-22.5 days) are sensitive, intuitive and emotional. The Zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio have an underlying influence, particularly through their observant nature.

These people treasure friendships and relationships, able to relate to others particularly will. They find themselves attracted to highly successful people who are able to help them achieve their goals. They have the tendency to be quite tense and nervous, resulting in a short attention span. The most successful phase of their life will be in the middle years.

Those born in the fourth quarter (22.5-29 days) are similar to the Zodiac signs of Capricorn and Pisces, being organized, insightful and intuitive – following hunches rather than logic. They are likely to find themselves a bit too emotional, becoming oversensitive upset by the demands of others. They are seen as slow to develop and grow but will find unusual and individual success later on in their life.

For many, particularly those born under water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), the Moon has a much more powerful affect over us than the Sun. It represents our deepest personal needs and for true happiness in life it is important to find a balance with our moon. 

Our Moon is able to influence our imagination, intuition and allow us to be sentimental, adaptable and protective. But can also cause restlessness, irrationality and moodiness.

The Moon is associated with health issues related to the digestive system, ovaries, stomach, breasts, menstruation, pancreas and genitals.

The Moon in the different Star Signs of the Zodiac

You’re emotionally intense with the Moon in Aries and this is what principally drives you pretty much in everything you do. Being spontaneous you’re also an upbeat and optimistic individual usually believes everything is going to work out. Taken to extremes, you don’t listen to advice and therefore your ego may get in the road of your better judgement.

You have an innate trust the universe are the courage and drive to succeed. Full of energy your confidence gives you an inherent belief that what you are doing will succeed even against great odds. You dismiss the rantings of others who don’t feel that you will attain your goals. And for this reason, you need to be careful that your ego doesn’t get in the road of practicality. Your motto is “everything or nothing”.

If the Moon is in hard aspect or afflicted in any way in your horoscope you will be irritable, rash and impatient and also prone to challenging people without thought of consequence. Furthermore, you’ll be restless, rash independent and unconcerned by what people think.

Your health may be affected in the following areas: headaches, neuralgia, sleeplessness, baldness, catarrhal complaints, and problems with your eyes.

Your emotions are earthy and you are therefore grounded and practical in the way you deal with others. Devotion is one of your keywords and along with that your capacity to stick to your decisions means that you rarely if ever want to leave those you have committed yourself to. You have deep and intense feelings and are always on the lookout to help people, support them and nurture them as well. The Moon is exalted in Taurus so this elevates your emotions and makes you a genuine person.

You have a lot of beauty, art and anything that is aesthetic and pleasing to the eye but you are also at the same time proud, stubborn and willful. You need to be careful that you don’t project any sort of emotional issues on others. You are likely to feel offended easily when in fact no harm is meant.

You are generally a happy-go-lucky sort of person, easy to get easy to get on with and a lover of home and family. However, if the Moon is afflicted makes you overly passionate, possibly a talebearer and exaggerated in your manner of communicating and narrow-minded in listening to other people’s ideas.

In terms of health, because Taurus rules the throat and mouth area, information, weakness and cough may be a problem. Tonsillitis, goiter, thrush and also sexual diseases may result because Scorpio is the opposite sign to Taurus.


You are always on the go and because of that you need to be careful that you don’t spread yourself too thin. You’re constantly busy and perhaps at times compulsively so. You need to keep yourself occupied, in thought and it’s through this intellectual expression of your feelings you find immense satisfaction. If you are a higher category of this type with Moon in Gemini, you will do your best to help others and to mediate on their behalf.

Your feelings are changeable and therefore relationships may be a difficult area of your life to bring under your control. You flip-flop after making a decision on this will bother you because you’d like to be able to have a more stable emotional environment from which to enter into a relationship. Some people might even consider your superficial.

Your love books, learning and expanding your intellectual horizons. And this makes you a rather resourceful individual, liberal minded, adaptable to your environment and easily accommodating of others even under duress.

An affliction of the Moon in Gemini makes you extremely restless and produces mental confusion, doubt, and continual isolation in your opinions.

