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Pisces Karma Luck and Spirituality

Pisces Karma Luck and Spirituality

Learn more Pisces Karma Luck and Spirituality as explains…

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Pisces Life Overview

As the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces you are ruled by Neptune, the God of the Oceans. Then this means you are extremely tuned in to the psychic and the clairvoyant realms and will have a natural desire to seek out spiritual information. On the other hand, you’re a born social worker and even if you don’t work in this arena, you will always be available to help others solve their problems.

Pisces Karma and Destiny


The saying "As a man thinketh so he becomes" is the core idea in this segment. What you think becomes a reality.

Pisces Thinking & Destiny

Understanding this law means becoming fully conscious of what is going on in your brain. This is easily done as long as you can maintain a level of awareness, an observer mode so to speak, in which you are aware and see thoughts passing by much like clouds before the Sun. Practising this observation will become easier in time and you will begin to recognise those patterns of thinking either good or bad that you are continually projecting and thereby creating your reality.

In other words, to change your destiny, change your thinking.

Your thinking is ruled by the sign of Taurus, the 3rd sign of your horoscope and its ruler Venus. This makes you soft and communicative and also very idealistic in the way you present your ideas. The less evolved Piscean struggles with their path.  If hurt or disillusioned by life’s complex stream of events then they withdraw. Then if you happen to be one of these Piscean types I offer a special message of hope that you hang in there. And don’t identify too much with your past story. 

Extend yourself to others; help the downtrodden and those who are suffering. You may not immediately unravel the mystery of what is happening to you. But this path of self-surrender is the perfect tool to gradually remove your own pain.

In addition, your Piscean sign is a water sign and affects your caring and loving attitude. Then you are a true friend and now stand on the threshold of the deepest wisdom having evolved through all the other signs of the zodiac.

Further your mission and destiny in life is to give unconditional love to all you come in touch with. And eventually rise to the occasion to meet your higher self – a feat few other star signs are capable of.


You live a life of surrender and love for others but must not become the sacrificial victim by giving away everything. Your intuition is very strong so use it wisely.

Pisces Past & Future Lives

Moreoveer, Scorpio rules your 9th house or past Karma and therefore Scorpio has an intimate link with your destiny. But you must be careful not to use your psychic or intellectual powers to overcome those who are weaker than you. And this can be a major test for you in life but as long as you’re aware of this you’ll be able to give your strengths and upturn to be used for the better good. Therefore, this is a carryover from your past life.

However, some of the darker traits of this Scorpionic past incarnation include compulsion, obsession, resentment and possessiveness especially in matters of sensuality and sexuality. But bring these aspects of your character under control by focusing on creative and artistic activities. And by redirecting these energies you will create something of worth which doesn’t undermine you or destroy your relationships.

Your keywords are “I heal” and therefore your challenge is to balance your desire to help and heal others with your own wellbeing.

You live a life of surrender and love for others but must not become the sacrificial victim by giving away everything. Your intuition is very strong so use it wisely.

I keep advising you to not become a victim in life, but your capacity to sacrifice yourself in order to help others is by far your greatest strength even though at times it is your most challenging weakness.  Live where you can without thought of expectation but spend a little time pampering yourself through meditation, self-help and inner wisdom as well.

Therefore, use your intuition to help others and trust that when the messages are clear in that they tell you not to do something. So you are in the last stage of your evolution and will experience many extraordinary things in your life. 

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Pisces Luck and Attraction

Remedial measures and spiritual exercises have been expounded by ancient astrological and spiritual authorities to help you overcome negative patterns of karma to increase your opportunities, to attract relationships, position, power, wealth and wealth. In this segment will look at those techniques to your specific star sign. Like to overcome your boat karmic patterns and start to enhance your luck.


You are not a person of strong willpower but rather you prefer to go with the flow and daydream rather than practically implement some of your ideas. Using your intuition in a practical way will also open the doors to better opportunities in life.

Pisces Luck

Fortunately being born under this twelfth sign, the final stage of the zodiac, endows you with insight and a special gift for understanding things at the deepest spiritual level. Although the fish symbolizing your star sign swim in different directions and the ocean of emotions is sometimes rather turbulent in your life, you are anchored within yourself by this special grace and it shows that you are now nearing the end of your evolutionary phase. And if you can get this part of your act together you see your luck significantly increase.

