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Career : Indian Politician

Date of birth: 12 January 1972

Priyanka Gandhi has a powerful face. Her nose dominates her facial features. This endows her with tremendous energy and destiny of power and authority. The extremely high nose bridge is a blessing.

Her perspicacity, attention to detail and hypercritical attitude are seen in the sharp downward angle of her nose. This nose endows her with a Sherlock Holmes type mentality in getting to the bottom of problems. Her mind is a detective like. It also tells us that she isn’t necessarily get taken in by appearances.

That she is an introverted sort of person is shown by her eyes. Her eyes are not overly large or easily visible, reflecting her wait-and-see type attitude. In contradiction to this, her prominent cheek dimples demonstrate her affable and socially engaging nature, yet cautiously so.

These dimples have actually formed strong downward lines on her cheeks. These lines appear when she openly smiles. These look like a second set of cheek lines. These are designated as lines of specialisation. Anyone presenting this additional set of lines becomes an expert in their chosen occupation or line of activity.

She possesses a rugged and earthy quality facially. This reflects her fearlessness tackling the hard questions of life. She is unafraid of challenging circumstances and is quite happy to reciprocate a fight if provoked to do so. Perhaps this is the legacy of the Gandhi family.

Priyanka is most certainly an action orientated person. The low set, thick eyebrows indicate a temperamental edge to her personality and one which is easily irritated with trifling matters. She needs to get things done ASAP.

Although her lips possess a sensual quality to them, her affectionate side may be sublimated, with the practical side being given greater preference.

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Career : Indian Politician

Date of birth: 19 June 1970

On Rahul Gandhi’s face, notice the low set eyebrows, flared nostrils and protruding inner ear rim. These three features of his face clearly depict an energetic, action orientated individual who tackles life on his own terms. In fact, he may at times be out of step with the prevailing trends as he is independent and thinks outside the square.

Rahul is organised and meticulous about how he wants things done. At the same time he is also somewhat autocratic in his methods from time to time. This is demonstrated by both the close set ears to his head and flared nostrils. Generally calm by nature, there are moments where his explosive temperament will get the better of him. His bull like flared nostrils depict this fact too.

The low set eyebrows specify impulsiveness and a need to implement ideas quickly. This is also reflects his temperamental nature. His brown eyes, are deep-set, showing he is a deep thinker and philosophical by nature.

Earlier in life, he takes greater interest in earning money and gaining power. Later on, his philosophical disposition will mature, like fine wine. His eyes also have a softness to them, creating trust in others. If you look closely at his eyes, you’ll understand that he does indeed possess a compassionate nature.

The other indicator that his philosophical or deeper spiritual maturation occurs later in life, is the slightly depressed temple area. Apart from any spiritual connotation, this usually also reveals an excessively draining work schedule whereby the individual needs greater rest and more attention to their dietary habits. He may become a workaholic.

When Rahul smiles, there are visible lines at the outer edge of his eyes. Some call these crow’s feet, and women especially, are averse to seeing them on waking and looking at themselves in the mirror. The upside is that these have an alternative name and are called rhetoric creases.

They endow him with an excellent intellectual calibre, fine communication style with an ability to persuade others in a convincing way. In some systems of face reading, these are also considered to be flirtation lines, showing the owner’s love of the fairer sex. His comfort and ease with the opposite sex is also be seen by his cheeky dimples. He is a social character and loves to be flattered.

Also observe closely the well-developed underside of his nose. In fact, this feature is perhaps a little overdeveloped and relates to the finer detail of things and an awareness of perfection.

Coupled with his flared nostrils, this expresses itself in a need to dominate the situation and demand exacting outcomes from others, even when those outcomes are quite difficult to achieve. This single feature requires more sensitivity and consideration of others on his part.

Although Rahul has a beard, it’s reasonably easy to see the shape of the face and how developed his jawline is. This gives a stable nature and one prone to standing his ground over the long-term.

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Career : Actor

Date of birth: 12 December 1950

The strength and resolve of popular Indian actor Rajinikanth is seen in the length and strength of the bone structure of his face. Having a high, pronounced forehead is an indicator of superior intelligence.

Coupled with the strong ridge above his eyebrows it reveals he is an acute observer of human nature. This ridge also designates interest in motion, colour, balance and harmony and makes perfect sense given his success as an actor.

Corneal arcus is a condition of a grey ring around the cornea of the eye. Rajinikanth exhibits this marking. This shows a buildup of cholesterol. He should pay more attention to diet, exercise and improving his health. He will need abundant energy and good health to grapple with the day-to-day demands of politics.

