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Cancer Career and Finance

Cancer Career and MOney

What Does Your Sun Sign of Cancer Career and Finance Reveal about Your FAME and SUCCESS in Life?

Cancer Career and FinanceBecause you are so strongly motivated by the emotional part of your being, it’s essential that you work in a sphere of activity. This allows you to express your feelings and to care for others. There are many professional avenues which you can consider and most notably healing. Helping professions, to name a few would satisfy your soul immensely. If you choose a line of work that you enjoy, you’re more likely to be good at it and therefore successful.

The healing professions can include medicine, osteopathy, massage and other alternative and natural therapies. Nursing, counseling, welfare work and work which involves mediating. And advising others can also be a good fit for the Cancerian temperament.

Money is not as important to the Cancerian as helping others and finding internal satisfaction but it does offer you the stability and security that you require in life. I’ve found many Cancerians drawn to business, investments, banking and even real estate. But yet again, even in these roles, your primary motivation is to help others and gain satisfaction through seeing others happy and fulfilled.

Finally, in any sort of work, you must learn to turn off at the end of the day and not take your worries and concerns home with you. Separating profession from domestic life will ensure that you remain happy. And won’t destabilize your family life which is also so important to you.

Cancer Money and Finance

The shining Sun and the sign of Leo regulate the second zone of your horoscope, which relates to income, money and generally the way you view materialism as a whole. That shiny, golden coin-like disc in the sky is all-attractive and represents the money that Cancerian people love to have and lots of it. Also, it shows you work hard to obtain it for the purpose of having security and feeling as comfortable as you can.

Mostly money is useful to you as a means of extending your loving nature to others. By having the money you’re able to uplift those who are less fortunate than yourself and this makes you feel good.

Likewise, the Sun is generally lucky and indicates you’re able to earn money and put lots of energy into that process. By the same token, as the old adage goes, ‘money does burn a hole in your pocket’. And you can thank the hot Sun for that effect on your life as well.


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Cancer Employee

Moreover, the work philosophy and ethic of a Cancerian is actually rather simple. You’re not prone to the glitz and glamor of some of the other star signs when it comes to the reasons for why you work. For you, security, the simple satisfaction of doing a job well and serving others are more than enough to give you a strong sense of self-satisfaction.

And because of this, you’ll make doubly sure that you don’t risk losing your job by being inattentive, sloppy in your work, or unpunctual. Nor will you take for granted the fact that you’re fortunate enough to have a job. Then, all this you do because you value a job that gives you the means of providing security for yourself and your family.

In addition, you’re a dependable person and, although you’re ambitious to climb the ladder of success, you may not always articulate this fact. This could be the reason why some people underestimate your power and ability to achieve great things. One day you’ll prove them wrong. Because Cancer is a cardinal, intuitive and flexible sign, many of you can and do take on big responsibilities and leadership roles. In saying this, I understand that each and every day you used this as a building block to achieve your goals.

And this is an excellent law of power that Cancerians use with great skill and strategy. Ultimately, apart from issues of security, one of the primary motives for you to work is to serve others well and do something that has some greater meaning rather than just the acquisition of power and money. Because of this you’re a genuine worker and will make positive contributions to your community and society at large through your professional endeavors.

Consequently, the Cancerian employee is very discerning when it comes to dealing with superiors. Little do they know that your charming, sympathetic and warm personality is not the only strength you possess. But behind that mask, you may even be thinking of taking over that person’s job without them suspecting it in the least.


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Cancer Boss

On the other hand, the good thing about a Cancerian boss or employer is that they create a workplace that is like a home away from home. Of course, you’ll sense an obvious ulterior motive behind this. The more relaxed and welcome we feel in our workplace, the more likely we are to stay put and work harder. Then this is how they draw forth the best work from their employees. At the end of the day, they cherish the people they employ.

Then, whether it comes to employees or their industry, the Cancerian boss is discerning and perceptive to the currents of the time, often without being fed information. And blessed with acute insight, they make strategic progress and are rarely wrong in their judgment.

Consequently, Cancer is often regarded as a nurturing sign. And while they are out to make money, it is never at another’s expense. They are astute and calculating. But their ability to remain silent at the right moment grants them leverage over other competitors. This explains the deluge of successful businessmen who fall under the star sign of Cancer.

To clarify, as an employee, never assume that your Cancer boss has overlooked trivialities in the workplace. Big mistake! The Cancer boss is as sharp as a tack and fully aware of where every penny is going. Not only that, they have their own ways of keeping a tab on you. But also knowing exactly how your idle minutes are spent, even when you haven’t left the desk.

