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October 2020 Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus


Introduction to the Halloween blue Moon of October 31, 2020

The buzzword now both astronomically and astrologically seems to be this month’s Halloween Full Moon. But what does this mean? How does it differ from other phases of the Moon and what is the effect of it on you, me and everyone else? The full moon occurs every month however, this month is unique because there are two occurring with one happening precisely on Halloween.

With the Halloween Full Moon taking place in Taurus it will, of course, have ramifications on our practical and general life affairs. The Moon is connected with the basic cycle of life and is the reason why some of the eastern systems of astrology have a preference for using a lunar-based calendar rather than a solar-based calendar.

Two full moons happening in a single month usually only occur once every 2 ½ or 3 years. The second full Moon occurring is usually referred to as a ‘Blue Moon.’ It’s a mistake to think that the Moon will be blue on 31 October. But it’s an unusual occurrence to take place on the Halloween night. That only happens once every 19 years or so.

Important Resolutions Can Be Made This Halloween Blue Moon

The fact that there are two full Moons this October says something about what’s happening to us. If you believe that the planets, especially the Moon, have some important influence on human behaviour, use this time to improve your life. Through making important resolutions and focusing on what you want, these astrological cycles give you the opportunity to achieve your objectives. Hindu astrologers call this Sankalpa or intention.

Tuning into the full Moon on an important occasion like this can give you an opportunity to recalibrate your intention. Are there things in your life that have been missing? Is there something you want? Are you looking for something special to happen in your life? Tune in to what it is that you want and take some time on the evening of the Halloween blue Moon to focus with deep and sincere intention on what you want.

Depending on which philosophy or religion you follow, do your mantra or prayer. With deep devotion allow the lunar rays to penetrate your being and infuse you with the power of the divine goddess. The Moon is the esoteric significator of the female deity.

Essentially, the Moon is also connected to the astrological sign of Cancer. It represents mothering, nurturing, compassion and the emotional aspects of personality. Its effect during this important cycle will by nature impact upon your behaviour and decisions, both individually and collectively. Use it to redirect the energies in a way that you want.

Effects of The Halloween Blue Moon    

What are the effects on the twelve star signs of the zodiac? How will this affect you individually?

For each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the Moon this month will amplify its usual effects. Here are some of the effects of this Halloween blue Moon.


The Halloween Blue Moon will very much impact your financial circumstances being located in your second house. Because of the intensity of the Moon, expect your financial interactions, issues surrounding income and even negotiations about money to be more intensified and possibly even emotional. You need to bring some measure of control to how you feel about your earnings and the current status of your money.

The Moon will also shortly move to the trine aspect of Pluto. This shows a particularly transformative overhaul of your value system. Your resolution should be focused on earning more money and being more secure financially.


This Halloween full blue Moon will take place in your Sun sign and indicates your ability to forge new pathways in your life. As the Moon ruling your third house of velour, courage and exploration, you’re not about to take any prisoners now. It gives you fixity of mind which is already one of your primary traits. It also heralds the beginning of an even firmer position with your decisions.

Travels, interactions with new people and choosing a new life path may are the results of this lunar phenomenon in October. Your resolution should be focused on improving your self-image and character.


The Halloween full blue Moon occurs in your 12th house of hidden secrets which is also ruling charitable acts, spirituality, meditation etc you might find that this lunar phenomenon triggers deeper spiritual enquiry. This triggers your need to find out the real reason you’re here. What is the meaning of your life may be an important question now?

You’ll also be drawn to helping others and this could even be someone close to you, within your family or social circle. Your resolution should be to figure out ways to help others which in turn will come back to you was good karma.


New friendships are likely to be the result of The Halloween Blue Moon. There may be something fateful about the acquaintances you make during this period of your life. Females feature strongly as the Moon is a feminine planet and in your 11th house of social activities. As the Moon is your ruler, it indicates the start of a new cycle in which your self-confidence, self-esteem and creativity will also be at a peak.

Your resolutions might centre on making new friends and cementing your old relationships. Networking for the purpose of improving your career is also covered by this important lunar phase.


Your career is likely to receive a significant boost under this Halloween full blue Moon in October. As the Moon is transiting your 10th house of profession, you’ll be emotionally plugged into what it is you are doing workwise. With a strong intuitive sense of where you want to be professionally, focus on that. If you’re employed by a woman, she’ll also look favourably upon your actions. You must also be careful to not become too fixated on what it is you want.

