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Virgo Karma Luck and Spirituality

Virgo Karma Luck and Spirituality

Learn more about Virgo Karma Luck and Spirituality as explains…

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Virgo Life Overview

Being born under the sign of Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, endows you with a highly developed sense of perfection. Coupled with an analytical mind can drive others in your orb absolutely crazy. Virgo. you, of course, don’t see what’s wrong with wanting everything perfect, tidy, clean and thoroughly organized as it’s your nature. You can also be totally preoccupied with cleanliness, hygiene and be extremely fastidious.

Virgo Karma and Destiny


The saying "As a man thinketh so he becomes" is the core idea in this segment. What you think becomes a reality.

Virgo Thinking & Destiny

Understanding this law means becoming fully conscious of what is going on in your brain. This is easily done as long as you can maintain a level of awareness, an observer mode so to speak, in which you are aware and see thoughts passing by much like clouds before the Sun. Practising this observation will become easier in time and you will begin to recognise those patterns of thinking either good or bad that you are continually projecting and thereby creating your reality.

In other words, to change your destiny, change your thinking.

Your thinking is ruled by the sign of Libra and its ruler Venus indicates that you love people and thrive in the midst of those you can share your feelings and thoughts with. However, you do have a need to prove you are better than others which can sometimes be a problem for you. Humility should be cultivated if you are to sidestep problems in your relationships.

You’ll be recognised for your dynamic energy and self-motivated action. You don’t need to big-note yourself to others. People will instantly recognise your abilities and even look up to you. If this adulation begins to go to your head, you must listen to the cautionary advice of a good friend when s/he says, “Get off your high horse, Virgo!”


As Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo, intellectual insight and meditations relating to discriminative and philosophical objectives will suit you well.

Virgo Past & Future Lives

Virgo is notorious for being critical and therefore, for meditation to take root those born under the sign of the Virgin need to shine the light of criticism on themselves. This process will remove those personality traits and inner karmic obstructions holding you back from realising your highest potential.

As Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo, intellectual insight and meditations relating to discriminative and philosophical objectives will suit you well.

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Virgo Luck and Attraction

Remedial measures and spiritual exercises have been expounded by ancient astrological and spiritual authorities so it will help you overcome negative patterns of karma to increase your opportunities, to attract relationships, position, power, and wealth. In this segment will look at those techniques to your specific star sign. Like to overcome your both karmic patterns and start to enhance your luck.


You will make your own like and even though you may not always be in the limelight, you still achieve success in your own way.

Virgo Luck

Taurus rules your 9th house of good fortune and as a result, shows that you are practical in the way you approach the affairs of your life. You are able to plan down to the minute detail. For this reason, 

You will make your own like and even though you may not always be in the limelight, you still achieve success in your own way.

Anyone who has a Virgo friend is fortunate indeed. At first glance, you may seem aloof and distant and may even appear to be a snob but when they get to know you better they will realise how loyal and dedicated you are.

There are not many people who think serving others is a worthy task, but you Virgo have an entirely different opinion. You bring a whole new perspective to the idea of serving others. Do not consider it menial or undesirable and get great pleasure from the feeling of helping others achieve and be the best they can. These are the traits that will make you lucky in life.

Because of this wonderful character trait, you make an excellent teacher and have the knack for explaining even the most complicated subject in a simple and easily understood manner. You genuinely work hard at being good at what you do, unlike others who take the easy road and try to impress with their knowledge. Your students are fortunate indeed to have someone as dedicated and well-read as you.

Virgo Lucky Gems


Virgo-Luicky-GemEmerald is the gemstone of Mercury.

This evocative gem can enhance feelings of delight and youthful vigor. It aids and assists with things relating to communication – certainly our ability to express ourselves with clarity and agility. Understand the verbal communication of others, but the communication occurring within our own mind and body. This can help to sharpen us up, enhancing our mind’s ability to respond quickly with confidence and insight, and it can even amplify our bodily reflexes and the functioning of the nervous system.

Emerald is strongly connected to the heart chakra, encouraging an open-hearted, compassionate and receptive approach to others and to life in general.

It helps to facilitate emotional clearing, and can help us to maintain emotional balance and a loving outlook. It’s also connected with the life force of the Earth and promotes growth, renewal, vitality, fertility and good health. This gem also nurtures our ability to be objective and maintain clarity of thought and wisdom in changing circumstances.

Emerald enhances our ability to be subtle, articulate and precise.

