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Your Zodiac Horoscope Current Karma – March 2018

Hello once again,

Karma is unfolding every moment and there are times when the burning of that karma is more intense. Currently, as the North and South Node transit through the signs of Leo and Aquarius respectively, these areas of the Zodiac will hand out their due karma to each and every one of us as per the activities of life related to each of our individual star signs.

Depending on your zodiac star sign, these karmic planets will impact each of us differently. Furthermore, the planets ruling Leo and Aquarius, namely the Sun, Saturn and Uranus, and their transit positions right now, will give us more detailed information as to exactly where we should be focused in terms of utilizing these energies for our best material and spiritual development.

Following is a brief overview of how these karmic points, the karmic control planets and other planetary factors may affect you currently. For the most part I’ve stuck to the North node or future karma aspect to give you some insight into what’s happening now and what may be coming.



AriesAries-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_ with the North node transiting your 5th house of creative pursuits, a shadow is cast over you now making it difficult for you to other find the time or to experience any natural flow of creativity stop your karmic control planet is the Sun on right now it is transiting your 12th house of spiritual and charitable expression. This also has to do with repaying your karmic debts. This may relate to favours done for you in the past or financial assistance that was received. In any case this is a period of squaring off those loans and balancing the karmic account book. Friendships also play a larger role as the South node is transiting through your 11th house. Read more about your ARIES Karma




Taurus-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_Domestic circumstances and for that matter your inner peace of mind is challenged throughout this cycle Taurus. The North node is transiting your 4th house of domestic affairs and the South node is influencing your professional activities. Balancing these areas of life will be difficult but with the Sun ruling your future karma and transiting the 11th house, you’ll find that you’re very well supported through your social network. You can rely on friends now and newly formed acquaintances may be karmic in nature. There’s still unfinished business in this department of life and with Saturn transiting your 9th house of past karma, the hard work you’ve been applying professionally is about to start paying off. Read more about your TAURUS Karma




Gemini-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_The transit of the North node in your 3rd house Gemini with the karmic control planet Sun, moving through your career sector now indicates you have the courage to go after what you want. If you’ve been previously limited, or fearful about moving forward, this 3rd house shows your ability to overcome obstacles and to beat your competitors in attaining some new position now professionally.

The transit of the Sun through your 10th house is also an indicator of your newly emerging identity. You will soon feel like a very new person indeed. You are no longer feeling inhibited or restrained as a result of some change in your immediate environment. Read more about your GEMINI Karma




Cancer-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_Finances, money and your material values are being reshaped while the karmic North node transits your 2nd house Cancer. The Sun which is the karmic control planet of your finances at this moment, is moving through your 9th house having just made contact with Neptune. You’re perhaps being a little idealistic and realise that a whole new vista of opportunity is available to you but you must put in the hard work to learn new strategies and to shift your previous attitude to money. Must also be realistic and not take jumps from where you are to where you want to be too quickly.

Patience is essential. Money, wealth and success are simply yardsticks by which to measure the time, love and effort you inject into anything that you do. Read more about your CANCER Karma




Leo-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_You Leo, have the North node transiting your Sun sign now and this indicates a whole new reappraisal of who you are as a person and how you want to deal with others in your relationships. The South node, or past karma point is dramatically influencing your love life and in particular your marriage (if you happen to be married that is). One of the main issues you have now karmically has to do with the way you share things and in particular money with your loved one. Business partnership is also under scrutiny as the Sun, the current karmic control planet of the North node, is transiting your 8th house of shared resources. The conjunction of Neptune will confuse these financial issues and this has more to do with your understanding of what money is in terms of spiritual law rather than how much of it you have.

Remember, the real value is you, yourself! You are your greatest asset you possess and you should be working along the lines of developing this understandingRead more about your LEO Karma



Virgo-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_The karmic control planets are presently influencing your life in the areas of service and spiritual self-development Virgo. These karmic control planets show that you may have to serve and selflessly assist others in life with no expectation of gain. This is especially significant in your spousal or emotional relationships where you are called on by life to render service without necessarily getting anything material in return.

