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Saturn and Resistence


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SaturnActually, when you look at it, most of our problems, the difficulties and the hardships that we confront in life are to a large extent caused by one thing – and that is resistance. The resistance to what is. It seems to be at the heart of our problems, most of our difficulties and as the Buddha said “our suffering”.

Resistance?  What exactly is that resistance? Saturn is the planet that relates to our resistance, our tests, our challenges, our obstacles and whichever part of the zodiac Saturn is found is at the time of our birth points specifically those areas in life which we tend to resist. These are the  areas in which we need to let go, to flow. As an example, I had some surgery done just two or three weeks ago and it has been very painful and the dentist is still concerned as to why I still have pain, so for me, in this immediate moment dealing with pain; just getting into the moment by moment experience of that pain and not really resisting it, just letting it be, is the focus. I am exploring where it arises and observing also how that resistance to what we call pain is really what makes the pain a lot worse than what it actually is; and that goes for emotional pain, the pain of relationships, and any pain for that matter.

So today’s insight, if you want to call it that, or today’s meditation for you is basically non-resistance. Don’t resist this moment; simply get into this moment, savour this moment. What do I mean by that? Not thinking about the last moment, or the next, and just resting here and now. Try it. If it’s difficult, use your breath to help relax and flow with this moment. That way you can transcend the limitations of the planet Saturn, that energy which is challenging you.

I remember, it must have been 1999, my third trip to India and I met a wonderful Astrologer guru by the name of Agni Sharma and he spoke to me of Saturn. He had an interesting twist, an insight into Saturn’s function. He said something to the affect that where Saturn tempts you, where it challenges you, if you can overcome that temptation, or resistance, Saturn will no longer hinder but will bless and serve you in an incredibly mysterious way.

So give it a go and simply sit, just now, stop everything for a minute, close your eyes and experience this moment, not with your head but with your heart. Feel the air, your posture, your breath, the sensations, even the thoughts (you can still feel them, you can observe them), just allow everything to just be as it is for a moment and tap into that inner space of your Self – that space of peace where you no longer resist. Just really relax and enjoy your life. Don’t resist!

– Dadhichi Toth,

Good versus bad planets


ASTRO-EYEI was thinking about western astrologers having this rather generalized view of good planets and bad planets. We hear about Jupiter being the magnificent benefactor that’s going to bless each and every one of us when it happens to be in a certain position in the heavens; whereas, poor old Saturn has been relegated to that status of hard task master who only does bad – particularly on that 30 year Saturn return.

Well you know what, that is a whole lot of B.S. and actually if you study these planets based upon thousands and thousands of horoscopes you start to realise that depending on the moment that you are born, each planet can actually assume a different role; either for good or for bad.

Let’s take for example the rising sign, a person born with Leo – Leo rising on the eastern horizon. Now, in this particular instance, the planet Saturn will have jurisdiction over the sixth space or house of Capricorn and the seventh space or house of Aquarius. In this case, the rule of Saturn over the sixth house is certainly not good for a Leo’s health but it may in fact give some benefits for relationships and marriage. So therefore in that case, we can say that Saturn is certainly not a good planet for those born under Leo.

Let’s say a person born under a rising sign of Taurus – with Saturn ruling the ninth house of Capricorn and the tenth house or space of Aquarius. Now these two houses of the horoscope are supposedly two most wonderful directions of the zodiac for Taurus and Saturn assumes a dual rulership over these two parts of the heavens, meaning that for Taurus born, Saturn is an excellent planet and certainly won’t do near the harm that we would expect from someone born under Leo. So that is the sort of thing I am talking about here, we can’t automatically assume that a planet is going to be either good or bad.

Again, using the example of Taurus, Jupiter in this particular instance assumes a very prolific role in its jurisdiction over the eighth and eleventh places because, according to Vedic astrology, the eighth house is the stronger house of Jupiter ruling Sagittarius; that planet will actually give mostly the results of that really difficult area of the zodiac.

