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Saturn is seen as the “Jewel of the Solar System”. Being the outermost planet that can be seen with the naked eye. This is the last of the personal planets. Marking a considerable gap in the time sequences involved with the trans-Saturnine planets and their tenure in an appropriate sign.

Planet Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius and is strongly exalted in Libra. It’s the slowest planet in Vedic astrology, taking thirty years to transit through all signs of the zodiac. Those infamous rings of Saturn represent the limitations of man.

Associated with restriction, limitation and delay, being the Guru that teaches us the realities of our own existence. The planet Saturn does not deny or restrict imagination, spirituality or good fortune. But instead, demands that these things are given a strong structure and meaning.

It is through this that Saturn is able to provide us with educating experiences. And is able to lead us to where we belong and what we deserve according to our karmic actions.

Obstacles, failures, frustrations and delays are able to teach us to look further than materialistic areas of life such as glamour, reputation and social connections.

Saturn governs our ambition, motivation, career, authority and influences our own sense of duty, responsibility and discipline. Saturn is also thought to represent a person’s organizational abilities and their endurance during hardships, both physically and emotionally. The Return of Saturn marks extreme significance in each person’s life.

Saturns’ movements used to be observed with fear, signifying bad luck, great loss or punishing circumstances. Saturn is now seen as more balanced now, as many of its hard lessons and trials lead to rewards and success. In non-natal charts Saturn reflects difficulties that arise from a lack of tact and sensitivity as well as excessive self-interest.

It also presents hard work, professionalism and success through experience. Saturn’s influence in vocation is rather malleable and the exact direction it takes is more influenced by the other planets, Saturn just makes it more serious, professional, focussed and ambitious.

Nevertheless, Saturn tends to push in career directions such as corporate management, administration, education, architecture, governmental work, business, authoritarian positions and self employment.

Saturn is associated with health issues in regards to circulation, constipation, vitamin deficiency, the sense of hearing and our teeth.


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