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Donald Trump and the August 2017 Eclipse

Donald Trump

Donald Trump date of birth: June 14, 1946, at 9:51 AM in Queens New York USA

Donald Trump zodiac sign: Gemini

Just as you could say there is now a Donald Trump media platform all on its own, we may as well say that there is also now a Donald trump astrology branch of the art with hundreds of astrologers paying special attention to the Donald Trump horoscope. I’m sure if you had an opportunity he would create a wall around the celestial sphere and call it the Donald Trump Zodiac!

Donald-Trump-fingerAs hinted at earlier, the eclipse not only impacts upon nations and the people of those countries but in particular, the leader of the country will be especially affected if the country rules and his horoscope has any direct link with the eclipse. Here is Donald Trump’s horoscope. And as you can see a most extraordinary eclipse in that it is almost on his natal Mars and occurs in his rising sign of Leo.

Donald Trump is prone to argumentation, fighting, legal battles and getting even. With a combination of the Gemini Donald trump star sign and his rising sign of Leo is it any wonder we see a leader who is prone to being a bombast and fickle at the same time. A perfect combination of Leo and Gemini I would say. I think we all agree on that – whether you’re a raging fan or a rival who despises him. And now, as president, he is even more actively encouraging and cementing his war narrative.

On Donald Trump’s birthday, we see the celestial mirror reflecting this in the location of Mars and Pluto in his rising sign. And upping the ante on these character traits may well be seen in this coming eclipse. We now see Mars, North Node and the luminaries in close conjunction to his natal Mars. The occupation of these planets in the Regal sign of Leo makes for a formidable militant combination. As a side note, it’s worth mentioning the fact that the fixed star of Regulus is also involved in this eclipse making it all the more potent in the above respect.

Generally, it is argued that for full-scale war to take place, Pluto or some of the other malefic should also be involved with sensitive points of the horoscope – both of the leader and the eclipse event chart. Here we see transiting Pluto is indeed in a quincunx or 150° aspect with transiting Mars. We see that from his natal chart. This 150° aspect to his natal Mars has been a thorn in his side because not only is he at war with the world but with his own nation!

Jupiter is at 30° and introduces this soft sextile aspect to both his natal Mars and also to the to the event planets. Interestingly, he is also experiencing his sixth Jupiter return which usually augments life positively across the board for the person and the nation. However, as we can see from experience, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Astrology is full of anomalies!

According to Hindu astrology, the lunar position of the Donald Trump astrology chart is of vital importance. (You can see the Vedic charts further below) And yet again we see the most difficult transit he is experiencing now. With Saturn having just transited the Moon, being now in retrogression, it will crisscross the Moon during its forward, stationary and retrograde movements to give him his final dose of punishment….all after the eclipse. It won’t happen on the day.

Trump and Eclipse

The election of Donald Trump to the hottest seat on planet earth, as a world leader, has brought with it many controversial issues. The circus continues. One thing is for certain, the division between the left and the right is clearly, at least symbolically, represented in the path of the eclipse shadow cutting the country of the United States in half diagonally. It appears that the North and South will be sliced and diced but this is perhaps again the only representative of left and right factions in the ongoing squabbles that persist archaeologically.

When rain falls on an arid or desert area after years of drought, tadpoles and frogs somehow mysteriously appear due to the appropriate weather conditions arising. Certain bacteria and viruses also remain dormant until a solar eclipse takes place and for that reason, the following countries, not just the United States will indeed see a rise of not only diseases or epidemics but also

Social unrest Uprisings Violence within the community and in particular to authority in government Natural catastrophes Earthquakes Assassination or removal of the leaders of the countries implicated in the eclipse

Not that we don’t have wars now but a solar eclipse of this magnitude impacting the most powerful nation on the planet will most certainly bring with it some level of destruction, notwithstanding the benign aspect of Jupiter involved in the sextile to the event. The other astrological factor to be looked at is the near conjunction of Mars, the planet of war with the triplicate of the Moon, Sun and node. Trump’s horoscope is also seeing a Mars return which will embolden him after next month.

Trump Vedic horoscope

The Trump date of birth shows that “the Don” is obviously destined for big things. There is no doubt from his sidereal horoscope that peace of mind will elude Donald Trump with the Moon in his fourth house severely afflicted at the moment. The eclipse will accentuate this.

