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The problem of terrorism in western countries

What’s the problem of terrorism in western countries? Know more here….

jihadThis is just a very quick question today, and more thinking out aloud more than anything else. It occurred to me with the growing fear in Western nations and across the globe generally with the rise of terrorism that there must be some simple ways to deal with the intake of large numbers of immigrants who have nefarious intent. Some, not all, want to settle in the West to simply create problems and carry out their maniacal grand Jihad scheme.

Perhaps we should implement some of the most basic personality profiling which is now become commonplace when people apply for jobs. It’s not rocket science. The two-hour test can very quickly evaluate the mental condition and character type of a person. Why isn’t it possible for immigration authorities to implement such a test to screen undesirables from entering a democratic societies? Isn’t that difficult?

The last time I travel to the US, in June last year, I spend at least 2 hours in the immigration line. A two-hour test is all that it would take to evaluate whether or not a person is mentally stable and fit for immigration purposes. This political correctness is getting out of line. What are your thoughts on this?

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