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Coronavirus Astrology Update

Have a look at the Coronavirus Astrology Update.

Here is a special message from Dadhichi M Toth,  founder and CEO of

The powerful conjunction of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto right at the apex of the natural Zodiac has been very significant this year. The virus has reached its peak and in some places it’s levelling out. In other places, a third wave is expected.

Earlier in the year Saturn and Mars had been moving to the explosive square of Uranus. The Saturn square will continue for some time. The Moon opposes the upper four planets in a very intense play of energies.

The frustrating combination of Mars and Saturn is triggered by this opposing Moon. The Moon is the masses, the people, you and I. This is the classic passive-aggressive syndrome playing out here on planet Earth.

The lustre of Jupiter is lost in the sign of Capricorn. With its association of compulsive Pluto, it can be exceedingly difficult not to feel down. Dwelling on negativity, concerns about finance, income and indeed one’s value system are spotlighted by this powerful combination of planets.

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The message right now is to somehow find the light at the end of the tunnel. Try to extract the best out of this difficult situation. There’s always a seed of good, even in the worst calamity. You have to seek the positive rather than seeing what’s wrong with the situation.

Humans are historically at their best when they are at their worst. And you will often find that by whatever a person falls, they are capable of rising through that very thing. So take heart.

With the Moon having moved to the opposition of Mars earlier, public anger and outrage have continued. In some places like the Philippines, the impoverished have been asked to self-quarantine but have run out of money and food. Riots broke out and community uprisings have been seen elsewhere.

Now that the virus is taking hold of the US and likely intensifying over the coming weeks, brace yourself. The problems with coronavirus also point to bigger issues In society at large. More people are venting their anger at governments who haven’t done enough. Try not to get involved in group mentality and negative energy. 

Find your centre, stay put and get creative, artistically, mentally and spiritually. Enjoy your space, your own company and the company of your family. Use this time to reconnect with the simple things in life and most importantly your higher self. 

If you’re finding it difficult, it’s probably because you don’t find your own self the best of company. So, become better company for yourself!

For many years I’ve been saying that a major reset of our value system was coming. Here it is. The next part of this reset is currency, money and material things we’ve valued, taken for granted and become addicted to. A simpler way of life is just around the corner and you’ll either adjust or sink. This is not negative thinking, just plain evolutionary theory in practice. It’s all about survival of the fittest. Are you going to sink or swim?

More updates coming. Stay tuned.

Stay fit and be healthy.

In December Dadhichi videod his New Year’s message which hinted at adaptability being an important keyword for 2020.  Watch it now…..