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Children of the Zodiac - Virgo

The Astrology of Children

The Virgo child will be inquisitive, exploring their world and interested in learning as much as they possibly can. Intelligence is an attribute of a Virgo child and this will be in evidence very early in their life.

Because they have such a desire to learn they can take on too much at a time. Wanting to do everything perfectly can lead to some frustrations so they need to be taught that it's OK to go forward at a lesser pace. Youngsters do not have deadlines and it is their job to be a child as they have the rest of their life to be an adult.

ASTROLOGY-CHILDREN-VIRGOChildren born under the sign of Virgo have highly developed communication skills. Ample opportunities for learning should be provided for them as they love to learn study and cram as much into their brain as they can. If you want them to be as good as they can be a peaceful nurturing environment is necessary with the tools they need to study what they are interested in. A Virgo child does not like to be badgered or pushed and find their own way to a satisfactory conclusion.

They have a tendency to overwork and being highly strung by nature they need sufficient rest and play without mental demands. Learning to have fun is a key ingredient to a balanced life for them.

A Virgo child will be slight in build and fragile in childhood. Attention needs to be paid to their diet, hygiene, and adequate rest. They can become self-absorbed about their health and there are a large proportion of hypochondriacs born under this sign. As a parent, a simple reassurance can do wonders, but you must also do all you can to relieve their concerns about their health. Follow up on anything that is worrying them excessively and they will be reassured that you are taking them seriously.

Virgo children can be difficult to understand and sometimes don't mix with their peers easily. Their sensitivity and fault-finding attitudes can alienate them initially as they may feel their friends are not really up to par. Part of the lesson for your Virgo child will be to accept others for their strengths and weaknesses alike and not to be too critical.

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