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Vedic Planetary Healing

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Each planet signifies different departments of our lives. When at birth a planet exhibits a weakness, it reflects that weakness in the respective area of life. If we suffer continuing health problems, this could be due to an afflicted or weak Sun. In this case, the gems and metals for the Sun would release the red cosmic color into our being and thereby strengthen us.

Other remedial techniques to strengthen the Sun and therefore the physical system include hatha yoga postures such as Surya Namaskar or the Sun worship round of exercises. Wearing orange and warm colors and red gems such as ruby or garnet may be of use in this case. Marriage and relationships are an important aspect of our lives and when Venus which is the ruling planet for emotional and marital satisfaction is weak life becomes distressing and we lose the capacity for joy. Sharing life with someone is a great thing but often disharmony and difference of opinion creates separation and heartache.

The gems yellow sapphire and golden topaz are said to attract the right man for a woman and appease and strengthen Jupiter. Mantras to Venus and Friday fasts are advised to improve conjugal happiness. In the matter of career, if Saturn is weak it lessens one’s discipline and restricts achievement. For this reason, it is important to empower Saturn with the use of gems such as blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, and amethyst. Fasting on Saturdays is also recommended if you have the willpower.

In some texts, it is said that Saturn may be appeased through the feeding of old or destitute men on a Saturday with salty products. Some of the measures mentioned do indeed sound strange but there is an age old and time tested authority behind these statements and in practice, they do seem to work. The ideal goal of astrology, both in the eastern and western traditions is to provide a clear and practical guideline for our lives. Vedic astrology offers a framework by which we may enhance our awareness and spiritual growth through contact with the inner Light of our heart.  

Planetary Healing with the Sun – Surya


Let us chant the glories of the Sun god, whose beauty rivals that of a flower. I bow down to him, the greatly effulgent son of Kasyapa, who is the enemy of darkness and the destroyer of all sins.

The Sun has a square body and honey coloured eyes. He is this is sort of more for the healing of the corporate in the healing clean, intelligent and possesses only a little hair on his head. He signifies the ego, will and physical vitality. Ones father and career is deciphered through the Sun’s position at birth.

Primary Gem – Ruby It is used for eliminating the negative effects of a badly placed or aspected Sun at birth. It is a hot gem and its constant use should be monitored for excessive effects like insomnia, dry skin, and systemic overheating, particularly in summer months. For women, their “glow” may diminish if this gem is used haphazardly. On the positive side, it gives, strength to the body, will power to a weak minded person and generally good fortune all around. It should be worn on the 3rd finger.

Mantra To be repeated 7,000 times Japa koosooma sankarsham kasha-peeyam maha-jutim, tamorim sarva pahpagnam pranato smee deevahahkaram.

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Planetary Healing with the Moon – Chandra


I offer my obeisances to the Moon god, whose complexion resembles curds, the whiteness of conch shells, and snow.She is the ruling deity of the soma-rasa born from the ocean of milk, and he serves as the ornament on top of the head of Lord Shambu.

The Moon has a round face and shining white countenance. Fine sweet speech and a lusty nature are her characteristic traits. She is also of unsteady mind. The Moon governs the mind and emotions and is the pivotal point of the Vedic horoscope. One’s mother and early life experiences can be seen from the Moon. The system of forecasting life events is also calculated from Her longitude.

Primary Gem – Pearl This gem has a very soothing effect on the emotional and mental level. It promotes sound sleep and peace of mind. It is said that pearl absorbs negative energies from the wearer. This is why it should be washed every so often to remove these vibrations. It is said to cure physical problems such as eye disease, coughs and colds, impurity of blood, etc. It also confers good fortune on the wearer. It is to be worn on the third finger.

Mantra To be repeated 11,000 times: Dadee shanka tusha-rabam ksheero-darnava sambhavam na-mahmee shasheenam somam samboor mookuta booshanam.

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Planetary Healing with Mars – Kuja


I offer my obeisances to Sri Mangala, god of the planet Mars, who was born from the womb of the Earth goddess. His brilliant effulgence is like that of lightning, and he appear as a youth, carrying a spear in his hand.

Mars possesses bloody red eyes and is liberal, fickle, bilious and angry in temperament. He is thin-waisted and slender in physique. His nature is one of cruelty and his rulership over disputes and injury is well known. He rules raw physical passion, brothers and lands and property.

Primary Gem – Red Coral For a lift in your energy, confidence, and self-esteem try wearing a piece of red coral. This gem should also be balanced with other gems for best results as intense reactions can occurs with some wearers. It is a hot gem and is said to help fight infectious diseases, colds, headaches and fevers. It is also useful in poor marital relationships. It should not be used by people with poor skin condition. Its use in gold on the third finger ensures best results.

Mantra To be repeated 10,000 times: Daranee garbha sambootam vidyut-kahntee sama-prabam koomahram shaktee hastam-cha mangalam prana-mam mya-ham.

The talisman or yantra is prepared and sent along with other healing herbs and powders for your use as per the instruction of the practitioners ( astrologers, tantriks and metaphysicians who will prepare the remedies and talisman).

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Planetary Healing with Mercury – Buddha


I bow down to Buddha, god of the planet Mercury, whose face is like a fragrant globe of the priyangu herb. He is most gentle, possessing all attractive qualities.

Mercury is young in disposition and jocular. Slender but of attractive looks and physique. He has ability with speech and language. The way we speak and communicate is revealed by Mercury. Ones childhood experiences are gleaned from his position in a horoscope. Travels, uncles and career and education are also indicated by him.

Primary Gem – Emerald is used for reducing nervousness, muddled thinking and a frenetic nature. It is calming to the system and toning to the lungs, bowels, nose, brain, etc. It is said that the gem can assist in the healing process of the body. It should be worn on the second finger of either hand or the little finger. For people suffering speech defects, loss of memory or fickle mindedness; it is effective. Some writers are of the opinion that emerald can disturb the romantic quality of newlyweds.