Then, there are aspects to your personality with are not easy to understand and others are sometimes at a loss to figure you out. Although you don’t consider yourself secretive because people are not able to gauge the depth of your personality they probably mistakenly assume this.

And once others get to know you they realise that emotions rather than reason rule your life. But your instincts not your intellectual deductions are what you base your decisions upon. 

However, you are not a person of strong willpower but rather you prefer to go with the flow and daydream rather than practically implement some of your ideas. Then using your intuition in a practical way will also open the doors to better opportunities in life.

Pisces Lucky Gems


Pisces-Lucky-GemYellow Sapphire is the gemstone of Jupiter.

Its properties can aid and assist us in our search for fulfilment and happiness, encourage strength and positivity in difficult times, and help to bring us success and prosperity – not simply bringing rewards out of nowhere, but by stimulating creative energies and focusing the will in a way that helps us more powerfully achieve and manifest what we are working towards in our lives.

It’s also known to attract good luck, which is no doubt a great help in these endeavors as well.

It stimulates our sense of joy and celebration, which encourages us to have new experiences and be adventurous.

Yellow Sapphire also nurtures wisdom, and can help us attune and refine our insight and ability to see the big picture. Then it also nurtures qualities such as compassion, patience and understanding.

The collective properties of Yellow Sapphire make it a powerful aid for teaching and sharing wisdom. It stimulates the intellect and assists in maintaining clarity and consistency of vision, and helps us to channel that vision in a way that can bring it into reality.

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Pisces Spirituality


Being social by nature you share your insights with others and truly help many in your life. You are a blessing to humanity.

Pisces Higher Self

Basically, the higher self is part of our nature which is the one that is aware.

Often we are caught up in our thoughts, emotions and the heat of the moment, the circumstance of life that are going on around us all time and therefore we tend to become disconnected to that part of ourselves, our Higher Self. This segment will talk about what that Higher Self means you specifically for your star sign and how to become more aware of it.

You are able to draw others to you. This is one of your greatest strengths. Being ruled by Neptune makes you dreamy and enigmatic in the way you are able to attract others. When someone is drawn to you they can’t quite figure out why, but they love you anyway. You genuinely care for others and have transparency that others trust. You are honest in your love and strive to live the ideal of unconditional giving. 

You’re an adjustable person. You have no problem, just like water your ruling element, in assuming the shape of whatever container it’s placed in. You have the uncanny knack of adapting to circumstances and people wherever you find yourself. You’ll be admired for your ability to capitalize on situations due to this.

You have an inner beauty that’s hard to pinpoint and this has nothing to do with your physical looks. You radiate a spirit of love and you do genuinely care for people. Come to think of it, even strangers feel as if they know you. You relax people and make them feel as if they’re part of your family. 

Being social by nature you share your insights with others and truly help many in your life. You are a blessing to humanity.

Your Spiritual Path Pisces

Spiritual-Path-Karma-and-luckThere are broadly four main paths to spiritual liberation or self-actualization.

  • The first is based upon selfless action or karma yoga,
  • The second on devotional activities,
  • The third through the physical practise of self-control and yoga and
  • The last is the intellectual path.

Those of you born under Pisces have few prejudices. People must understand that you’re not primarily motivated by what you can get out of life but rather by what you can give. For this reason, although you are not ambitious in the true sense of the word for status, fame or fortune you still aspire to achieve something notable in life and if these things come to you well and good but your main focus is on helping others and making a difference in the world.

You are a dreamer of the highest order but you need to be careful not to let these dreams cloud your practical judgment of things. You need to crawl before you walk and also focus on one thing as you have a great knowledge of many subjects and can actually be an expert in quite a few of them. You are likely to disperse your energy like your totem, the two fish which are constantly swimming in different directions.

You are a person of the people; you are impartial and never look down on anyone. You are equally comfortable with a beggar or a king and you, your intuitive responses to life’s situations make you sought after by one and all for your unbiased advice. The way forward for a Pisces on the spiritual path is selfless service however you must be careful that this sacrificial act of helping others doesn’t result in you becoming the victim. There is a real danger in this.

