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Your View of Your Partner

The Devil
This card represents the dark forces in the world, misuse of power, depression and addiction to the material world.

Your Partner's View of You

Three of Wands Reversed
Be wary of offers of assistance. Underhandedness and failure are possible.

Your Needs

Four of Wands
Work will be well done. Peace and harmony will be realized.

Your Partner's Needs

The Six of Wands Reversed
Success may be delayed. Be wary of accomplished enemies.

The Current State of Your Relationship

Five of Cups Reversed
Joy and happiness resurface. New friends and relationships are born. Old friends and loved ones return.

The Path You Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow

Five of Swords Reversed
Victories may be empty. False pride must be avoided. Sorrow is possible.

The Path Your Partner Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow

The Emperor Reversed
This card represents immaturity and loss of control.

Aspects of Your Relationship to Consider

The Page of Swords
Youth if not in age then in spirit. Adept at diplomacy.

The Outcome

Five of Pentacles
Poverty and unemployment are possible. Possessions may be lost. A troubled soul is likely.