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How can astrology be used to predict the timing of marriage?


Astrology is based on the idea that the position of the planets and stars affect people’s lives. According to this model of reality, what happens in space influences events on earth. Accordingly, astrologers look up at the sky and associate certain planetary aspects (angles between planets or points on a person’s horoscope) with specific facets of our lives. For example, a trine between Saturn and Pluto might bring the gift of discipline to a person’s life.

Astrology isn’t used to predict something as specific as marriage timing. Instead, astrologers look at aspects that form in an individual’s natal chart (a horoscope for the moment someone was born) and interpret what those patterns might mean for a person’s life.

A classic example is the natal chart of Charles Manson, who has a stellium (grouping of planets) in Scorpio near the Ascendant. According to astrology, this configuration suggests someone who may have been born with an intense temperament and great powers of persuasion. In other words, Manson might have been an incredibly charismatic person who could convince other people to do just about anything.

In terms of marriage timing, astrologers look at the dynamic between two partners to reflect their natal charts. This can give insight into whether they’re compatible and how long it might take to develop a relationship that leads to marriage.

When predicting marriage timing, what are some key things to look for in an astrological chart?

When trying to predict a person’s marriage timing, astrologers pay attention to the following:


  1. How many planets and points (called ‘aspects’) are between partners’ charts. The more parallels or quincunxes there are between the two, the more likely they will have a long-lasting relationship.
  2. The timing of transits (movements of planets in our solar system). If a transit occurs between partners’ charts at an angle, their relationship will likely get more robust. When there’s a new moon or full moon during the transit, it will have a substantial effect.
  3. The quality of the relationship that already exists between partners. Astrology can help determine whether there’s any tension that needs to be worked out so they can become more compatible before getting married.

4. The timing of a person’s past relationships. If a woman has been married before, it’s considered significant if her first marriage ended around the age of twenty-five or thirty. Depending on what happens in a current relationship, she might make it official at that point. Because that might be when she will meet someone truly compatible with her astrological chart.

5. One’s natal chart. If someone has any planets or points in their 1st, 5th or 7th houses, the combination could indicate that marriage is likely to happen at some point during their lifetime.

6. The timing of essential relationship points in a person’s life. For example, getting engaged around the age of twenty-one is likely to be followed by marriage two years later.

How important is it to know the exact timing of your marriage anyway?

The Shrinking Timeline

There are three reasons why it’s essential to know the exact timing of your marriage.

1. Timing can strongly affect whether you have children or not if that is something you’re looking for. Being at an angle to a natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer will strengthen having children. For example, natal Jupiter in Gemini rules fertility and the 5th house (which represents one’s family).

2. Timing can show whether your relationship will end naturally or not. For example, if you’re considering ending a long-term marriage and want to know if it’s likely that you’ll get divorced, looking at transits can help you make the determination.

3. Timing can give you an idea of how many children you may have if that is something you’re considering. For example, transiting Saturn in Sagittarius will end a marriage between a Cancer and a Leo if they want to have more than four children together. In this case, it’s probably best for them to postpone getting married.

Knowing the exact timing of your marriage will help you determine whether there are any karmic aspects involved with your relationship or not. This helps us determine which things we should focus on learning about ourselves and each other as we go through life together. Understanding what we need to learn from our mistakes allows us to create stronger relationships in the future once we have worked out specific issues and developed more profound understandings of one another.

Timing can help give you an idea of what type of person you’re likely to meet next. For example, if someone is born between the ages of twenty-four and thirty-three, they will most likely get married during that period. This means that people born within those years are more likely to be a potential match for them because there’s a better chance that their astrological charts will be compatible with each other.

Divorce timing. If you’re considering divorce, look at transits from the outer planets to see if it’s possible or not before making any final decisions.

Synastry comparisons between partners’ charts can show whether they’ll have a long-term relationship or not. However, they aren’t as good predictors of divorce timing because the birthdates used for comparison will often be incorrect. This can make it difficult to draw firm conclusions about whether a couple is likely to stay together long-term or not, even though synastry can help us understand what we’re dealing with at a certain point in time.

Timing and compatibility. If you’re thinking about getting married and want to know if your partner’s chart is compatible with yours, then knowing the exact timing of your marriage will allow you to look into that more deeply. For example, transiting Uranus square one’s natal Venus means something significant has to give in an otherwise stable relationship. If that Uranus transit is occurring at angles to both natal charts, then there will likely be more significant changes, especially if any of the outer planets are involved. During those years, one person may consider getting out of the marriage even if they’ve been in it for a while.

Timing can give you an idea of when you’re most likely to get married after meeting someone. For example, transiting Saturn trine Mars may not be accurate enough because it will only show possibilities. However, transiting Pluto conjunct Venus will show timing down to within a few years, and so you’ll know whether it’s likely to happen or not during those periods. Knowing this information ahead of time allows us to look deeper into our relationship without waiting until later when we’re in a relationship.


As you can see, knowing the exact timing of your marriage is extremely important for understanding why things happen in our relationships, what we have to work on to improve them, and when certain events are most likely to take place.


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