His eyebrows sit low. It shows his quick thinking and decisive nature. His personality exhibits leadership qualities but he must be careful to be more consultative decisions that impact others.

He is able to restore and revitalise organisations, systems and procedures that have fallen into disrepair. He is a creative manager and this single aspect of his personality is indeed a useful political tool.

The inner rim of his ear reflects an unorthodox disposition and someone who is able to improvise with the resources at hand. He’s able to come up with brilliant yet practical solutions.

He may not always be understood because his ideas are a little flamboyant and perhaps too progressive for current trends. He must keep this in mind if and when dealing with conservative elements socially and politically.

When the nostrils are guarded by the tip of the nose it shows an ability to manage and save money while looking towards a secure financial future. The Chinese regard the nose as the piggy bank. Because his nostrils are exposed it shows can be frugal with money when necessary.

Rajinikanth’s hidden nostrils protect his cash. But Rajinikanth’s nose isn’t only about money. It is also what is called the ‘sage’s sons nose’ revealing a deeply spiritual and philosophical personality. His motives are well-intentioned.

The mouth brackets or the lines flaring out from the base of the nose are called fa ling in Chinese face reading. These correlate to the lifelines of the palm which most people are familiar with. They are strong and augment his longevity prospects.

As well, when the lifelines of the face create a large mouth bracket it’s an indicator of compassion and a humanitarian nature which complement his sage’s sons nose.

On an astrological note, his Mercury major cycle commenced in January 2018 and is in the fifth house of his horoscope with his career planet Venus. Although Venus refers more to his film and acting career, Mercury is in a stellar mutual exchange with the Sun, the Royal planet.

The Sun fully influences his career sector and accounts for his interest in politics. He will be very comfortable in his role as a politician and will endeavour to use his imminent power fairly.

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Career : Indian Politician

Date of birth: 13 December 1963


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The face of TTV Dinakaran is a fascinating one and reveals a lot about his character. Broad, full and strong, particularly in the lower portion of the face, it endows him with tenacity, determination and at times, willful stubbornness. This may be misinterpreted as a sort of self-centeredness or arrogance.

In fact, it has more to do with a desire to make clear decisions and only after careful deliberation. He won’t be pushed because he knows the ramifications of making a wrong decision. Consequently, this is a double-edged sword for him as he knows how to get the job done, but perhaps not in timeframes, he would prefer.

Firmness and caution are admirable traits, which he possesses. However, those same traits in others, are known to give way to indecision and procrastination. He loosely shares some similar facial features with Sir Winston Churchill, the great British statesman.

Like Churchill, Dinakaran possesses a strong jowl, which to onlookers might translate as a sort of ruthless insensitivity in his day-to-day life. He needs to get things done, and if others feel upset by this, so be it. With this type of face, setting goals, even ones that seem out of reach, and their achievement, are primary drivers of his personality. The downside of this is a dictatorial nature, abuse of power and in the worst instance, hard-heartedness.

Pronounced fleshiness of the cheeks, very near the face creases, confirms Dinakaran has a strong sense of pride and no doubt, aspires to power.

Self-esteem is solid in his case. The general fleshiness of the cheeks is a marking of friendliness and making the most of good social connections. Dinakaran probably knows how to ‘work a room’ because it’s been hardwired into his DNA.

There is sufficient distance between his eyes and this demonstrates his broadmindedness and an ability to see and grasp the bigger picture, socially and politically.

The quality of his eyes indicates his idealistic nature. He is passionate about his ideas and can really sell them well. He indeed has the gift of the gab. That idealism may not be ideal given the context in which he works and lives though. Because of that, he may experience a great deal of frustration at not being able to share the fullness of his vision as soon as he would like.

Fortunately for his jawline, he is patient enough to endure any obstacles or setbacks on his path. Just above his eyes, note the difference in quality between his hair and his eyebrows. The eyebrows are sparser and this can reduce his health prospects, especially if he is unregulated in his dietary and lifestyle habits.

Nostrils can either be pinched, flared or somewhere in between. The strong open nostrils on Dinakaran show great vitality and enthusiasm for what he does. Open nostrils obviously show an unstructured flow of air and oxygenation of the system. This augments his health. Along with other features in his face, it also reflects a generous spirit.

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Career : Indian Politician and Film Actor

Date of birth: 25 August 1952


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In Vijayakanth’s face you see an imposing dimpled chin and strong jawline. Whenever you encounter a dimpled chin, as you do in this case, rest assured the owner wants to remain young, surround himself with vital, switched on people. He regards life as an adventure and wants to explore all of its possibilities.

