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Finding Happiness Through Self-Awareness

The Mirror of Self-Awareness

When I ask you again to look impartially and carefully at this thing you call your life and how miserable or difficult it is – understand once and for all that it’s going to unravel as it will. Life is something that happens to you, it’s not you. It’s a mirror – a whole lot of reflections that are taking place, good and bad reflections but the mirror has nothing to do with any of those reflections. Is the mirror affected? All the reflections are there. The stories are there but what I am asking you to do is consider very carefully to whom is all this happening. You think this is happening to the body that you consider yourself to be. Finding happiness through self-awareness is the key theme of this article.

The only freedom is the understanding that this is not who you are.

You are either a body/mind process OR you are an eternal spiritual being, that which is Processless. Take your pick. The eternal spiritual being is not affected like the mirror. So stop believing this story is you. YOU don’t feel it, your body and your mind feel it and you perceive that and get involved in the feelings and the thinking. But you are involved because you lack the discipline to pull back and observe all this as a spectator would observe a movie.

In a movie, you can sometimes get carried away and start crying. But you never forget for a moment you are not any of the characters in the movie, you are a spectator and the truth of this whole life is that you’re not even living it, you think you’re living it but in truth, you are being LIVED. Who in their right mind would choose a life as miserable as yours if it’s as miserable as you’re telling me! You wouldn’t choose this if you had free will, would you? Therefore you don’t have free will. Get used to that. 

Once you finally surrender to this flow called Life which is living you, you are free of it. What does the mirror have to do with the reflections occurring in it? What can the mirror do? The process of reflecting is the nature of the mirror. The process of perceiving all of this is your nature. You’re just identifying with what’s being reflected in the mirror of your awareness which is what you really are. You are truly Awareness itself! The body, mind and feelings are objective phenomena – you’re just observing all of these things. You’re a mirror, nothing is happening to you. 

You’re not disciplined and you have to basically remember the purity and the beauty of your own nature and stop getting sucked into the story. Let me ask you a really important question right now. What’s wrong with right now if you don’t think about it? Right now? Nothing. Perfectly correct. There’s is nothing wrong with now if you don’t think about it. All this stuff about your heart being heavy and your past…..all of that is just a thought. Love is Being and Being doesn’t require thought. Love is not thinking. Thinking is duality. Thinking is dividing. Thinking is superimposition.

Thinking is conceptualization.

Thinking is being lost in the past and the future because thought is rarely to do with the present moment. But when you do need to think and if it is in the present moment then that is okay as long as you’re thinking about what you’re doing. Generally however what you are thinking about is “Oh me, Oh my, why isn’t life like this or that or whatever…”. It’s separating yourself from what is and what IS, is really Love.

So, stop thinking about all this and recreating the story, stop perpetuating it. Okay …..while it’s happening, you deal with it the best you can. And you don’t know how you’re going to deal with it until it arises. But I guarantee you that when some life-threatening issue occurs to you at this moment the last thing you’ll be thinking is “What a miserable life I’ve had”. You’ll be completely in the moment and dealing with that and that only! And that’s all you have to do. That’s the lesson given to you. 

To be fully present right now at this moment without thought. Just do what needs to be done NOW. Drop the past, drop the story, drop the apprehension and the fear, be here now fully as Conscious Presence-Awareness which is your true nature. That’s the lesson. You are that peaceful place and that’s what you’ve forgotten. That’s the fall of Adam and Eve in Eden. They’d lost that pristine quality of their Beingness and then became self-conscious about all this BS etc. You’re doing it right now. Where else are you?

You are only dealing with one moment. Just forget the day, forget yesterday, forget tomorrow and all you have to deal with is what you’re in. And what are you in right now? You are in… now ……and now where are you?….. Now? The only place is Here and the only time is NOW. You are never going to be anywhere else. 

So, that is God. When you see that I-AM it is like the tip of a pencil. It’s such a small point. Have a look at the pencil tip. A whole beautiful canvas sketch can be created with the point of a pencil. Likewise, one’s own I-Am is a pencil drawing this whole panoramic view of the Universe. It’s all being created through the lens of I-Am. So go back to the I Am – that quintessential point wherein your awareness, that Absolute Awareness is being filtered and shining out as this world. Pull back from time, space, from all the objects of the awareness to the awareness ITSELF. What can you say about it? It’s just Being. It’s all you have to do. And you know what? So, when you ask yourself “What is the solution to all these problems. Forget the problems! The solution is only through that I-Amness. 

You ask me “What do I have to do?” You just have to trust it and let life live you. Trees grow, the tide comes in and out. Where’s the intelligence behind that. Does the tide have to think “Will I come in or will I go out?”. Do you need to think about breathing? Do you need to worry about your hair growing, your heart beating, your skin perspiring, your body’s cells recreating themselves. Do you have to worry about all that? Are you getting involved in that?

When the sperm and the egg came together in your mother’s womb, did you have to get all upset about how you were going to divide the cells and when the birth process took place wasn’t your Awareness also there so long ago? That was YOU wasn’t it? What happened at that moment when you were being born? As difficult as it was didn’t it all work out? Then your body started to grow. To whom is all this happening? To what? What’s “me”? I’m talking about you, forget everything else for a moment. 

This ‘Me’ is a fabrication

This is a direct perception of your own Beingness. To whom is this happening? What do you mean when you say “me” – what is that? Think carefully about it, look at it. What is “”me”. You were deep asleep last night so tell me what “me” was at that time. “Me” wasn’t even there. Did you stop existing? Then what was YOU. What do you mean by “me”? You can’t describe something that doesn’t exist. Me doesn’t exist. Me is a fabrication. Me is a thought. Show me the thought “Me”. Me is transitory and comes and goes. Your true Self is only pure Presence-Awareness. 

That is what you really are but you can’t show that to me because it is of no dimension and doesn’t exist as a material object like a cup of tea or a telephone. That’s what’s so difficult when people say “Me”. They have to hook onto something so they latch onto this body-mind complex sitting here in time and space…..Oh, that’s Me, here I am. That’s just conditioning. You are the I-Amness. Stop thinking! You are simply Being whether you think of this or not. Beingness is always there as a quiet silent background, like the screen of a movie. You can’t not be what you ARE. 

So just relax into that and stop trying to wrestle with life. Why do you need to look forward to anything when right now is perfect? Don’t continue to be miserable. Let me tell you if you have a thread, a little bit of cotton and you try to put it through the eye of the needle if it’s split in three you’re never going to get it through the eye of that needle. What do you want? What is the eye of the needle? The eye of the needle is a perfect state of happiness. The three splits in the thread are the past, present and future. You can’t be involved in any of that if you want true happiness. 

What are you going to BE even when you get what you want? Desires come and go. No doubt those things are going to arise and subside. But don’t give too much thought of credibility to it. Just let it happen. The body has its needs. You have to eat. This too is just a desire. Let it be. Don’t get involved. Just like clouds in the sky is just sky. Nothing happens to the sky when it clouds over or rains. Nothing happens. It is all appearances in space. So, have your desires but never leave THIS moment. Just digest this moment, fully. When you start doing that you’ll start to draw to you all the things that are desired without desiring them. 

Okay. Just Be.

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