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More about Pisces Spirituality...

A little-known fact is that each of the Zodiac signs and planets are ruled by angelic forces. These angelic forces can be called upon to help and can guide you through difficult times.

Barakiel – Angel of Compassion and Protector of Innocent

The sign of Pisces is watched over by the archangel Barakiel. Barakiel is known for compassion and protecting the innocent. And when called on can help you to open your heart and cultivate love, empathy and kindness. Then when your life becomes stressful and you feel you are losing the strength to be positive, Barakiel can help you restore hope and a positive outlook. And to find inner peace and calm which will help you to face, endure and overcome the difficult challenges you face in your life.

One way you can call on Barakiel’s assistance in finding this peace is to visualise a pale blue colour, or a clear and beautiful blue sky, in your mind’s eye. Barakiel can assist you in overcoming the strangling grip of negative emotions, self-doubt, insecurity and the fear of connecting with others.

You always have the capacity within yourself to overcome these challenges, and when you can do so you will transcend your limitations and blossom like a flower into a radiant source of love and positivity.

You can find Barakiel’s traits within yourself, and become nurturing and loving support to others, helping them find their own confidence and happiness.

However, learning the art of contentment and being happy with what you have seems easy enough to say but for you, it is rather difficult. You have a complex mind interwoven with a complex emotional nature. Until you are able to fully experience the dark, and come to terms with that part of your nature, thereby releasing it, you will not be able to truly experience the Light nor the contentment that comes from letting go of desire.

The 9th house and also the 12th house which is the natural house of Pisces, relate to spiritual activities, meditation, monastic life and so on and so forth. You have a natural affinity with all of these things and because the 9th house of your horoscope is ruled by Scorpio, you can be extremely intense and passionate about your spiritual objectives. You can easily surrender yourself to the highest ideal of spirituality and through deep meditation can come to the real of self-realization in this life as Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac indicating a cessation of karmic activity, are stepping off of the wheel of Karma so to speak.

But there is a downside to this sign and that is that you are likely to be a little too idealistic and naive when dealing with the world and many of the scoundrels in it. And for your spiritual development to be well rounded, you must learn to activate some of the deeper intellectual qualities and you do have that as Jupiter code rules your sign and is indeed an excellent learner and teacher. Then gift yourself and ensure your own spiritual stability before sacrificing yourself and becoming the victim.

Ritual technology is something which is not often understood but with the right techniques, rituals and spells these can be utilised by you for any number of purposes. In this segment will show you rituals for turning your life around. Rituals are shown by the 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th houses of the horoscope.

Please don’t let emotion dominate your life. There are deep parts of your nature that you suppress only to find those resurfacing in ways that you often can’t deal with. When this happens you are prone to try to escape from a reality that you can’t understand. If this happens I can’t emphasise strongly enough the need for you to avoid the temptation to indulge in alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering drugs.

Pisces is a complex personality, to say the least and for this reason, should take care in dealing with the kaleidoscope of emotional colours that shine within you. Your sensitivity and depth of emotion can quickly change from positive to pessimistic if you’re not careful. You need to be watchful of those things that will trigger your moodiness getting the better of you. Spend some time each day thinking about how you can redirect your powers into positive channels that will help others as well as yourself.

You must never be impulsive without giving due thought to the issues at hand. You’re likely to rely on your intuition, which is excellent but is not always 100% correct. Assuming people are better than they are one such thing that needs due diligence on your part. Using your mind rather than your heart is essential when dealing with the real world. This will spare you all sorts of upheavals down the track.

  • Fasting or moderately reducing food intake on Saturdays;
  • Making charitable donations or providing assistance to old destitute men, street sweepers and terminally ill; feeding crows on Saturdays.
  • Meditation on the New and Full Moon, as well as on eclipse days will bring you spiritual advancement.

Pisces Self-Empowerment

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It’s possible to create a new you, almost as if you are upgrading your software to the newest and brightest version. There are disciplines that need to be adhered to if you are to achieve your best possible self. Start by understanding your karma –

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