The shape of Vijayakanth’s face is rock solid. Being determined to complete what he sets out to do means he generally doesn’t allow things to stand in his road. If he does however, he’ll plough through obstructions like a steamer through ice.

In the extreme, he is difficult to persuade in an argument if his mind is already up. Though mentally flexible, in certain matters he is downright obstinate.

The pronounced hooded eyelids are an indication of generosity and to some extent, an intuitive knack of seeing through people to their core. This gives him the ability to cut straight to the point. He intuitively knows if someone isn’t genuine in their intentions. His eyes, however, possess a slight bulging quality to them.

The Chinese system of face reading refers to these as “crab eyes”. The owner of these eyes is indeed generous yet at times financially inconsistent, possibly even wasteful. If eyes protrude excessively, it casts doubt over the individual’s personal use of money.

Overall, this is the countenance of an individual given to grand schemes, huge ambitions, who consequently needs to work on a measure of self-discipline. He needs this to balance his desire nature with its downside being overwork. This can adversely affect his health and family life. He mustn’t place those ambitions above human relationships.

In some pics, the whites of his eyes are clearly visible under the iris and reveal an inner disquiet only solved through spiritual means. Along with this, the bluish tinge to his skin and transverse creases on the earlobes point to a need to carefully listen to his own bodily health signals.

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Career: Indian International Cricketer

Date of birth: 5 November 1988

Here is the face of the renowned Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. He has sharp, bright eyes reflecting creative flair. His ambitious nature is in the strength of his eyebrows and also shown in his horoscope with Moon being aspected by Mars. This endows him with the drive, physicality and ambition to reach the top ranks in his chosen profession, namely cricket.

There is something childlike and ever fresh about the face of VK. It also indicates a deductive nature giving to constantly improving his skill sets on and off the field. Mostly, this childlike quality ensures he has fun in life

His upper lip is what is known as possessing the point of perfection. Notice the dip of the top lip-it indicates star material. The straight line is also a mark of dedication and professionalism in his commercial and personal life.

The transit of Saturn in his fourth house shows his personal life has weighed heavily on his shoulders in the recent past. The simultaneous transit of Jupiter in the third house makes his mind troubled. He does, however, have the heart of a champion and will face life’s challenges head-on, as he does on the cricket pitch.

We see this through the slightly protruding ears reflected and his sixth house Rahu making him extremely competitive against his rivals. Rahu is in the sign of Aquarius in Satabishaka star, further strengthening it.

VK’s lips show his ability to reciprocate in relationships and deal fairly with personal challenges. His low set eyebrows make him demanding. High set cheekbones make for a ruthless competitor who is also frugal in nature. He values material success but doesn’t take it for granted. Strong, open nostrils reflect physical prowess.

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Career : Indian Politician

Date of birth: 9 October 1968


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Anbumani Ramadoss is a creature of habit judging from his solid, earthy face. An interesting balance between his forehead and the lower portion of his face is noted. The forehead relates to idealism, observation, memory and intelligence. In contrast, his strong jaw, chin and lips reflect sensate appetites, security, finance etc. Being in balance is a fortifying factor for his destiny.

His eyes are different in shape and intensity. Studying carefully you’ll see one of them is outward looking, the other looking in. This also balances his spiritual and worldly appetites.

Anbumani is a lateral thinker and problem solver who likes to think outside the box. His highly developed forehead displays superior intelligence and far-reaching ideals. Coupled with his compassionate eyes, this creates an extremely lucky combination.

He is fortunate and of a good nature according to his horoscope. His Moon receives the beneficial glance of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, an extremely auspicious disposition astrologically. The association of Jupiter with Mars, commonly known as Guru-Choudhry yoga, endows him with a larger-than-life personality, fearless confidence and overall protection in life.

From the Moon, this is a Raja yoga occurring in his lucky fifth house. The association of Mercury and Venus soften his nature, make him cultured and sociable. He is currently running the cycle of Jupiter which commenced in 2013. This will be a good period for him as the star Lord of Jupiter, the Sun, is also friendly and well placed to his Moon.

One concern is his sparse eyebrows which have a variety of meanings including poor health and fluctuations in vitality. On a practical level, saying yes to too many requests, particularly in his professional life, means he mustn’t promise more than he can deliver.

The Mars and Jupiter combination points to this and although he may have the best of intentions, he may bite off more than he can chew, especially under the Jupiter/Mercury sub-cycle which is currently underway.