Here are the sidereal maps for both Donald Trump’s birth and the eclipse event. As you can see in this chart, contrary to the tropical horoscope, Mars falls in the 12th house of Donald Trump’s birth horoscope in its debilitated sign of Cancer. in the harmonic chart it has left its exaltation sign and is found also descending to the water sign of Pisces where it will be confronted with retrograde Neptune and retrograde Saturn.

Mars is the best planet for the Leo ascendant and is placed in the ascendant itself leading to great power as we have seen. But its transit in the 12th house during the time of the eclipse indicates secret enemies who will at least through judicial means (Mars rules the ninth house of his horoscope representing the legal profession and, being the president, possibly the Supreme Court or other courts attempting to bring him down). Mars being a martial planet, however, doesn’t discount the possibility of violence in one form or another being used against him. As the president is also representative of the people of the United States and the eclipse shadow will influence the whole of the country, social unrest is very likely and the ensuing violence or simply be an eruption of pent-up ideological frustrations. On both sides of the political fence.

The faster moving planets need to activate those degrees of the Zodiac which are critical at the time of the eclipse. When Mars transits the eclipse point of September 3, 2017, this is likely time when some harm may come to him as this 4th° of Leo is a sensitive point and Mars will activate it.


There is another likely outcome to this eclipse which is also not positive but perhaps not as foreboding is the above interpretation and that relates to the fact that the first house being his body had Mars being injurious could indicate natural causes being at the heart of any danger to the president. Saturn transiting his fourth house and his lunar star at the same time while being in retrogression attests to the fact that deep within him he will be feeling despair, depression and other domestic pressures are the fourth house also relates these most intimate family relationships. But his Martian ego being placed in the pompous and royal sign of Leo would never allow him to admit it.

This internal friction will quite likely cause issues with his blood pressure as shown by the involvement of Mars and also the debilitated Moon in the sign of Mars while being transited by Saturn and attended with its constrictive saturnine energies. Note also that when Mars further transits the sign of Leo after its first contact with the eclipse point, it will move to the square of Saturn and this is also a particularly troubling and one which could easily reflect violence aimed at him.

Speaking of his domestic circumstances another interesting transit is that of Venus, the planet of love but also his career planet transiting the exact degree of his natal Saturn in the 12th house. Once again while looking at these transits from the lunar based chart, as is done in Hindu Vedic astrology, we see that this transit of Venus across Saturn also occurs in the ninth house-the judicial house. It’s likely that the legal issues which have been a constitutional issue, particularly on the left, may finally blow up under this transit. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that these legal issues may in fact also spill over into his married life as well.

The dissatisfaction Trump must be feeling on the home front from Saturn, in his fourth house, squaring his marital house of Aquarius AND as well, his rising sign of Leo’s already palpable is paraded in the many unflattering images and news clips of him and Melania, who is obviously not a happy little cookie in the First Lady’s role. Furthermore, he is smack bang in the middle of a 7/2 year period of Saturn which is the transit of Saturn over the twelfth, first and second lunar houses. [ Astrologer slowly and sympathetically shakes head]

This is considered one of the hardest periods astrologically. But this transit of the lunar house was in fact ‘completed‘ January 2017 only to be revisited as a result of the retrogression of Saturn. Once this planet moves back into the second lunar house Trump will experience further isolation within his own family, not just politically. The second house of the horoscope relates predominantly to income and finance and so he will be experiencing pressures financially in his business and from his business partners.

Saturn has at least two and half years before it transits into the sign of Capricorn to make in opposition to its own natal position and Venus. When Venus and Saturn are placed together with the individual never feels loved, just doesn’t inwardly ever feel good enough. This insecurity is at the heart of everything they do. They are incessantly trying to prove that they are worthy of love and adulation.

Here’s an interesting fact and proves further that the Trump horoscope as a fascinating one: the 12th house is implicated here and this relates to secret enemies and those who would harm him. It’s pertinent to mention the fact that the 12th house, apart from ruling those nefarious bad guys or opponents, which is easily done when we don’t want to look at our own selves, is also well-known astrologically as the house of one’s own self-undoing. In other words, the karma coming to greet President Trump is mostly self-generated. Well, you make say all karma is self-generated but it appears from the multitude of factors impacting upon his horoscope under the eclipse, like the billions he loves to brag about and which continue to accrue interest, his karma more than likely has a few additional acquired points maturing right now as well. Karma is a bookkeeper too by the way.

Eclipse Vedic_Trump

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