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Children of the Zodiac – Leo

Children of the Zodiac - Leo

Here’s all about the Children of the Zodiac – Leo sign.

Leo Children Horoscope

For the most part, the children of Leo are quite a happy bunch being infused by the vital rays of the sun, their ruling planet. They love to play, compete and express themselves in a positive manner.

Leo children do have an insatiable need to be recognized, to be the centre of attention and may sometimes dominate their peer group. However, handling this aspect of their personalities many require quiet of cleverness on the part of their parents. 

Remember, however, never undermine them particularly in front of their friends as this can create long-term problems for them.

Leo Children at Large

Children of the Zodiac - LeoLeo children have natural leadership ability and like to assert themselves over their friends. Certainly, you need to teach them the value of sharing power and also serving. As an old mentor of mine once used to remark “let he who has served the first command”. If not checked early, they may become tyrannical in their friendships, expecting everyone to bow down to their every whim.

Because of their competitive nature, Leo children enjoy sports which will allow them to prove their capabilities. So, any type of fast sport which requires tenacity and strength will bring out their superior talents. Often, Leo’s sporting agenda becomes part of the family routine and can create a great deal of joy and bonding for all the family members. Therefore, physical activity will enhance their vital life force.

Moreover, you must always provide your little Leo loads of loving attention and affection. They love being the centre of attention and being the object of your adoration, so any gestures of love naturally make them feel great.

If you offer love and heartfelt tenderness to your Leo child, you will see that beneath the roaring exterior is a lifelong loyal and devoted friend.


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