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Muhammad Ali

January 17, 1942

Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali
Career: Boxer
Sign: Capricorn

Muhammad Ali needs no introduction is being one of the greatest boxers of all time. In this analysis, we will look at the sidereal or Vedic chart and analyse him from this perspective.

Date of Birth: January 17, 1942

Time of Birth: 6:35 PM

Place of Birth: Louisville (KY) (United States)

MuhammadAliThe rising Star is Ashlesha and it's ruler Mercury is in the seventh house. This has positive and negative repercussions on the native in that it is powerfully conjoined with the ruler of the rising sign Cancer giving him a strong sense of self and a deep connection with the general public. However, Mercury is in conjunction with Venus which is retrograde as the ruler of the Badakasthana, the 11th house which for Cancer is problematic which may account for the physical problems he experienced later in life.

The rising sign is Cancer with the ruler, the Moon in the seventh house. Being conjoined the Sun it is a new Moon in the company of the 3rd and the 11th Lords Mercury and Venus respectively. In Vedic astrology the 3rd and 11th houses rule the right and left arms respectively. The association of the planet ruling the self with these two planets is significant and being in the seventh house indicates his popularity with the general public.

The most important planet in the chart is Mars ruling the fifth house and 10th houses simultaneously. This planet has gone to its own house of Aries, the 10th house from the ascendant and is therefore considered a powerful yoga or configuration invaded astrology. This placement is one of the five important yogas called Ruchaka Yoga on the scene and the horoscopes of many warriors, fighters, soldiers and notable sports people. Note also the seventh and eighth Lord Saturn going to the 10th house in a wide conjunction, almost not considered as a conjunction in Western astrology. The fact however is that the Midheaven is precisely at the midpoint of these two planets and acts as a sort of bridge between the two of them.Mars also attains the greatest aggregate strength utilising several different sources including motional, directional, et cetera et cetera which again brings to the fore the power of this planet and its dominance in the life of this individual.

Saturn the eighth Lord is the most elevated planet in the chart and is debilitated in the sign of Aries but gains cancellation of the debilitation by being in the sign of Aries with the Lord of that sign. These two planets receive the full aspect from Rahu from the second house and the relationship between them, whose midpoint is the Midheaven attests to the fact that his destiny was to be a powerful one along the lines of the work that he had chosen due to the combined Mars-Saturn-midheaven influence.

That his health would suffer as a result of this is shown by the full aspect of miles on the rising sign which also carries the influence of Saturn being the dispositor. The full aspect of Saturn on the seventh house in the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in the sign of Capricorn, his own sign and ruling the eighth house is responsible for the diseases he suffered later in life but this is greatly assisted by the sixth Lord Jupiter also fully aspect in these planets from its position in Taurus, which for the cancer ascendant is the Bhadakastana or karmic obstruction place. His Parkinson's disease is attributable to some of these karmic issues. Often the association of Mars with Ketu indicates some sort of curse or black magic and in the case of Mohammed Ali this trembling may even be a hangover from some past life curse or black magic perpetrated upon him.

Please do note also that Saturn disposes of Ketu which is on the eighth house of death. That is why the influence between Ketu and Mars can be taken as one created by the agency of the dispositor of Ketu being in conjunction with Mars. Some might argue that these two planets having an influence on the rising sign and being in the place of work, his professional activities may have been responsible for this dreaded lingering disease. This may have simply precipitated what was karmically or genetically already hardwired.

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