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Newsletter October 2019 : Where attention flows, That thing grows

Where exactly is your attention right now? If you’re honest with yourself, you will see that it is anywhere other than where it should be. That’s if what you want success and fulfilment in your life. We become rather unconscious about that most valuable commodity, awareness. By understanding that awareness, time, energy and focus are essentially non-monetary currencies, you become thriftier and conscious of what you are doing with them. Like money, these commodities grow and also earn interest if used respectfully and honourably.

I love sharing with people. It’s my passion. Through my work as an astrologer for the past 37 years, I have helped thousands of people better understand themselves and their relationships. I also want to help you discover what it is that drives you. And I want you to do that with love and gratitude.

Sharing time with others is often construed as a waste of time especially if money isn’t earned from the effort. But I believe we should at least share a little of what we’ve been graced with as a beautiful life. Money is only one of many currencies available to you. Elegant currency, as I call it, comes in the form of time, emotions, ideas, communication and connection.

If you discover what you love and make that the magnet of your attention and love, voilà, Universal Law kicks in.

Attention is focus on what you are doing. I once asked a master what the difference between his thinking and an ordinary person’s thinking was. He very clearly replied, “I think about what I am doing, you don’t.”

Love is immersion in the object of your attention and selflessly energising and supporting that thing that you are attentive to. This doesn’t only relate to relationships but everything you do in any given moment. Bring your attention selflessly to what you do is love itself.

Core intention requires you to understand precisely what it is you wish to achieve in life. What is your purpose? Ask the question, even if you don’t get an immediate answer. The universe will support you if you are sincere in your desire to understand what your purpose in life is.

Earnestness is a positive can-do attitude. Being positive creates a mindset that generates incredibly powerful energy around you. It attracts everything necessary for your success and happiness in life.

Courage is sometimes conspicuously lacking until you are confronted by something which unconsciously releases an incredible power within yourself. It’s at this time that you realise that power is latent. Challenges of with things that you are fearful of and your courage will grow exponentially.

Gratitude means being thankful for everything you have even the smallest of things. Gratitude is energy that infuses your aura and works like a magnet to attract even more blessings in your life.

These are the basic spokes of success that attract anything and everything you need or want. These are the standard foundations of success as given by many of the Masters of success and self-fulfilment.

Showing gratitude for even the smallest of things is an invaluable attitude and one of the basic, if not the most important tool of success. Take, for example, your next breath which you generally don’t even think of. That unconscious next breath which when in your last breath you’ll be gasping for, you will finally realise the value of. You can realise it now and make every moment count.

Did you know that –

105 people will die in the next minute

That’s 6316 in the next hour

That’s 151,600 in the next day or 55.3 million people in the next year

Just look at these numbers and you will immediately start to realise how lucky you are to not be one of them. Not yet at least. But while you have time, don’t waste a moment in regretting what you’ve done, the circumstances you are in now and any fear of where you might be in the future. The fact that you are even alive and breathing should make you extremely grateful and happy.

Pure gratitude is love itself. It’s bathing in the light of absolute trust in the perfection of life. It’s the Law. Remember, even though you may not believe in the Bible, the dictum “As you sow, so shall you reap” is no different to how I term it: Where! Attention flows, that thing grows.

The difference between really successful people, innovators, movers and shakers in history and the rest of humanity isn’t luck. It’s simple application of this Universal Law. Successful people have gratitude even when they have nothing! They have immense gratitude for the smallest of things and it’s that gratitude that magnifies and attracts the beautiful things in their lives. They are grateful that unlike the 6316 who will breathe their last in the next hour they yet have another breath of life!

So, you never have nothing.

Once the attention is focused it will increase whatever you focus on. Money, understanding, insight, power and even life itself improve and increase when you focus on this that core principle. That core is actually unknowable but can be intuited and palpably used as a force for good.

Jupiter is currently moving forward direction in the sign of Sagittarius. It has a challenging aspect of Neptune. This means you may be confused about your current beliefs, overwhelmed by problems and concerned about the future. You needn’t be. You must focus on the benefits of Jupiter. Jupiter is open, expansive and most importantly of all, optimistic about the future. Bring your attention to the nicest things that could happen to you, not the worst.

Commit this next mantra to memory and use it extensively throughout the day. By doing so, you will start to experience an unusual turnaround in your mind and emotions. You’ll even be surprised at how you attract better people, circumstances and luck as well.

What’s wrong with right now, if you DON’T THINK about it?

If you don’t think about it!!! Tell me. Consider this single sentence carefully. If you can exist at this moment free of thoughts of the past and the next moment, you understand clearly that there is nothing wrong with this moment. It is only your thinking that makes it good or bad.

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Love and best wishes to you,


Dadhichi M. Toth

Principal Astrologer-Founder and CEO


Dadhcihi_Oranum_70About the Author: DADHICHI TOTH

Dadhichi Toth is the founder and principal astrologer at astrology.com.au. He has a 37 year history of practice, research and writing in both Western tropical and Eastern Vedic systems of astrology. He can be contacted at [email protected]



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