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US Presidential Election 2016 Hillary Clinton-Democratic Nominee Update

With the recent resuscitation of the email scandal for Hillary Clinton, I thought it would be of interest to recap what I said several months ago regarding Mrs. Clinton as being the imminent first female president of the United States.

hillary clintonThere are some complications in her horoscope and some of the factors which at a cursory glance seem to indicate loss, but are actually subtly empowered by other astrological factors. One of the most important components is the sub ruler of her life-cycle the North node or Rahu being exalted in her eighth house which is usually considered a detrimental area of the horoscope. The interesting thing to note is that the main cycle ruler, the Sun, and Rahu exchange stellar positions and this is called Nakshatra Parivarthana Yoga which intimately links these two planets during this cycle.

I have created visual tutorial of the horoscope but also the transits for 8 November 2016 for around sunrise at Washington DC United States. The sunrise horoscope shows an uncanny similarity to her rising sign and positions of the Sun and Mercury on that day compared to those of her birth chart in Chicago Illinois in 1947. This is very interesting indeed and seems to indicate that her horoscope is aligned with the horoscope on the day of the election.

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