Having the Moon in Gemini may affect your health by causing lung car, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma and even in extreme cases tuberculosis. Rheumatic and arthritic complaints in the arms, shoulders, and hands, as well as nervous disorders may be noted with the Moon in this position.

With your Moon in the sign of Cancer, you are exceedingly emotional in everything you do. You place great value on experience and invest a lot of you’re feeling into this. You have incredible retention of memory and seemed to be naturally drawn to rummaging through your thoughts and these memories.

As cancer is the sign of mothering to a particularly caring of your family but extend this to your social and professional circles well, always tending to their each and every need. You must be careful not to have too much expectation of those you help because this then shows that your love may not always be unconditional.

There is also a certain type of possessiveness to your relationships and must be careful of loving in an open hand and independent way. Others may feel smothered by this type of love and affection. Apart from this, having too many expectations in love sets you up for a fall in the end.

The Moon in Cancer indicates the subject of fluctuating moods, both good and bad and that you need to bring this under some sort of control. In extreme cases this can adversely affect the functioning of your life and relationships. Your kind and sociable and at times easy-going, traits which can help you deal with some of the stresses and anxieties of love. But you shouldn’t fall back on this attitude as a default.

If the Moon is afflicted in the sign of cancer you can become morose, fearful and worrisome, even without any known cause. This affliction can also cause you to become disinterested and lacking in responsibility of those in your care.

Health problems include digestive disturbances, anemia, dropsy, obesity, inflation and a tendency to cancerous conditions of the stomach as well as epilepsy.

With the Moon in Leo in your horoscope you are liable to over esteem yourself, but also to increase his capacities. It is characteristic of the type to regard yourself as the center of your surroundings. And because he has much vital force and moral courage, many weaker people derive from him material or spiritual support. This is appreciated and shown in warm adoration and admiring action. So that really much self-control is wanted to keep ‘humble of heart”.

Honest sympathy and an open mind usually are prominent virtues. Only sometimes they are colored by a kind of “false shame” which partly hides feelings. And thoughts when they are supposed to spoil some good impression to be made on others. But the noble kind-heartedness and magnanimous loyalty, the great feeling of responsibility for self and others. In short all the “kingly” qualities which Leo gives to this character, impresses so favorably and pleasantly that we willingly forgive the more or less distinct self-conceit.

If the naturally overbearing manner can be sublimated and turned into a realization of inner dignity, which cannot mix with people of less noble tendencies, then every temptation will be a source of greater power and more help. And thus conduce to greater usefulness in analogous difficulties of others.

An affliction of the Moon in Leo makes you proud, easily offended, conceited and gives superior class feeling.

In health, especially if the Moon is afflicted in the sign of Leo heart troubles, vertigo, and swooning, scrofula, as well as backaches, are indicated. This position of the Moon also tends to impure blood, convulsions, fainting and eye-diseases.

This gives very minute, analytical feelings and very decided personal taste. There is much love for the fine arts, especially tor literature. Works of art are often inwardly enjoyed without its being much shown. Special inventions, subtle intricacies, microscopic classifications are much appreciated. Small differences in speech, dialect etc. are immediately noticed, with your memory being especially strong for similar things. This accuracy manifests itself in every-day all those, surroundings etc. 

Inner enjoyment often leads to neglect of social duties, so that an egotistical impression will sometimes be made. But an inclination to be of service to others does exist, a wish to achieve much and be of help to many, to control and correct oneself. And this, at any rate, is the first condition of true attainment. This position gives the native a practical outlook on life, a correct discernment of the possibilities for progress and ability to make use of them.

The Moon in the Virgo renders you somewhat fastidious, reserved, ever discriminating, separating the true from the false. Fond of articles of use, of hygiene and the science of food.

When you’re afflicted Moon in Virgo is afflicted any bickering becomes a mania, and liable to lead to irritation and nervous overstrain.

Moon in Virgo results in the following constitutional health weaknesses: weak intestines, tendency to constipation, dysentery, colic, dropsy of the stomach, peritonitis, tumors in the stomach, gallstones, nervousness, pneumonia, consumption and eczema.

With your Moon in Libra gives the feeling something humane and courteous which always pleads “extenuating circumstances” and admonishes to silence, if nothing good can be said. There is a certain longing for a great deal of interaction in the world and also for being well-known with the public. 