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Career : Indian Politician

Date of birth: 18 December 1878


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KN Stalin has a rugged looking face revealing a great deal of experience and perspicacity. That experience, although in part handed down to him, can also be accounted for by his “streetwise” knack of getting to the heart of things. He’s a master of using circumstances, no matter how difficult, as a stepping stone to his goals. He knows how to turn adversity into good fortune.

The broad, high forehead with the deliberate, almost clenched jaw and tightly pursed lips reveal a highly driven, intellectual with intense focus and determination. This determination turns to stubbornness at times.

His forehead is dominant in ratio to the other parts of the face. This overemphasis, particularly in the middle part of the forehead, shows that he doesn’t easily forget either the good or bad done to him.

One of the more interesting features of his face includes the floating irises. The whites of the eyes are visible under the coloured part. The height of the irises, measured against the whites of his eyes, vary from photo to photo so in some instances you may not see this.

The whites are not always fully visible. This is called sampaku and reveals a restlessness of spirit and inner turmoil. Generally, it’s not considered a fortunate marking in the face and many other famous people exhibited the same, including Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jackson and Princess Diana.

It doesn’t appear from his eyes that he is completely at peace within himself. It’s hard to tell whether this discontent is about his own life or concern with uplifting his constituency. On matters of health, the puffiness under the eyes is an indicator of possible fluid retention or kidney weakness.

The weaker left mouth bracket line shows his energy levels may fluctuate from one of intense drive to tiredness. His energy level is not consistent. The delicate eyelids reveal a shrewd and intuitive person who is very capable of reading between the lines. His insight is penetrating as can be seen from the gaze.

His tightly pursed lips show a high degree of firmness and resolve. There’s a need for punctuality and order. He lacks patience with people who are lazy. He can be extremely demanding, if not explosive.

The short and uneven eyebrows lend support to this fact. His eyebrows hint at health issues which the depressed temple area also suggests. He doesn’t rest enough due to an ever active mind. Sleep should be a priority.

In many photographs, you will notice his lips are not completely straight. This reflects an extraordinary degree of linguistic style, argumentative skills with a unique ability to present facts and most creative way.

This period of his life is shown in the markings on the chin area. You see the blemishes, lines and asymmetrical features here. This reveals many challenges and enemies who will be numerous during this cycle.

In his horoscope the placement of Venus, one of his current life-cycle planet is placed in an inimical area, adding testimony to this fact.

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Career : Indian Politician

Date of birth: 18 August 1959


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The openness of Nirmala Sitharaman’s face is well-balanced with firm lips and a determined chin. Although open and generous, she’s no pushover regarding her principles.

Her lips are an interesting feature of her face. The firmness reveals methodology, precision and a distinct talent for organisation. The lips, however, taper off to a thin line in the areas relating to reform and sociability. Although not necessarily given to socialising, she’s nonetheless capable of using social occasions, to good advantage, when and if they do arise.

When the lip line tapers off like this, it shows a predisposition to digestive problems. Note also in some photographs, a descending line from the outer edge of her lip. This demonstrates that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Words, however, may find her in hot water on more than one occasion. Later in life, legal issues arise because of her outspoken nature.

The area of the lip relating to reformation is under-developed in her case. She becomes entrenched in a certain way of seeing and doing things. She must try to adapt more easily. This may create stagnation in some area of her life. Her lips indicate a solitary side to her personality.

She is not afraid to step away from support if it compromises her goals. Nirmala is firm and leads with a distinct sense of purpose. Her tenacity and endurance stand out in the shape of the lower part of her face.

Some face readers refer to arched eyebrows as dramatic. In Nirmala’s case, fortunately so, this arch isn’t overemphasised. Therefore, we see she is endowed with an even temperament but one capable of occasionally using drama effectively to get her point across.

The arched brow gives keen insight into its owner. It not only reflects her need for verbal expression but also shows a reticent nature which requires more than the just the necessary information for her decisions. When brows are overly dramatic those individuals are given to overreacting, at times even being histrionic.

Her downward pointing eyes draw support from others. These are the classic doggy eyes, which for some reason people unconsciously fall in love with. This also describes a compassionate and considerate person who is genuinely interested in uplifting her fellow person.

The area above the lips is firm with the philtrum being strong. This shows vitality and passion. The outer edge of her left eye indicates a calculative nature. Both her left eye and right eye have a very different gaze, one outward and one inward showing her lateral thinking style.

Nirmala’s ears are proportionately large for her face. The lower portion is well-formed indicating good fortune. When large ears stand out on someone, rest assured the individual has a commanding nature.

Take a look at most leaders in their field of endeavour. These individuals usually have large ears. Those people never handle submissive positions well. If they do, it’s only a matter of time before asserting themselves for the top position.

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