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Virgo Spirituality


You have a fine mind, an attractive quality which others find quite irresistible. 

Virgo Higher Self

Basically, the higher self is part of our nature which is the one that is aware.

Often we are caught up in our thoughts, emotions and the heat of the moment, the circumstance of life that are going on around us all time and therefore we tend to become disconnected from that part of ourselves, our Higher Self. In this segment, you will talk about what that Higher Self means to you specifically for your star sign and how to become more aware of it.

You have a fine mind, an attractive quality which others find quite irresistible

This is not necessarily beautiful in the true sense but more a physical presence of a pure heart and soft nature. You’re all woman in the truest sense of the word. Friends can always rely on you to be there for them in times of trouble and you are very good at offering advice which seems perfect for the occasion when it arises. It appears Mercury not only gives you the knowledge to solve problems but you also possess that rare flash of intuitive wisdom which is gladly given to uplift the spirit of others who are troubled.

Your Spiritual Path Virgo

Spiritual-Path-Karma-and-luckThere are broadly four main paths to spiritual liberation or self-actualization.

  • The first is based upon selfless action or karma yoga,
  • The second on devotional activities,
  • The third through the physical practise of self-control and yoga and
  • The last is the intellectual path.

The challenge for you Virgo is to balance your desire to serve and your emotional needs. Although your key words are “Ï serve” be aware that your view of what’s best for someone else may not necessarily be how they feel.  Your other key life phrase “Ï analyse” will require you to develop an intuitive feeling and be able to tell the difference between emotion and intellect.

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More about Virgo Spirituality...

A little-known fact is that each of the Zodiac signs and planets are ruled by angelic forces. These angelic forces can be called upon to help and can guide you through difficult times.

Hamaliel – Angel of Perseverance

The sign of Virgo is watched over by the angel Hamaliel. Hamaliel is associated with logic, and perseverance, and calling on the support of Hamaliel can assist you in maintaining a cool head and a rational mind when faced with challenging circumstances. 

It can help you to nurture within yourself the commitment and discipline you need to make changes in your life, and to create and maintain habits which will help you to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

This Hamaliel can help you to avoid getting caught up in the details and to see the big picture from a broader perspective, and to be practical enough to carefully and honestly evaluate your situation and what needs to be done. 

An Hamaliel urges you to prepare carefully and with focus and clarity, and to then take action with confidence and dedication.

Selfless service and rendering assistance to those who are in need is an excellent form of meditation for those of you born under the water sign of Cancer. The reason being, your 9th house of spiritual activity is ruled by Pisces which is the sign of self-sacrifice. When you are helping others and nurturing them which is also one of the traits of your Sun sign if it absorbed as if in another space.

The notion that one must be sitting cross-legged staring at one’s third eye to be in meditation is incorrect.

Your ability to help others will help reduce your sense of ego over time. Unlike the typical Virgo in its lower stage of evolution, attachment to the people you love will slowly melt away leaving with it the pure brilliance of selfless love, which is the goal of all meditation.

Your meditations if conducted on Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays will be particularly powerful.

Ritual technology is something that is not often understood but with the right techniques, rituals and spells these can be utilised by you for any number of purposes. This segment will show you rituals for turning your life around. Rituals are shown by the 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th houses of the horoscope.

The difficult planets in your horoscope are predominantly and Mars and Jupiter and these tend to accentuate the power of Mercury, your ruler.

Consequently, you are harder on yourself than anyone really needs to be Virgo. Your self-criticism could become a personal challenge to you and take away some of the pleasure of a job well done. If you did it to the best of your ability, why go back over it and try and find some flaws? You know you probably won’t find anything amiss, not with all your planning and strategies, so why go looking? Praise and encouragement from others just won’t satisfy your soul, will they Virgo?

  • Doing charity on the days of Mars and Jupiter, that is Tuesdays and Thursdays will be useful in bringing these planets under control.

You are fastidious with a constant concern for cleanliness and hygiene, not to mention tidiness. Others may be driven to distraction by this constant search for perfection and when you think about it, what part of your world is going to collapse if you leave a pair of socks on the floor? Lighten up and realise that your standards are way above everyone else’s and you may just have to go with the flow. It may be difficult for you, but it is possible.

Virgo Self-Empowerment

Upgrade MYSELF to Version 2.0 >>>>> this is great

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It’s possible to create a new you, almost as if you are upgrading your software to the newest and brightest version. There are disciplines that need to be adhered to if you are to achieve your best possible self. Start by understanding your karma –

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