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Astrological Birth Colours and Numbers

There are many differing opinions as to how to select your birth colour. By far the most reliable method is to calculate your horoscope from birth and select the appropriate colour. A simpler way is to note the date of birth and use the colour associated with that star sign and number. In selecting a colour for yourself, the following guidelines will make it easy. Your day, date and planet of birth are as follows….

1,10,19,28 SUNDAY SUN

2,11,20,29 MONDAY MOON








Colours may be satisfactorily used if they conform to your birth sign, day of birth or day of the week for the planet which rules that colour. eg if you are born on the 24th you may wear white and also red if it is a Tuesday, as Tuesday is ruled by Mars whose colour is red.


Number 1,10,19,28 and Leo

is governed by the Sun who rules orange and burnt yellows,brow, gold, copper

Number 5,14,23 and Gemini or Virgo

are governed by Mercury who rules green, azure and spotted colours

Number 6,15,24 and Taurus and Libra

are governed by Venus who rules white, turquoise, pink and sky blue

Number 2,11,20,29 and Cancer

are governed by Moon who rules white, silver, and all cream colours

Number 9,18,27 and Aries

are governed by Mars who rules red, scarlet, crimson, brown and autumn shades

Numbers 3,12,21,30 and Sagittarius

are governed by Jupiter who rules yellow, lemon and ochre

Numbers 8,17,26

are governed by Saturn who rules blue, violet, black

Numbers 4,13,22,31

are governed by Uranus who rules electric shades, iradescent hues, checks, mingled or modern “loud” colours

Numbers 7,16,25 and Pisces

are governed by Neptune who rules deep greens, deep turquoise and ocean colours

Numbers 9,18,27 and Scorpio

are governed by Pluto who rules the smoky, hazy dark colours black and blood red or scarlet

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19 thoughts on “Astrological Birth Colours and Numbers”

  1. Very interesing indeed. Yes colours do have an amazing effect on ones mood and impacts on our own personal charisma.l have a diploma in the field of colour/image consulting, so l can relate to colour magic

  2. Hi..!
    I wanted if you have please to inform me what is my colour.
    I have born 15/01/1953 & 11.25 in the morning.
    i think it was Thursday.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Best regards georgia

  3. Hi Georgia – because your personal birth number is 6 ( 1+5 ) look at the details for Venus. The total birth value is 7 ( all birth numbers added ) therefeore use the colours and numbers for Neptune.



  4. Thanks for giving this much of information. I wanted if you have please to inform me what is my colour. My date of Birth 24/08/1989 timming 12:45

  5. Amazing issues here. I’m very satisfied to see your post. Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  6. I was born Oct 17th 1977…please help me with a numerology reading. If it helps I was born in Willingboro, NJ

  7. love this video, this is simply great, now I will be able to check my frtuue without any cost, free astrology reading or psychic reading, what more can i ask for simply great.

  8. It didn’t, you’re still a Taurus. Astrologers are well aware of the placement of the atcaul constellations and that they have never taken up 12 even sections of the sky. The zodiac signs are twelve even quadrants we’ve assigned to twelve even spaces in the sky that are named after constellations. It’s simply for labeling those quadrants. Astronomers shouldn’t dip their hands into astrological affairs. What does it matter to them what sign people are if they don’t believe it? Someones zodiac sign is decided by astrology not astronomy, and always has been. This is old news to both studies.EDIT: People need to stop saying that this only applies to people born now. The constellations themselves have never been perfectly even. The new application that astronomers have decided to install is correct in a literal sense. But as it applies to astrology, the zodiac signs are NAMED after the constellations to seperate 12 even quadrants. If you believe in astrology and you say that it only applies to those born from henceforth, you’re making astrology appear ignorant. Both parties have known for a very long time that the constellations themselves are uneven.

  9. Pls and pls I’m born on 7th august, 1987 its on Friday. Wat can i do as a profession? my zodaic sign? My colours? My my lucky days and numbers? Thanks

  10. My Barth day jan 3 1966
    Moring 10:00

    My son name Mubarak Yosofe
    Jan 11 1991
    Thursday moring 8:30

    Please can you tell me my clolor and my sun color tanks a lot

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