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Newsletter September 2015

Welcome friends,

faceRevision is a natural part of any process of self-improvement and astrology is primarily focused on this one thing. But when astrological events punctuate this very process we must all take note. What do I mean when I say punctuation of revision by planets? This is to do with the apparent reverse motion of the planets which tend to cause us to revise and rethink those things in our lives that those particular planets relate to.

Recently Venus the planet of love, relationships and finances completed its retrograde motion and is now moving in its normal course but this would have necessitated the need for many of us to reconsider our relationships and how we relate to other people. Making decisions associated with this part of our lives would need some sort of clarification and the frustrating thing about it is that often these revisionary episodes take place just when we think we have it all worked out. Not!

Pluto, Uranus and Neptune and global transformation

Currently Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are in their retrograde movement. These three planets and in particular Neptune and Pluto, indicate revisionary activities of a global or generational nature. Rethinking our attitudes culturally and societally will most certainly come to the fore. Unfortunately these events are not pleasant and we can see as an example the massive exodus of hundreds of thousands of people from the Middle East now as a result of the Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani conflicts. That these societies, the lives of millions of people, men women, children, everyday folk who simply want to go about their daily lives find themselves marching to the beat of the war drum on a journey to hell.

Pluto is well known for its drastic and sometimes violent impact in transforming the lives of people. Transformation is not always a pleasant experience. Ask the Syrian people right now who are being refused entry into countries like Hungary only to find their hellish march all that much longer.

The striking aspects the surround is monstrous atrocity would be the opposition of Mars to Pluto in July, the current opposition of the Sun and impending opposition of Jupiter to Neptune in the coming December opposition of Mars to Neptune. With the retrogression of these outer planets we no doubt have to rethink the way we deal with large numbers of people not only how these societal upheavals affect the country of those were displaced but also of the massive adjustments that Western nations are going to have to make to accommodate the influx of refugees.

Melt the Guns

When I was in school I loved a history. All my history teaches you to out the old axiom that “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” and to this day it seems to me that no one has learned anything. Proxy wars being fought by the West against Russia necessitate the sale of arms ball is splinter groups and Islamic factions with their own multitude of agendas. What I do know is that if I assist someone in murdering another person I am an accomplice and will be charged for the same murder. Hopefully one day this philosophy will filter through and nation will be held accountable for the deaths of people that they are responsible for through the sale of arms just as tobacco companies now are being held civilly responsible for the deaths of millions of people as a result of the sale of their nicotine products. This whole thing reminds me of a song by a popular band in the early 80s called XTC. I think they have the right idea with their song Melt the Guns.

The retrogression of Neptune and its revisionary processes will assist another group of people who will reach towards spiritual and humanitarian solutions to the problems of mankind. This planet is currently transiting its own sign of Pisces according to tropical astrologers which is the self-sacrificial and spiritual sign of the zodiac indicating liberation from this worldly sphere. Inside sidereal astrology it is still currently transiting the sign of Aquarius which is also a humanitarian sign and therefore this planet will hopefully emerge as a dominant factor in the problems that beset planet Earth currently.

As Neptune is the slow-moving planet to Pluto there is an applying sex style or harmonious aspect between these two bodies and we can only pray that the spiritual component of our humanity far outweighs that of the subversive and ruthless Pluto force that currently seems to be at the heart of many of our global issues.

The ingress of the Sun into Libra later this month is an important one and will move into the right angle square of Pluto. There’s been much talk about the US Federal reserve raising interest rates. That institution is between a rock and a hard place knowing that if it raises interest rates and that must, that this is going to have long-term repercussions on the US and by association global markets. Perhaps Neptune’s influence is to teach us all a lesson in humility and to make money and materialism subservient to our higher altruistic nature. Often this can only happen when stock markets, finances and currencies come crashing down. And that is indeed what may be happening now with these revisionary planets.

Later in the month when Mercury goes retrograde we have the opportunity to rethink our communication and the way we deal with the world at large. I’m praying that this planet will give the leading global powers an opportunity to rethink their strategy and how they deal with others.

Personal Passion

On a personal note the current conjunction of Venus and Mars can add vitality and passion to our relationships. If things have been waning in that department for you and it’s time to show your feelings for that significant other in your life. Being in the sign of Leo lazy to take pride in what you’ve worked for in your relationships and to demonstrate your love ardently as a means of showing your appreciation. We all need more of this in our lives. With the recent conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter generosity should also be at the heart of our actions and on that note I think the Syrian and middle eastern refugees generally would appreciate some of that Sun and Jupiter energy being redirected their way. That’s all think and pray a little for them during this time of need and persecution.

On regards,

Your astrologer,

Dadhichi Toth