I just had to get that off my chest because we really can’t generalise in these sorts of areas which is why it is so important to really prepare the horoscope from the specific time of birth so that we can establish which of those directions is really working for you and which isn’t. Once we establish that we can then look at other fairly interesting astrological criteria to determine the remedies that can help neutralise that – but that is a topic for another session. What are your good and bad planets? Find out through a personal reading here

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – Astrological study


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tom_katie-holmes-150x150This month I have been speaking about relationships and the current full Moon which is near Pluto. The intensity of this combination often brings us into an uncomfortable contact with our own feelings, problems in our relationships and an acute insight into what we need to do to transform our lives from mediocrity to greatness.

We can see this very principle playing out in the horoscopes and lives of Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes. This relationship is in keeping with the theme of this month’s newsletter given that Katie has now filed for divorce. This is a fascinating story of love, power and a relationship once thought to be idyllic, now sliding into oblivion like many other relationships.

In looking at the horoscopes of both Tom and Katie, I couldn’t help but notice the excellent and near-perfect aspects between planets in both charts. As an example, the placement of Venus in Tom’s horoscope is in trine aspect with Katie’s Venus with less than one degree of distance. In a study of love and marriage compatibility astrology says that this precise aspect is an excellent omen for good luck in a relationship. There was no doubt from Tom’s performance on the Oprah Winfrey show at the beginning of his relationship that he was not just a little excited about his new love with Katie but completely besotted. I have heard it said that if it’s not madness, it not love! With this lovely aspect in their horoscopes it was obvious that they genuinely loved each other.

If we also look at Mars in both horoscopes, we see an even more precise triangular aspect which is in the same degree in both charts. Physical and raw passion is represented by this planet and again I am in no doubt that the physical chemistry between them was powerful. And would you believe that Mercury is also in the same degree in opposition? You’d think that this would somehow save the relationship as Mercury is communication. Actually, according to Western astrologers this opposition of Mercury in the charts would reveal differences in communication styles. In the Vedic horoscope the placement of Mercury in the fixed sign of Taurus in Tom’s horoscope shows his absolute inflexibility when it comes to communicating ideas and beliefs. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of room for adjustment and accommodation of other peoples viewpoints.

This is where astrology becomes a little fuzzy and if we simply rely on a few planetary aspects to determine the success of a relationship we are going to go terribly wrong in our assessment. In Hindu Vedic astrology, the lunar position in both horoscopes is critical for determining the overall compatibility of a couple. In this case the lunar star of Tom is the 24th start from that of Katie and this is also considered somewhat favourable however the lunar mansion rulers of both are bitter enemies-Mercury and Mars. This immediately sets off alarm bells and reveals that the communication will eventually deteriorate into a slinging match.

But what is it that has led to the divorce of this super couple? It would appear that the transit of Saturn and Mars now in the fourth lunar house of Tom’s chart, thereby squaring his marital sector is not at all a good omen for his marriage. And although there is a sextile aspect from Saturn to Katie’s Moon, this is a far more favourable influence for her than it is for Tom and this might explain why she is the one who has instigated the divorce. It’s been said that the one doing the leaving is in a far better state than the one who is being left behind.

The other consideration as to why Katie may be feeling much better about this is because Jupiter now in its transit is unfavourable for Tom but actually quite favourable for her. The transit of Jupiter in the eleventh Lunar house in Katie’s horoscope indicates a fulfilment of some life desire. From what I can understand in the tabloids there was a real concern that Tom was trying to dominate the intellectual and spiritual development of his daughter Suri and Katie would not accept this. The transit of Jupiter influences the fifth house or that zone on the horoscope which rules children. This transit will be used by Katie to ensure that their daughter gets the best possible chance of developing her own self without the spiritual input of Scientology of which Tom is a staunch follower, also being highly ranked within its organisation.

One of the key transits I look for in horoscopes to see when relationships may end, and I been rather successful in pinpointing these timings, is the square, conjunction or opposition of Saturn to the planet Venus. Saturn has indeed been making this powerful square transit of Venus. This has been going on for some time now but with the retrogression of Saturn moving back into this right angle aspect, we see the completion of the cycle nearing and the impending divorce.