Appreciation of and connections with the other sex is also an important factor in life and in work for you. In fact you need others! Feeling will usually prove to be a a reliable guide in all kinds of action and decision making. But you should always strive to be happiness in within yourself, and not to let it depend on others.

In order to secure true and enduring peace both within and around the native, strengthening and inspiring him to greatest achievements he must attain tranquility in his own thoughts and harmony in his sensations, a thing more difficult to the balancing of your life than it seems to be. Your Moon in Libra makes you inclined to postpone things, but by the same token you are kind, sympathetic, tolerant, fond of harmony and appreciation.

Affliction of the Moon in Libra brings crazes, a wavering mind, and dependent.

Kidney diseases, propensity to Bright’s disease, kidney abscess, uremia, weak back, lumbago, stomach trouble, headaches, sleeplessness.

With your Moon position being located in the sign of Scorpio, makes you extremely sensitive to the emotional influences around you and consequently produces very pronounced sympathies and antipathies. These feelings should however not become too prominent, for this would cause the will either to slacken or be led into wrong channels. fit gives a certain pride, which is ashamed to accept defeat; and this is a good stimulant in a battle which is by no means easy.

There is much love for study or occultism, but with a view to the native’s fanatical tendencies, a clear head should be kept particularly in this department. This position moreover gives very peculiar moral and social ideas; special self-control and a strong feeling of responsibility are needed to Pleasant unpleasantness. So these virtues should as much as possible be cultivated and it is advisable not to listen too much to the opinion of official acquaintances and partial friends.

Interest in and appreciation of the other sex is very great, but is usually limited to outward things: the desire for physical exercise and training of the muscles is easily overdone, when insufficiently supervised and becomes abnormal exhibition of strength which has a less favorable influence on the constitution. Moderation and deliberation in everything are urgently recommended.

Your Moon here in Scorpio makes you courageous, firm, blunt, but sensitive to gentleness. He cannot bear other people meddling in his affairs.

Affliction of the Moon in Scorpio causes you to be exceedingly passionate, sensuous, partial, and at worst, vindictive in nature.

Illnesses which arise as a result of the moon being in Scorpio include diseases of the bladder, dropsy, affections of the urogenital organs, kidney diseases, hernia, palpitations of the heart, throat troubles.

Generally speaking the disposition is that of one who perpetually seeks for what is more and better and therefore talks and argues with every one he comes across. The inner life is usually very sensitive and characterized by a continual desire for knowledge which cannot be silenced until every question is answered.

The will for what is good is very sincere – almost too sincere. That is ‘to say the native speaks so freely about his ideas, ideals and failings that others – if they wish him ill – may use it to his detriment. His utility is not easily destroyed and every lesson is thankfully taken to heart. 

Life in the open, journeys and voyages, sport and physical exercise have a great attraction and are pursued with zest by you. Your love for nature is very b, and you have a pleasant comradeship with all kinds of animals – especially horses and dogs. The Moon in Sagittarius causes you to be optimistic, jovial, and very fond of travel, images movement of your body. The study of philosophy, religion and law attract you immensely.

If an affliction of the Moon in Sagittarius occurs it causes you to be self-indulgent, unsteady, changeable, and inclined to be a braggart or a teller of tall stories.

Health wise, the Moon in Sagittarius can cause problems in the following areas: Sciatica, weak hips and asthma, consumption, chronic constipation, thighs, broken limbs through accidents. Weak lungs, problems with your nervous system, intestinal disorders and chronic constipation may also be issues you need to address at some point in your life.

This position of the Moon in Capricorn renders your feelings strong and steadfast and produces reliability. This hinders, however, the expression of those feelings, so that those who are loved will often remain ignorant of it. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and where this cold, limiting planet influences the sensitiveness of the Moon a certain distrust arises, a reserve that fears to express itself lest another might profit by some weakness shown. The basis of the disposition is melancholy and pessimistic.

Your Moon in Capricorn position gives something fatherly to the feelings of attachment, for as a father loves and cares for his child more and better than appears, so in every relation of friendship or love there will enter an element of tender devotion, seldom fully recognized by others.

