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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

Kourtney ScottEveryone’s been waiting with baited breath to see what’s going to happen in the partnership/relationship of Kourtney and Scott. It’s been a tumultuous ride that’s for sure and one which has been eyeballed by millions of people globally
 as their personal life is been aired on live reality TV.

Take a look at the horoscope which includes Kourtney’s and Scott’s with an overlay of the current transits. We don’t have Scott’s birth time but we can overlay his planets to see exactly what’s happening between them. First note the transit of the North node, the karmic point to the seventh house of marriage and its opposite point, the South node in the first house of self. This two and a half you transit is a difficult one and brings to the forefront those karmic issues which need to be dealt with. We see that for Kourtney is a North node return with her North node also in this seventh house of Virgo at birth. It has yet to fully make contact as it is still transiting in the sign of Libra, also a sign of relationship and marriage.

In the previous year or two we can see that this transiting node passed over Scott’s natal Saturn and Pluto conjunction which is extraordinarily powerful and if not controlled can be very damaging. No doubt he has had to learn some pretty severe lessons during his time with Courtney. Those lessons continue now as the breakup takes place. One of the issue seems to be his drinking. As we don’t have his birth time we can safely use his lunar chart as a guide. Note the conjunction of the South node and Neptune in the second house. This has all the hallmarks of poison, liquids ie alcoholism.

We’ve seen the worst side of him on the TV show and drinking isn’t one of his better traits as I think we would all agree.
Some of the other notable transits include the transit of Uranus in the second house of Kourtney’s horoscope, Neptune transiting the rising sign in full opposition aspect to her marital house, soon to be touched by the South node, over the coming months, with this South node making its aspect on Mars, Mercury, Venus and ultimately the South node return. This next few months are going to be very difficult indeed for Kourtney as she tries to re-emerge from this emotionally exhausting relationship with Scott.

The transit of Saturn now at around 28° of Scorpio is edging closer to the Sagittarian Moon, Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Scott’s chart. This is called a 7 ½ year period of Saturn and is one of the most difficult. This only happens once every 30 years or so. That it is a challenge for him emotionally is an understatement. During this cycle his fortunes will diminish as well-not just emotionally but on a commercial and business level as well. The period of 2018 to 2020 will be extremely difficult financially and Saturn will create a more intense situation in that respect.

Kourtney has a couple of years till she feels the full brunt of Saturn on her lunar position which is located at 10° of Capricorn. On that point, note the slow-moving transit of Pluto which is hovering around her lunar position. This creates intense and almost obsessive emotional issues and also shows that her friends are under the microscope now as well, not just her marriage. It’s fortunate to see Jupiter exalted in the fifth house of children with Venus now transiting this area as well. Hopefully the children will be able to remain unscathed during this very intense breakup.

An interesting and intense combination of planets including the Moon, Mars, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter, now transit her sixth house which has to do with work, enemies and health. All of these areas should be noted and she must take extra precautions that this intense Pluto conjunction of the Moon doesn’t undermine her health and well-being.

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