By looking at these transits in the charts of Tom and Katie, we can easily decipher the timing of events and those events relating to marriage and other important emotional and family ties. Astrology is in fact an exact science but because astrologers are only human, their capacity to interpret these transits as prone to error. Still we can generally see what’s likely to happen and in that knowledge adequately prepare for the future. Better still, according to astrology wouldn’t it be wise to first look at the horoscopes before the relationship is set in stone? These principles are able to tell us how compatible a couple are, which areas of life are going to be troublesome. In fact, 13 principles of compatibility are evaluated in a Vedic astrology comparison to see whether the couple should marry or not.

Although this famous couple is now headed for the divorce court, and yes, it makes fascinating reading for all of us, let’s not forget that Tom, Katie and their daughter Suri are after all human beings with feelings and that no none of us should ever take pleasure in a relationship ending in this way. Most of all, the interest of their child should be uppermost in our minds and we should respect their privacy through this difficult transition. I for one wish them the best of luck irrespective of their irreconcilable differences.

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The Power of Color by Dadhichi Toth


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Color is your own personal way of expressing yourself. When it’s time to party you’ll pick out a vibrant colored dress or shirt to tell others high happy and light you feel.

Everyone has a favorite color with which they identify but what about the healing and soothing effects of colors? How do they affect you? When white light is passed through a crystal or glass prism a rainbow effect is produced. The colors of violet, indigo, blue, green, orange, yellow and red are revealed to us.

Red, Yellow and Blue are called the primary colors whereas any mixture of these are called secondary colors. They are Orange, Green and Violet.

A third series called Tertiary colors is formed when primary and secondary colors are mixed. There are dozens of combinations and each has its own mood which is able to affect your mind and your life.


Violet is associated with physical healing and has a marked influence on the skeletal system. It clears, purifies and tunes you into the spiritual realms and your Higher Self. It is a balancer between the physical and astral worlds.

If you suffer from any aches in the bones such as arthritic pain, it is said that violet can assist in that area. If you are a meditator, violet can assist in deepening meditation and evoking the higher human sentiments such as humility and truth. It is a majestic color that is said to reveal past lives to you.


This color and some of the bluer shades have an influence on the third eye. This means that if you are trying to develop your psychic and spiritual powers, then, just like violet, it can have a marked influence on your evolutionary growth.

It is said to detoxify and cleanse the lymphatic system and strengthen your immunity to disease. It purifies the blood and eliminates waste from the glandular system and body generally. You should use indigo to lighten the spirit, but an excess of use may in fact give the opposite effects.


Blue is a cleanser and relaxing to the entire body. It has a marked effect on the lungs and is considered antiseptic in its action. It has a very conservative feel to it so that any activities requiring a traditional mood are benefited by the use of blue.

Asthma, any infant diseases and skin disorders are said to be assisted using the color blue. If you are depressed or sad, you should avoid the sedating effect of blue. If you like blue, try mixing other colors to lighten the effects.


Plants predominantly exhibit this color as does the deep ocean. It is therefore regarded as one of the most natural and uplifting of colors. It is very sedating in its effect and unruly children are pacified by its use.

If your nerves are on edge or you are overworked, try using green light or colors on you to calm and soften your mind. Green brings luck in social and financial circles too where it has the power to attract commercial luck.

It relates to the heart and is tonifying to the cardio vascular region. As the heart chakra relates to love- it is said to raise your awareness to a Universal level as well.

Yellow The Solar Plexus is linked to this color. The chakra or energy centre there is activated by its use. If you are tired or listless, lacking in initiative or drive for life, try using yellow or sleeping under yellow lights. It will reactivate your mind and heart and renew your interest in life.

Any digestive or eating disorders are helped through the use of yellow. The stomach and even the urinary tract respond well to its influence.


Orange like yellow signifies the Sun and has a warming effect on the system. It is also a color of social interaction too. It can help you in drawing favorable people to you in friendship and romance as it has an endearing quality to it.

Emotional conditions respond most favorably to the use of orange light or orange colors in the environment or in fashion and also have a benefic effect on the pancreas, spleen and other internal organs. The nervous system is purified and toned through the use of orange and is a great pep up when feeling physically run down.


