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The Worst Of Times: Astrology And Times of Crisis

Know about The Worst Of Times: Astrology And Times of Crisis…

The Worst Of Times: Astrology And Times of CrisisThere are two kinds of crises that can occur in our lives: those related to our spiritual development, which may mirror the crises in the world around us, and the more mundane variety. The latter may spur the former, but in the meanwhile we must learn to live with whatever we have been given, whether that’s job loss, addiction, or even the death of a loved one. It’s difficult to learn from these situations when we’re in the midst of
them, but self knowledge can help us turn tragedies into our greatest triumphs. As with anything that requires an understanding of ourselves and our lives, astrology can be of help during these difficult times.

The Trials of Unemployment

Job loss can be a crushing blow to the ego, even for the very wealthy. When financial trouble is factored into the equation, unemployment can become overwhelming, spurring feelings of helplessness and self-doubt. Astrology is one way of regaining control.

After being fired, give yourself a short time to react freely – a few days, or a week – and then investigate what astrological influences may have played a part in your departure. (It’s often worthwhile to look at month-long overviews, rather than daily reports, as job loss is often a long while in coming.) Meditate on this information; what does it say
about you, your former workplace, and your prospects? It’s critical to be kind, yet honest, with ourselves. However, don’t be confused if the reports indicate that this should have been a “lucky” period for you – remember that you don’t yet know what the future holds, and your next opportunity might be a step up from your last!

Regularly  considering celestial influences can also be a boon while job-hunting. Clarity during interviews is always a good idea, but it becomes even more important during periods which interfere with communication. Many job offers also come about through luck or coincidence, two easily-influenced  states of being. By keeping yourself primed for serendipity, you might just increase your chances of moving on to the next stage of your
working life.

Struggling With Addiction

Addiction can be devastating, both for the addicted person and the people around them. People with addictions are often resist the realization that they need help to overcome their struggle, and – once again – there can often be debilitating feelings of shame and helplessness on all sides. In this case, the most helpful astrological course may be to have a detailed natal chart drawn up by a professional. Addictions are a lifelong struggle, and many facets of an addictive personality can be unravelled through an understanding of one’s birth chart, shedding insight into how to counteract these traits.

During recovery, daily readings may also aid in the effort, giving warning of potential difficulties and providing a way to chart some of the highs and lows of rehabilitation. However, it does bear saying that addiction, like all illnesses, cannot be helped by astrology alone. Many involve physical dependencies, and healthy withdrawal may require the help of a qualified facility. One Missouri-based alcohol rehabilitation site notes that “The detoxification process washes the alcohol from the body in a measured fashion, thus minimizing the issues of going through alcohol detox too quickly. A medical professional can also administer anti-anxiety medication or painkillers to remove the withdrawal symptoms that spring from detoxification.” For those unsure of where to turn, addiction support lines are available.


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