The lesson here is to savor the pleasure of what it is to give rather than the habitual conditioned approach we have in society which is: the more we get the better. You have no problem with this is services your signature character trait. The issue is that when people force you into a position where you have to give, give and give without any reciprocation -that’s the problem and as well your current challenge. Read more about your VIRGO Karma



Libra-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_You have an opportunity now to attain something important in life while your karmic planets are activating your zone of life fulfillment Libra. Friendships, siblings and people generally will be sought to develop collaborative projects. These are not ordinary people but possibly individuals of power and influence. In any case, they can open doors and so keyword networking is prominent throughout this cycle. In other words, the karmic balance sheet is positive in providing you material success during this period of your life. The downside is that the Sun, being the karmic control planet for your future, is currently transiting your 6th house of health, disease and debts. While additional cash may be coming in the door you may simultaneously find your bills swelling and that your efforts are also being drained by people you owe favours to. Finding a balance in this respect is your main challenger during the current cycle. Read more about your LIBRA Karma



Scorpio-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_You have to adjust your professional activities Scorpio to reflect the challenges you are being confronted with. Remember, the obstacle is the solution. Within the problem itself is the answer you’re looking for. The North node or future karma determinant is transiting your professional sector and although there’s been a shadow cast over what it is you want to do or how effectively you can operate within the context of your work, this is a time of change, if you’re prepared to meet the challenge, which can elevate you significantly. But you must be fearless and not hang on to outdated habits which have given you a sense of security. This also means putting your money where your mouth is. In terms of life, karma is asking whether you’re prepared to invest in yourself, to spend money and time in who you are and what your true belief in yourself is. Success or otherwise is a direct reflection of this attitude. Read more about your SCORPIO Karma




Sagittarius-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_Your belief systems Sagittarius are changing as shown by the transit of the North node in your 9th house of higher learning, spirituality and foreign affairs. You’re interested in anything that’s different and can enlighten you. How can become a better person and spiritually more plugged in is one of your key questions now. Your karmic control planet currently is the Sun and is transiting your fourth house in the company of Neptune. Your inner peace of mind has been ruffled by too much thinking and this is also shown by the transit of the South node or past karma point in your 3rd house of thinking, reasoning and communication. To be happy you must let go of a lot of the thinking and rational processes that are causing you to second guess your decisions. Practice abandoning doubts and throwing your whole being into what you’re doing. This will have a significant impact in life will respond accordingly. Home life, property and other family matters are an important key to finding peace of mind. Read more about your SAGITTARIUS Karma



Capricorn-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_The karmic North node transits your 8th house of transformation during this period of your life Capricorn. Whatever is happening to you may feel almost as if a type of death has descended upon you. This is the elimination of many different aspects of your life including some relationships. And these relationships have now outworn their utility. How effectively you manage these elimination processes will be determined by the karmic control planet the Sun which is transiting your 3rd house of communication. This also has relevance to your thought processes and to the extent that you are positive and uplifted within yourself, you’ll see these periods of elimination, death and transition as very positive. Only good can come from it. Your past karma control planet at the moment is your own ruler, Saturn and its transit through your Sun sign brings new opportunities for growth and to develop along the lines you’ve drained of for some time. Continue to plan effectively and lift yourself up to that ideal no matter how difficult. Read more about your CAPRICORN Karma



Aquarius-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_Your karmic control planets at this stage Aquarius indicate relationship issues that must be dealt with. For some time now you’ve felt a subtle separation or undercurrent of dissatisfaction and this can be working both ways – from you to your partner and your partner back. For those of you who aren’t currently in a relationship, you may be worried whether or not the time will come when you can actually meet someone who fits the bill of soulmate. That’s quite possible right now however, you must remember these karmic planets sometimes play the game of give and take. In other words, what is promised may be given for a while and then as mysteriously as appearing, can be snatched away from you. Don’t be too attached to things and just try to be open to what life is offering you particularly in your emotional and social space. Read more about your AQUARIUS Karma



Pisces-Current-Karma-by-astrology.com_Health matters and your overall sense of well-being are spotlighted under the current transit of the North node in your 6th house Pisces. Although you may have success in work, feeling fulfilled is different to being overworked. The attitude you have regarding the responsibilities on your shoulders will determine how healthy contented you are. Finding balance and being gentle on yourself is vitally important ingredient in finding happiness and also maintaining good physical robust health. Debts of a financial nature will be resolved now and this can be tough initially but will afford you the opportunity to remove the heavy load you’ve been carrying for some time. The karmic control planet for future karma is the Sun and while it’s transiting your Sun sign you must be additionally careful with the influence of Mars, not to take your mind off the job especially if you’re dealing with equipment, vehicles and weights. Don’t overdo your exercise regime either. Read more about your PISCES Karma


Many people overlook the fact that karma is not necessarily what you do. Karma is more intimately linked with the intention or motivation. The same action by two people will have remarkably different consequences depending on the intention behind the action.

Remember also that a pure heart breeds good karma irrespective of the action.

Hypocrisy is like a flame to a mountain of cotton…the cotton being good karma and the flame being hypocrisy or bad intention.


Warm regards,


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