Red is a most powerful color and is sometimes regarded with caution due to its association with blood, death hospitals and emergencies etc. It is therefore a color which calls all senses into action and can revive a sagging mental attitude or withered spirit.

It is a physical color which warms the system. If the blood is weak, anemic or the circulation is sluggish then red will activate its action.Red is a passionate and sexual color and therefore should be used sparingly unless sensual and sexual enhancement is called for, in which case it excels. It regulates the base chakra.


Gold – Gold is a color of royalty and healing. It protects and nourishes the body and assists in the improvement of immunity against diseases.

Silver – As the Moon rules silver whites and greys, the power of imagination is increased through its use. Assists in highlighting other colors.

Brown – To induce an earthier approach to life, the color brown is useful. It is healing and traditional in its effects.

Black – Conservative and settling color but may create a depressive mood in those who are apathetic, lazy or emotionally imbalanced.

Turquoise – Is useful in skin conditions especially due to overheating.

Lemon – Awakens the nervous system and tunes the brain to higher energies of the cosmos. It is refreshing and deodorising.

Pink – Compassionate color which also exhibits a passionate tone. Good for meditation and strenghtening to the immune system

White – Purifies the whole system and contains all other colors. It is a spiritual symbol of purity

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Dadhichi is one of Australia’s foremost astrologers and is frequently seen on TV and in the media. In the 23 years that Dadhichi has been practicing astrology and face reading he has conducted over 8,500 consultations. His clients include celebrities, political and diplomatic figures and media and corporate identities from all over the world.

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Dadhichi – Thought for the Day


What is Dadhichi – Thought for the Day? Know here…

Why postpone what is always here?

People make paths, processes and create time and distance between WHAT IS and what they think some activity is going to create spiritually.


All the mantras, meditation techniques etc are simply a round about way of telling you to get back to where you ARE

Don’t  postpone your happiness… don’t search for anything…don’t create a path or a journey ANYWHERE

Right now, here in the immediacy of your own Presence…your Awareness…behind the thought of mind and breath…preceding all notions – what is it that is Alive and Aware?

It requires nothing…not a thing to be what you always ARE!



Justin Bieber face reading


Let’s talk about Justin Bieber face reading here…

Justin’s face exhibits all the classic signs of symmetry, balance and magnetic appeal which are the hallmarks of many famous people. Symmetry, according to many scientists is what constitutes beauty in the traditional sense as adequately displayed in his face. No wonder he has gained such worldwide popularity.

Take a look at Justin’s eyes. They are brown and magnetic and like many brown-eyed people, exude strong sexuality. But his eyes are also somewhat deep-set and this indicates that the creative and also rather philosophical attitude he exhibits will later on in his life shifts considerably to money last of his great contributions to modern pop culture yet.

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DADHICHI-MTAbout the author…..

Dadhichi Toth, is one of Australia’s most respected astrologers and face readers and is also the founder and CEO of Having 32 years practical experience in the field  with  more than 10,000 personal consultations to his credit — including celebrity, corporate and political clientele — Dadhichi is also an author having written the annual best-selling Astrology Forecast series for Harlequin Mills and Boon for nine years. Dadhichi can be contacted at [email protected]

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Dadhichi Astrologer – Interview in India


Astrological non-fiction has always worked. Do you feel fiction in this genre will work as well?

Fiction in this genre will definitely work and in fact some of my clients in Hollywood are working now on several high-end television shows. Sometimes it is the non-fiction aspects of film and theatre that stimulate the imagination of people in a way that fiction would not. You can take the example of the famous sci-fi series Star Trek in the mid-60s. If you recall the handheld communication device looks an awful lot like the Motorrola mobile phone and some of the other cellular handheld devices that we are now taking for granted. This series did in fact stirred the imagination of inventors. I believe in the same way astrological fiction will help people consider the deeper aspects of human nature and to see that this can be entertaining as well is enlightening.

What brings you to India? What do you have to say about the country?

