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George Clooney

May 6, 1961

George Clooney
George Clooney
Career: Actor
Sign: Taurus

George Clooney is synonymous with stunning good looks, a debonair manner and a charming personality—all which make up the so-called typical Taurus-born male. There is no denying that George has a unique quality that most of us can’t resist. This is true star quality.

Date of Birth: May 6, 1961

Time of Birth: 2:58 AM

Place of Birth: Lexington Manor (KY) (United States)

GeorgeClooneyChartVenus endows a Taurus man with the ability to attract women, but it also creates difficulties with committing to a long-term relationship. George openly admits this. How often have we seen him with a new partner at an Emmy or Academy Awards event? The Taurus-born man loves variety and often has an insatiable attraction to sense experiences. These are not limited to sexual escapades. They include food, drink and other expensive and sometimes excessive tastes.

George likes to distinguish himself from other so-called playboys. When he was invited to a Playboy Mansion pyjama party, he said: ‘I was hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jim Carrey. We were all sort of protecting one another; you don’t want to seem like you’re desperate. I grew up with the magazine, so naturally I wanted to see the Grotto. When I got there, I was cornered by about 15 people, most of them pretty girls. But it’s not like you might imagine. Instead, they all wanted to have their picture taken with me. When that happens, it’s like you’re a cardboard cut-out for people to stand next to.

The Taurus man knows how to make money, and after his debut in ER (1994–1999), he was able to clinch some very big movie roles. Some of these include Batman and Robin (1997), The Peacemaker (1997), Out of Sight (1998), Three Kings (1999), O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), The Perfect Storm (2000), Ocean’s Eleven (2001), Syriana (2005) and Ocean’s Thirteen (2007). There is no doubt that George Clooney’s need for Taurean security has been more than fulfilled!

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