Mantra To be repeated 4,000 times Preeyangava guleekash yam roopeyna prateemahm budam, sowmyam sowmya goono-peytam tam boodam prana-mahm mya-ham.

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Planetary Healing with Venus – Sukra


I offer my obeisances to the decendant of Bhrigu Muni, whose complxion is white like a pond covered with ice. He is the supreme spiritual master of the demoniac enemies of the demigods, and has spoken to them all the revered scriptures.

Venus is attractive and graceful with alluring eyes. She is poetic in speech and has curly hair. Her personality is irresistible her passion disarming. She presides over love pursuits.She rules marriage, social graces, dance, sweets perfumery and ornaments. In a male horoscope, one’s wife is shown by Venus.

Primary Gem – Diamond For people experiencing difficulties in relationship this gem has been considered as very useful. For peaceful relationships and sexual fulfilment, diamond is said to be useful (probably why most rings contain diamonds). Diamond may bring financial prosperity, popularity and success to the wearer. For relief from ailments such as diabetes, urinary tract infection etc many writers have advised the use of this gem. It is to be worn in silver or platinum preferably, an the second finger.

Mantra To be repeated 16,000 times Heema-kunda mri-nala-bam deyt-yanam para-mam gurum sarva-shastra pravak-taram barga-vam prana-mam mya-ham.

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Planetary Healing with Jupiter – Brihaspati


I bow down to Brhaspati, god of the planet Jupiter. He is the spiritual master of all the demigods and sages. His complexion is golden, and he is full of intelligence.He is the controlling lord of the three worlds.

Jupiter is the largest of the planets and therefore has a large body. He has honey coloured eyes and hair and is intelligent with a noble disposition. His colouring is yellow and his heart is kind. He regulates law, scripture and religion, spiritual authorities and ministers of the state. In a female horoscope he presides over the husband.

Primary Gem – Yellow sapphire Many women looking for love and marriage in India are usually advised by their astrologers to use yellow sapphire. It offers the user name, fame, wealth and spiritual satisfaction as Jupiter is considered the planet of good fortune. People suffering liver of digestive complaints may wish to experiment with this gem. It should be worn on either the index or third fingers of either hand. This gem can be set in either gold or silver rings ( I have personally had very favourable experiences with this gem!!).

MANTRA To be repeated 19,000 times Deva-nancha rishee-nancha gurum-kanchana saneebam boodee bootam treelo-keysham tam na-mahmee brihas-pateem.

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Planetary Healing with Saturn – Sani


I bow down to slow-moving Saturn, whose complexion is dark blue like nilanjana ointment. The elder brother of Lord Yamaraja, he is born from the Sun god and his wife Chaya.

Saturn is a karmic planet and is the master of suffering and restriction. He is tall and bony. He is also lame, with rough dark hair, deep,dark coloured eyes. He is very old and rules over death. Saturn is the ruler of slves and the working classes.

Primary Gem – Blue Sapphire This gem should usually be worn with other gems to soften its effect. Gems like emerald and diamond will enhance the positive vibrations. It is a cold gem and steadies discipline it can assist. Saturn’s diseases are related to skin, hair, teeth and the skeletal system so sapphire is recommended for these disorders. Also Arthritic complaints. Usually Saturn delays our objectives or goals so it is important to balance the energy of the planet for optimum results. Worn properly it can greatly reduce general misfortune in life. It is to be worn on the 2nd finger in silver or platinum.

MANTRA to be repeated 23,000 times Nee-lanjana sama-basam ravee-putram yema-grajam chaya-martanda sam-bootam tam na-mahmee sanee-charam.

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Planetary Healing with North Node – Rahu


I Offer my obeisances to Rahu, born of the womb of Simhika,who was only half a body, yet possesses great power, being able to subdue the Sun and the Moon. Rahu has a smoky appearance with a bluish colour to his physique. He is half a serpent as well as a forest dweller and of terrifying looks.

The North Node of the Moon indicates materialisation of the soul in this incarnation. It relates to desire in the world and the activation of unresolved karmic impressions. It hints at the life lessons an individual will be faced with in this incarnation. Ones paternal grandfather is indicated by Rahu.

Primary Gem – Hessonite Garnet This gem promotes appetite so if you suffer an overweight condition. Beware! It confers all round prosperity and success and induces great ambitions and drives. Ideal for people in business life. Again, this gem should not be used singly. Wear on second finger in silver.

MANTRA – To be repeated 18,000 times Arda-kayam maha viryam chandra ditya veemar-danam seeng-hee-ka garba sambootam tam rahum prana-mam mya-ham.

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Planetary Healing with South Node – Ketu


I offer my obeisance to the violent and fearsome Ketu, who is endowed with the potency of Lord Shiva. Resembling in his complexion the flower of a palasa plant, he serves as the head of the stars and planets.

Ketu is similar in looks to Rahu as he is always 180 degrees opposite. His western name is the South Node. He is headless and has the body of a serpent. He is otherworldly and is, therefore, significant for spiritual pursuits and psychic development. Ketu reveals past life mysteries and habits. He relates to the maternal grandfather.

Primary Gem – Cat’s Eye acts similarly to Mars and therefore the gem Cat’s Eye is very hot. It is a spiritual gem and gives insight, clairvoyance, and higher faculties – a “wake up” call. It protects from accidents and tragedies and used with yellow sapphire can give amazing results in lottery, horseracing and “luck”.

Mantra To be repeated 17,000 times Palasha-aushpa-sankasam taraka-grahu masta-kam rowdram row-drat makam-goram tam keytoom prana-mam mya-ham.


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