I’m very pleased to be back in India after an absence of 12 years. Although not being physically here I have maintained my strong links with the teachers, the culture and of course the astrological and spiritual philosophy. Since being here have seen developments in leaps and bounds not just in terms of more modern looking structures but the infrastructure itself seems to have really changed for the better. I’m hoping now that the new cycle for India after 2014 will bring in a whole new level of prosperity which will bring the country to the forefront of the world economy and once again reinstate the greatness of this land with its philosophical legacy. In a way I have been a great exponent of India and its ancient science and philosophy which was thousands of years ahead of any of the modern research is in the West.

You’ve predicted that in 2012, government secrets might be revealed. Isn’t that related to end of the world theory?

This is not necessarily related to the end of the world theory but relates more to diplomacy and the necessity of governments at times to keep policy close to their chest. This is not always to dupe the constituents but at times is necessary to protect the fear of uprising or anarchy. If and when some sort of anticorruption bill or measures are taken in the Parliament we will see not just government but personal political interests and secrets tied in with corruption payments revealed in large measure. But then again this is government across the world not just in India.

Is an apocalypse really going to take place then?

In a way, the apocalypse is already taking place and I believe it began sometime around 2007 to 2008 with the global economic crisis. Narrow-minded and short-sighted individuals and governments seem to think that because there is a slight rise in the stock markets here and there that our problems are over. My forecasts have been fairly clear over the last 5 to 10 years that this period of 2012 – 2015 would see a complete breakdown of the economic system and a necessity for governments and individuals to adjust themselves most drastically. I call this the Value Revolution.

You’ve learnt astrology from Chennai-based gurus. Do you feel that India is more steeped into the science of astrology?

Yes I continue to study and much I based mentor, Sri V. Krishnaswamy. I have had several teachers from India over the past 30 years and they included spiritual advisers as well as astrological teachers. The beauty in learning from these teachers is that the study of astrology is not simply a technical skill but intuitive skill as well. Using the right combination of meditation, spiritual exercises, mantra and technical understanding.

I have been greatly helped by these teachers. India with its long history of astrological and spiritual records has presented a strong case for the study is being scientifically based to my mind.

A lot of people don’t believe in astrology. But it is science, right?

India has had thousands of years to verify its astrological observations. Sceptics who only scratch the surface of astrology and deal with those who simply dabble in the science are justified in their statements that this type of astrology is a whole lot of codswallop. However, as with the modern scientific method – hypothesis, observation, experiment, replication and finally a resultant proof can all be found in the ancient Vedic system which has proved time and again in the right hands of skilled and intuitive astrologers to be no less scientific than any other science that we have.

As an example, medicine is a science but there are many occasions were even I have gone to a doctor and found that the assessment of my disease has been completely wrong. This is mean medicine is not a science? Take a step further and look at seismology. One was the last time a seismologist accurately predicted an earthquake? This is being seismology is not a science? Incidentally, two months ago I predicted there would be earthquakes in the north-east region of India and that the military would be mobilised? Perhaps astrology is a little more scientific than seismology! 🙂

How does one read faces? Could you cite an example?

Reading faces is also sometimes classed by sceptics as rubbish. Let me give you a practical example of how anyone can read faces. Put 1000 people in a room but make sure that one of them is a down syndrome child. Would you not be able to distinguish that child from 1000? Now place another down syndrome child amongst the 1000 and I can assure you you would be able to pick out the two children amongst the thousand because their facial traits are genetically based on this also extends to their emotional nature. It is a well-known fact that Down’s syndrome children are indeed affectionate, warm and loving characters.

In this way, the genetic patterns reflected in the facial structure and also the nuances in day to day expression of which there are thousands. Once again a careful analysis and study over time will give you an insight into how these different facial structures differ and these can be categorised if you are diligent enough. In nature, the bodily and facial structure of an animal reflects its activities. A long-beaked bird has this attribute for one reason only. That is to visit long-stemmed flowers. In the same way, the structure of a human being- ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph ( three main structural types  ) determines the mental predisposition and also activity of these people.

Face readers are able to categorise this and are adept at recognising not just these are general traits but also very specific traits and to make forecasts based on those observations.

Where would India stand 5 years down the line?