And the best thing about a Cancerian boss is their nurturing nature and the fact that they treat you like family once you win their trust. But if you prove your loyalty and commitment to the workplace, you will enjoy unstinting support and love. Just as a mother fusses over the smallest cry of her child, so too will your Cancerian boss attend to your needs.

Cancer Business Partnership

Just as in relationships of an emotional or romantic nature, selecting the right business partner can be enhanced with astrological insight as these partnerships are just as important. When you think about it, we work so long now that these relationships can. In fact, take up more time than do relationships with our loved ones. Business partnerships involve the 7th and 8th houses of the horoscope. Career matters and profits from the business are dealt with by looking at the 10th and 11th houses.

Some business partnerships are great and others can be absolutely terrible. You want to make sure that you don’t get involved with someone and invest your money and time or other valuable resources only to find that your partner of choice is not compatible with you. Astrologically speaking this is called synastry. In this type of astrology, we overlay the horoscope of one over another. And study the aspect between two pairs of planets to draw conclusions.

In this analysis, the positioning of the Sun in the horoscopes establishes the worth of the partnership. For example, the Sun has right angles to the other and this will be a challenging relationship if not necessarily one client work. If the planets and the aspects between them are favourable, there is a good chance the relationship will work. And both parties will benefit from it emotionally and financially.


Not all the combinations possible between two individuals, but instead, it focuses on the core patterns of relationship analysis.

Cancer Best Business Partnership

Best Pairing:
Cancer and Taurus

This pair works well both professionally and platonically. Though you may find yourself grappling with the rigidity of the Taurean mind, the two of you will enjoy enormous material success. And create a great deal of security in your lives.

When it comes to budgeting and finance, Cancer can be a stickler for accuracy, and you maintain a strict vigil against any foul play. Having a Taurean business partner allows you to let your guard down as they are even more meticulous than you. They’re also astonishingly honest and regard your scrutiny as a compliment! Both Cancer and Taurus crave security in every aspect of their lives. And this creates ample room for mutual trust and growth.

On a business level, there’s a strong likelihood that you will socialise rather actively with Taurus. Being the eleventh sign to Cancer, Taurus stimulates your personality with its earthy, practical and feminine traits. Even though your planets are not aligned as ‘best friends forever’, this doesn’t mean that there will be problems in the business sphere.

However, you need to awaken to your own weakness in temperament, Cancer. Look at the history of your emotional hysteria, which has threatened almost every relationship you’ve had. While your personal relationships may still bear the brunt of this volatile streak, it won’t be tolerated in a professional context. But make sure your business partnership is not plagued by mood swings. As they can affect communication and create confusion. Remember, while Taurus can be a great friend, their patience will collapse if you wax and wane with the Moon and its tides.

On the bright side, Taurus is equally materialistic and hardworking, and through unstinting effort and emotion, this partnership is destined to blossom. But you have a lot in common to take your venture to great heights.

Cancer Worst Business Partnership

Worst Pairing:
Cancer and Sagittarius

Certainly, this relationship is unlikely to be successful, and even at its best, it will struggle to work. Sagittarius is too relaxed compared to your meticulous detailed ways, Cancer. Elements determine the way each zodiac thinks and acts. In your case, your respective zodiac elements stand opposed. While you are governed by water, Sagittarius is influenced by fire. Astrologically, this union creates a combination in which you cancel each other out.

Cancer tries to establish a secure foundation that ensures the welfare of their family. Saggitarius, on the other hand, is less concerned about stability and rather dismissive of the idea. Though they acknowledge your strengths and work ethic, they do not relate to your vision. This basic variation in attitude is detrimental in a professional partnership.

Sagittarius falls in the sixth zone to your Sun sign, and this affects their attitude towards finance. A Sagittarian’s nonchalant attitude helps them stay calm even when they’re overburdened with debt. While Cancer, collapse at the mere thought of it! Sagittarians can be hopelessly upbeat, anticipating a miracle that will drag them out of the muck. If this doesn’t happen, they find some other way of bailing themselves out.

More friction lurks in the way you both approach administrative chores. While your meticulousness can border on paranoia, Sagittarians are undisciplined and lackadaisical, and you have zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour.

However, Sagittarians will offer a helping hand to those in need, but only because of their laid-back nature. You hate to see your hard-earned dollars being given away so generously. And this difference is enough to compromise your relationship.

Cancer, you like to draw out your business vision with pie charts and spreadsheets. But this detail can put your Sagittarian partner to sleep. They work on their own terms and in a happy-go-lucky manner, often attempting things that were not discussed in your business meetings! In the end, it would be more prudent to restrict this pairing to a social level. And save yourself the agony of having a business partner who is different to you in every conceivable way.​



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