Your desire nature may blind you to some of the simple things in life. This is the result of the North node having influencing your 11th house of desires and life goals. Pace yourself and be realistic in your expectations. Your resolution should be on achieving what you want professionally now.


The ninth house of your horoscope is activated by this Halloween full blue Moon and this indicates a strong urge towards spiritual activities. Higher education and long-distance travel will be on your agenda. If these things have been on your mind now is the time to act on them. Some of your desires have been suppressed because you haven’t had the means to fulfil them. It’s likely you’ll make an effort now to make your dreams a reality now.

The Moon is an important planet for those born under Virgo as it’s your 11th house of fulfilment. With its connection to your ninth house of luck and karma, this signifies the beginning of a brand-new and very positive cycle. You might consider resolution focused on improving your intellectual capabilities and skillsets. Focus on the destination of your travels to make that a reality as well.


The eighth house of the horoscope is a hidden and sometimes troublesome zone of the zodiac. With the Halloween full blue Moon transiting this area of your horoscope you will need to delve deeply into the psychological complexes that have been holding you back. Fortunately, the Moon rules your 10th house of profession and self-development. This reflects your need to understand yourself and your intimate relationships more fully. As long as you have a desire to make things better, this full Moon should be a great bolster to your true intentions. Make sure your resolution focus is fairly and squarely on your relationships and how to better improve your level of intimacy with the one you love.


This Halloween full blue Moon transiting your seventh house focus is on marriage and personal relationships. You’re likely to see an upswing in your connection with the ones you love. As the Moon is emotional and karmic by nature it also signifies your past karma. You are likely to forge deeper relations with those most karmically linked to you. That of course includes your mother, female relatives and others within your close-knit family circle. The sign of Taurus in which this full Moon takes place is a fixed sign. It has reference to long-term relationships.

Whatever problems you’ve had are now likely to be patched up with significant improvements on the horizon. Your resolution can focus clearly on how to mend a broken heart, improve your intimate relations or find your soulmate if you’re single.


Health matters may come into focus now and if you’ve swept any concerns under the rug, the Halloween full blue Moon of October will be a turning point for you. You will make a strenuous effort to improve yourself and your lifestyle. This also relates to your heavy work schedule. How you’re mentally and physically influenced by your work and the people you work with will also be a focus. Debts are associated with the sixth house through which this Moon is transiting now.

It’s, therefore, time to balance your accounts for the start of a new cycle. Make a resolution directed to removing your debts, growing your bank balance and also improving your health and well-being.


You have a desire to explore new avenues romantically. This Halloween full blue Moon will most definitely bring ample opportunities your way. You can expect that in the coming weeks and months. You have a greater emotional need now. Whereby you’re usually practical about how you engage in relationships, you will begin to wear your heart on your sleeve. Look for more sensitive and meaningful connections while these energies prevail. Children also come to the fore as the fifth house of your horoscope. This lunar transit takes positively affects them.

Your resolution must focus on love affairs, creativity and relationship with younger people. Use the lunar arrays to enhance your intuition and creative output


All matters surrounding your domestic situation will come into clear view now under the Halloween Blue Moon. You’ll be making changes that affect not only your financial well-being. Your emotional well-being and that of your family members is also high on your list of things that can be improved. For some of you, this could be a turning point where you decide to move. You might at least shift the focus on improving the quality of your living circumstances.

Create a better space in which to live. That will have an immense impact on your personal well-being. Issues surrounding your mother are also highlighted. The Moon and the fourth house in which this transit takes place govern these aspects of your life. If you aren’t happy in your current circumstances use the full Moon resolution to change that for the better


You’re better able to negotiate a good deal now and to speak your mind and therefore, this Halloween Blue Moon which takes place on 31 October gives you the energy you men looking for. Coupled with the courage to speak your mind and ask for what you want, your surprise yourself and others when you make your demands known. You may surprise yourself as Uranus, the planet of unexpected outcomes is near this full Moon. This is you the ability not only change the course of your life but to do it in a dramatic fashion. Your words and intentions will affect others in a meaningful way now.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want now is the third house also has to do with taking chances and going for what you want. This new Moon resolution should be focused exactly on that. If you’ve been timid and concerned about taking some decisive action, use these full Moon rays to strengthen your resolve and act. Be brave.

About the Author: Dadhichi Toth

Dadhichi Toth with the planets as a halo
This is Dadhichi Toth Principal astrologer and face reader at astrology.com.au

Dadhichi Toth is the principal astrologer, founder and CEO of astrology.com.au. He is a specialist in both Western and Eastern systems of astrology. He is a bestselling author and can be contacted at [email protected]


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