India is poised to become a world power if it can handle its internal political processes and bring transparency, clarity and integrity into its operations. The inequitable distribution of wealth betrays its spiritual heritage and this can be set right, it can become a leading light to the world at large.

Some of the difficulties lay in its newly forming political associations and alliances with countries who are traditionally clever at playing one nation off on the other and then leaving them high and dry. They need to be careful to maintain their own autonomy and not kowtow to superpowers who will soon no longer be superpowers. India itself is the potential to be a great superpower in the coming years.

What do you do when you’re working?  What are your other hobbies?

When I work I do my best to sense the client’s needs and to step outside my own bias. Even for an astrologer that is sometimes hard because we have our own preconceptions about how things are. But that is precisely what is needed to give good advice on forecasts that are accurate and helpful to those paying via services.

Not many people know it but I also compose music and have even recently composed for a five pieces for a new documentary which will be released shortly. Music and astrology are closely linked and therefore I have an interest in both which balance my life. 

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DADHICHI-MTAbout the author…..

Dadhichi Toth, is one of Australia’s most respected astrologers and face readers and is also the founder and CEO of Having 32 years practical experience in the field  with  more than 10,000 personal consultations to his credit — including celebrity, corporate and political clientele — Dadhichi is also an author having written the annual best-selling Astrology Forecast series for Harlequin Mills and Boon for nine years. Dadhichi can be contacted at [email protected]

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The Ribhu Gita, literally “Ribhu’s Song”, is Part Six of the Shiva Rahasya, a legendary mystical text of India. The whole of the Ribhu Gita is said to represent the teaching given to the Sage Ribhu by God himself in the form of Lord Shiva, the formless aspect of the Divine activity, in whom all beings and things are always already absorbed.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi attributed unique value to this lucid exposition of Supreme Truth. He often referred to it in his talks with devotees and seekers, and he is reported to have said that if one repeatedly read Chapter 26 of the Ribhu Gita one could pass spontaneously into samadhi, or the natural state of Self-realization.

1. I shall now expound to you the method of inhering in the All-inclusive and undifferentiated Reality. This teaching is secret and difficult to understand even with the help of the various Scriptures. Even celestial beings and practitioners of spiritual discipline who hold it dear acquire it only with great difficulty. Follow what I say and, inhering in Reality, be happy.

2. My son! Realized sages say that absolute inherence in Reality means becoming one with the immutable, tranquil, non-dual Absolute Supreme Being which is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss and the Self of all, and making the wandering mind one with it like the proverbial milk and water, absolutely free from all concepts.

3. When one scrutinizes this variety of manifestation one realizes that it does not really exist and that everything is the undifferentiated Absolute Supreme Being which is not different from the Self and oneself. Let this knowledge become firm with you by constant practice. Then, discarding everything, become one with the Supreme Absolute Reality and, remaining as that, be happy.

4. Abide as That which does not, when scrutinized, show any duality in the form of these various objects or the least trace of cause and effect, That in which, when the mind is absorbed in It, there is not fear of duality at all – and be always happy, unshakable and free the fear arising from duality.

5. Abide as That in which there are neither thoughts nor fancies, neither peace nor self-control, neither the mind nor the intellect, neither confusion nor certainly, neither being nor non-being, and no perception of duality – and be always happy, unshakable and absolutely free from the fear arising from duality.

6. Abide as That in which there is neither any defect nor good quality, neither pleasure nor pain, neither thought nor silence, neither misery nor austerities practiced for getting rid of misery, no “I-am-the-body” idea, no objects of perception whatsoever – and be always happy, free from all traces of thought.

7. Abide as That in which there is no work, physical, mental, verbal or of any other kind, neither sin nor virtue, neither attachment nor its consequences – and be always happy, free from all traces of thought.

8. Abide as That in which there are neither thoughts nor a thinker, neither the arising nor the preservation nor the dissolution of the world, nothing whatsoever at any time – and be always happy, free from all traces of thought.

9. Abide as That in which there is neither the Self-limiting Power of Illusion nor its effects, neither knowledge nor ignorance, neither separate soul nor Lord of Creation, neither being nor non-being, neither world nor God – and be always happy, free from all traces of thought.