Capricorn gives the native a thirst for moral and social advancement and consequently makes him diligent in proportion as this tends to further success and promotion. Added to these desire for higher and better things is a fairly great sensitiveness to outer decorum which must be kept pure, since otherwise wrong things will easily be done, if on the surface they appear to be right. This Moon in Capricorn inclines you to anticipate the wishes of those in a higher station, to ride the high horse and to dress yourself in borrowed plumage.

The Goat on his solitary climbing tours is the perfect emblem of this self-sufficiency which is one of your signature traits and will propel you in your search for the highest summits of human knowledge; without much interest in the work of others nor great joy of life. The “tail” of this zodiacal sign points to additional capacities, although these are very rarely shown.

Affliction makes you gloomy, discontented, more or less stingy for fear of poverty, selfish.

Health disorders include: Inflammation of the joints, articular rheumatism, lack of synovial fluid. Dyspepsia. Constipation, eczema, nettle-rash weak kidneys and acid in your urine are also problematic health issues that may arise.

Having your Moon in Aquarius means your feeling is humane, sincere; imagination and intuition very well developed. Moon here gives a great desire to bring new ideas to mankind and equally strong conviction of being able to do so. Thoughts and feelings from all sides are assimilated and spread to the benefit and development of humanity. But the differences in human nature should be taken into account, and before a plan is carried out, you must seriously consider whether the people concerned will benefit by it or not.

Therefore it would be well for him to learn to look at every question from different aspects; for although Aquarius has an extremely clear-cut view of people and things, yet you are apt to imagine the conquering of others by his own logical way of thinking somewhat too easy. In that way difficulties are likely to arise where nothing but sympathy and helpfulness were intended. Tolerance, acknowledgement of others’ good intentions – however defectively expressed – should as much as possible be cultivated.

To the outer world an attitude oi indifference is often adopted which induces many to think that life’s difficulties do not count for much. You have a constant love of dealing with many and different people, contact with all kinds of divergent courses of thought. From every side much sympathy and readiness to help will usually be experienced, so much so that -enterprises often succeed without much personal share in them. Failure to keep promises is frequent, promises are thoughtlessly made and things are often done superficially.

This position of the moon gives a great sense of humor, which manifests especially in intimate and domestic circles. Certain people will often be made the butt of rather sharp ironical remarks, which may lead to trouble.
Affliction makes the native eccentric, chaotic, inclined to upset things. Anemia, general weakness, fainting fits, swoons, dropsy of the ankles owing to problem with of the heart are also health problems associated with the Moon in Aquarius. Varicose veins, blood poisoning, ulcers, nervousness and hysteria can also be added to that list.

You have a love for anything romantic, unusual and sentimental. The tendency to exaggerate your emotions and that is because you are a daydreamer and often imagine way too much. Place too much emphasis on the unknown, spirituality and death as these are the areas you are prone to be attracted to. Many born under the sign of the fish enjoy fantasizing but this should be avoided and your mind should be brought back to the practical realities of life. You have a good knowledge of occult studies and may do well as a practitioner in any of these fields of endeavor.

You could become a little despondent when things don’t go plan is why you should always remain optimistic, which is in keeping with one of your ruling planet, Jupiter. Be careful that these negative mental states don’t cause you to become discouraged, which in turn will affect your professional life as well. Sometimes you’re the in a state of self-pity which is hard to break out of. Always surround yourself with beautiful things and loving, understanding well-wishers.

You could feel better by reading optimistic philosophical and religious works. Spiritual activities, meditation et cetera will also help in redirecting your mind into better channels. You have a kind this position and your charitable energy will eventually bring you into work which allows you to help others to uplift their spirit.

If the minister collected in the sign of Pisces you will be given to great doubt, lethargy and overindulgence in sensual activities. You are also impressionable and must be careful of the company you keep.

As Pisces rules the feet, troubles may occur in this area and you may have circulatory problems, injuries of the toes et cetera. The tendency to excessive use of alcohol and the potential for addiction to drugs is marked, both pharmaceutical and illegal. Some born under Pisces Moon will have weak lungs and can suffer bowel disorders.


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