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Learning to Be More Flexible

On this article, learning to be more flexible, let’s find out what are the practices we need to do?   

With the troublesome conjunction of Mars and Saturn taking place on April 10, it’s worthwhile investigating how these two opposing energies are likely to play out in our lives.

On the chart of Mohammed Ali, we see the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in his career sector. This combination is well known for its violent, frustrating and dangerous expression. But in the charts, incredible sportsmen and women, army generals and sportspeople generally, we see how this unsavoury combination of energies can be disciplined and redirected into positive channels.

This week when the going gets tough, and when you feel your energy is being stirred up and your plans are sliding sideways, find a way to control that and give it a positive optic. You can do it. The secret is to not focus on the negative ramifications of this energy. Optimism arises out of any adverse situation.

Talented people realise that the problem they may encounter in life is the solution itself. Then that by which a man falls, a man rises. The impediments, problems and the people obstructing you are, in their way, the lesson that life and karma have for you. And if you are wise and intelligent enough, you will know how to use this material as a stepping stone to bigger and better things in your life.

One of the difficulties of Mars and Saturn and their expression is rigidity. The inflexibility of our minds doesn’t allow us to change or move in a different direction. Moreover, we become habituated to that work practices, relationships, attitudes, and expression. In short, our lives have become robotic, and nothing has changed.

Intellectual Flexibility

Mental flexibility is necessary for overcoming stagnation in life. You’ll never progress if you don’t try different things. Intellectual flexibility refers to adapting to new environments and achieving goals. The unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic have affected people’s coping abilities. Working with the challenges that the pandemic has thrown up will increase resilience and well-being in the future.

Scientists call this cognitive flexibility. This skill allows us to change between concepts or adapt our behaviour to meet goals in a new or changing environment. Learn about being flexible and changing your perspective on how you understand things. This attitude means changing your strategies to make better decisions. We are constantly researching how to improve cognitive flexibility.

Cognitive flexibility allows us to recognise when our actions are not working and make the necessary changes to improve them. What do you do if you are used to taking the same route to work but you find that there are roadworks? Some people stick to their original plans and don’t care about the delays. Others are more flexible. Flexible people are more open to change and can problem-solve to find solutions. Cognitive flexibility could have affected people’s ability to cope with the pandemic lockdowns.

Life May Have a Better Plan

Yes, the Mars and Saturn conjunction is challenging and frustrating because the brakes are on, and you cannot move this way. People seem to be obstructing you at every turn. Sometimes life does not want you to go where you think you should proceed. However, you must stop, take a deep breath and regroup your energies at these moments. Listen to what life is saying; it may have a better plan for you than you expect.

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