10. Abide as That in which there are no gods and their worship, none of the three Divine aspects of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer or meditation on them no Supreme Formless God nor meditation on Him – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

11. Abide as That in which there is neither maturing bondage to the way of good works nor searching devotion to the Divine nor self-knowing wisdom, no fruit of action to be enjoyed, no supreme state separate from it, no means of attainment or object to be attained and be always happy, free from all traces of thought.

12. Abide as That in which there is neither body nor senses nor vital forces, neither mind nor intellect nor fancy, neither ego nor ignorance, nor anyone who identifies himself with them, neither the macrocosm nor the microcosm and be always happy, free from all traces of thought.

13. Abide as That in which there is neither desire nor anger, neither greed nor delusion, neither ill-will nor pride, no impurities of mind and no false notions of bondage and liberation – and be always happy, free from all traces of thought.

14. Abide as That in which there is no beginning or end, no top or bottom or middle, no holy place or god, no gifts or pious acts, no time or space, no objects of perception – and be always happy, free from all traces of thought.

15. Abide as That in which there is no discrimination between the real and the unreal, no absence of desire, no possession of virtues, no yearning for liberation, no competent Master or disciple, no steady knowledge, no realized stage, no liberation while alive or after death, nothing whatsoever at any time – and be always happy free from all traces of thought.

16. Abide as That in which there are no Holy Scriptures or sacred books, no one who thinks, no objection or answer to it, no theory to be established, no theory to be rejected, nothing other than one Self – and be always happy, free from the least trace of thought.

17. Abide as That in which there is no debate, no success or failure, no word or its meaning, no speech, no difference between the soul and the Supreme Being, none of the manifold causes and consequences – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

18. Abide as That in which there is no need for listening, reflecting and practicing, no meditation to be practiced, no differences of sameness, otherness or internal contradictions, no words or their meanings – and be always happy, free from the least trace of thought.

19. Abide as That in which there are no fears of hell, no joys of heaven, no worlds of the Creator God or the other Gods, or any object to be gained from them, no other world, no universe of any kind – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

20. Abide as That in which there is nothing of the elements nor even an iota of their derivatives, no sense of “I” or “mind”, no fantasies of the mind, no blemish of attachment, no concept whatsoever – and be always happy, without the least trace of the thought.

21. Abide as That in which there are none of the three kinds of bodies (gross physical, subtle internal, or formless and most subtle), dreaming and sleeping, none of the three kinds of souls (those who are fully prepared to advance spiritually, those who are not fully prepared, and those who are not prepared at all), none of the three kinds afflictions (those of the body, those caused by the elements, and those caused by subtle beings and powers), none of the five functional layers of being (gross physical, vital, emotional-psychic, mental, and that of formless bliss), no one to identify himself with them – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

22. Abide as That in which there is no sentient object, no power to hide Reality, no difference of any kind, no power of projecting unreal objects, no power of any other kind, no false notion about the world – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

23. Abide as That in which there are no sense organs or anyone to use them, That in which transcendent bliss is experienced, That which is absolutely immediate, That by realizing and attaining which one becomes immortal, That by becoming which one does not return to this cycle of births and deaths – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

24. Abide as That, on realizing and experiencing the bliss of which, all joys appear to be the joys of That, That which, when clearly known to be oneself, shows there is nothing apart from oneself, and, knowing which, all kinds of separate souls become liberated – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

25. Abide as That, on realizing which to be oneself, there is nothing else to be known, everything becomes already known and every purpose accomplished – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

26. Abide as That which is attained easily when one is convinced that one is not different from the Supreme Absolute, That which results, when that conviction becomes firm, in the experience of the Supreme Bliss of the Real, That which produces a sense of incomparable and complete satisfaction when the mind is absorbed in It – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

27. Abide as That which leads to the complete cessation of misery when the mind is absorbed in It, and the extinction of all ideas of “I”, “you” and “another,” and the disappearance of all differences – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

28. Abide as That in which, when the mind is absorbed in It, one remains without a second, nothing other than oneself is seen to exist and incomparable bliss is experienced – and be always happy, without the least trace of thought.

29. Abide as That which is undifferentiated Existence, undifferentiated Consciousness, undifferentiated Bliss, absolutely non-dual, the undifferentiated Absolute Reality – and with the firm conviction that you are That, be always happy.

30. Abide as That which is “I” as well as “you” as well as everyone else, is the basis of all, is one without anything else whatsoever, is extremely pure, the undifferentiated Whole – and with the firm conviction that you are That, be always happy.

31. Abide as That in which there are no concepts or anything else whatsoever, the ego ceases to exist, all desires disappear, the mind becomes extinct and all confusions come to an end – and with the firm conviction that you are That, be always happy.

32. Abide as That in which there is no awareness of the body, or the various functions of manifest existence, no perception of objects, That in which the mind is dead, the soul become one with the Reality, thoughts dissolved and even one’s convictions no longer hold – and with the firm conviction that you are That, be always happy.

33. Abide as That in which there is no longer any meditative spiritual practice or ignorance or knowledge or activities of any kind, that which is the Supreme Reality – and with the firm conviction that you are That, be always happy.

34. Abide as That in which, when one is completely merged with It, one experiences pure bliss, never experiences misery, sees nothing, does not take birth again, never thinks oneself to be a separate individual, becomes the Supreme Being and with the conviction that you are That, be always happy.

35. Abide as That which is truly the Supreme Absolute Reality, the Supreme Formless God, the absolutely pure Being, the Supreme State, Absolute Consciousness, the Supreme Truth – and with the conviction that you are That, be always happy.

36. Abide as That which is the absolutely pure Supreme Being, absolute Bliss, the supremely subtle Being, the Self-Effulgent, non-dual and undifferentiated One – and with the conviction that you are That, be always happy.

37. Abide as That which is absolute Truth, supreme Tranquility, eternal Being, absolutely attributeless, the Self, the absolutely undifferentiated Supreme Being – and with the conviction that you are That, be always happy.

38. Abide as That which is everything from the experiential point of view and nothing from the absolute point of view, Existence – Consciousness-Bliss, always tranquil, with nothing separate from It, the self-existent Being -and with the conviction that you are That be always happy.

39. I have thus, O Nidagha, clearly explained to you the state of being one with the Supreme Being. By constantly thinking that you are the undifferentiated Supreme Being you can attain that state and enjoy constant bliss. There after, having become the Supreme Absolute Reality, you will never experience the misery that comes from identification with birth and death.

40. “Everything is the Supreme Being, which is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, and I am That” By constantly cultivating this pure thought, get rid of impure thoughts. Then, my son, discarding even that thought and always inhering in the State of Fullness, you will become the non-dual and undifferentiated Supreme Being and attain liberation.

41. Pure and impure thoughts are a feature of the mind. There are no wandering thoughts in the Supreme Being. Therefore, abide as That and, free from the pure and impure thoughts of the mind, remain still like a stone or a log of wood. You will then be always happy.

42. By constantly thinking of the undifferentiated Supreme Being and forgetting thereby all thoughts, including the thought of the Supreme Being, you will become the all-comprehensive Supreme Being. Even a great sinner who hears and understands this teaching will get rid of all his sins and become the undifferentiated Supreme Being.

43. The endless textbooks of spiritual instruction have already prescribed meditation for attaining purity of mind. In order that those who have become pure in mind may easily attain liberation and, realizing that they are absolute and boundless Bliss, remain still like a stone in the undifferentiated and all-comprehensive Supreme Formless God, the nature of this immaculate state has been expounded by me.

44. Therefore, attaining purity of mind by constantly thinking that everything that is known is the Supreme Being and that Supreme Being is oneself, and thereafter abiding in the state of complete identity with the Absolute Reality, liberation can be attained here and now. I have spoken the truth. In this manner, Sage Ribhu expounded the true and full state of being to Nidagha.

45. When one is convinced that one is always That which is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss and abides as That in a state of complete identity, one casts off the unreal bondage of identification with birth and death and attains liberation. This is the significance of the highly blissful mood and dance of our Supreme and undifferentiated God.


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