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How does Astrology work in the Stock Market?

Astrology works in the stock market in many ways. Vedic astrology has some evident principles when working with the stock market.

Many people ask this question: does astrology work in the share market? Generally, it is understood that share market predictions are based on mathematical calculations and critical parameters like the company’s business report, etc. One can say, for example, that one’s Sun sign can’t necessarily predict the price of the share tomorrow or the day after. However, certain qualities related to planet positions at time of birth (time & date) later trigger their functions (qualities). So these qualities can be taken into account while predicting shares or stock prices. Hence, sun signs, Jupiter signs, etc., are considered necessary, in addition to other factors involved in a share market.

Houses in Horoscope for Stock Market

There are 12 houses used in astrology known as Bhava Chakra, and among them, a tenth house (Tenth House) is essential as it shows the financial status of the native. Similarly, the second house (Second House) indicates money and shares or stocks. Houses with any planet placed at that time give specific results related to those areas of life indicated by those houses. For example, the Sun is the natural significator of the first house and tenth house. If transits involving the Sun through the eleventh and twelfth houses, one can expect fluctuations in share prices or sudden changes in stock prices.

VEDIC 2As per Vedic Astrology, if Jupiter is transiting the sixth house, there are chances of losses in shares or the stock market. But, there are no fixed rules for this that if Jupiter will be in the sixth house, that means you will lose money because of other factors involved like the period/Dasha that Jupiter is travelling during that time, etc. These all contribute to how the share market functions in your horoscope. If Sun has been in the eleventh house at one’s time of birth (time & date) and transited through the fifth house (Stock Market related House), then it indicates significant fluctuations at some point in life. Similarly, Saturn transit through the third or fourth house also indicates loss spells.

The time of birth is essential, and the houses involved and their relationship with each other at that particular moment of life when one starts investing or trading shares or stocks. Most importantly, the Dasha and transit effects must be considered as they make a big difference in which planets cause gains or losses.

Prediction Of Day And Time To Invest According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aries GlyphThe first sign – Aries: This star sign is supported by trading stocks on Tuesday and Thursday. Please start your transactions early in the morning, around 5 am. Initial investments should be made before 8 am. Avoid making further investments at all costs after 2 pm, as significant losses due to lack of capital.

taurusSecond sign – Taurus: These people are the best stock traders. They all know that this miraculous breed of individuals is born to be filthy rich and rule the world of stocks and shares, so there’s nothing like a bad day for them when it comes down to trading! The time gap between 5 am and 10 am is perfect for such Taurus investors. Avoid getting out of your investments after 2 pm as you may face certain losses during this period.

Gemini Health and WellbeingThird sign – Gemini: This brand of stock market millionaires usually identifies with Tuesday and Thursday being the days they would do their business in shares and stocks. You will notice that their activities before 8 am and then around 11 am generate good profits for these individuals. You will not see them doing any deals after 2 pm as you may experience major losses.

Fourth sign – Cancer: This brand of investors loves to trade day, so Tuesday and Thursday are the right time for them to start their work. Start your transactions early morning, around 5 am, and stick with it till 11 am. After 2 pm, there could be some setbacks that you may have to face. Avoid making investments altogether during night times as this would be a bad idea without a doubt!

leoFifth sign – Leo: Leo individuals are born stock market millionaires, destined to control this arena. They usually make their money through short-term trading activities in shares or stocks, so they start this business on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Start your deals early morning at 5 am and continue it for the entire day up to 2 pm, but avoid making any further transactions after this time as you may end up facing some humiliating losses!

Sixth sign – Virgo: These people are born traders and tend to do business in shares or stocks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They usually make their initial investment before 8 am and then stick with it till 11 am. You will not see any of them engaging in stock market investing activities after 2 pm because they know significant losses are likely at night.

libraSeventh sign – Libra: This brand of investors has a habit of day trading, so they engage in such activities on Tuesdays or Thursdays. They usually engage in business before 8 am and then after 11 am. All their deals can be completed before 2 pm as they know it is best not to carry on with such activities after this time.

scorpioEighth sign – Scorpio: You will find these people doing business in shares or stocks during Tuesdays or Thursdays. Their transactions start early in the morning at 5 am and last till 10 am, so you do not have to worry about anything else because all your deals can be made before 2 pm. After that time, significant losses are a possibility!

sagittariusNinth sign – Sagittarius: These individuals believe in short-term trading activities when it comes to share market investments. So the best days for them are Tuesdays or Thursdays. The transactions start around 5 am and last till 11 am, so there is no need to worry about anything else as all your deals can be completed before 2 pm.

capricornTenth sign – Capricorn: These people are born stock market moguls and destined to make money by doing business in shares or stocks on Tuesdays or Thursdays. They engage themselves in business right from the early morning at 5 am and end it for the day up to 2 pm. It’s best to avoid engaging in any further activity after this time as you may face certain humiliating losses!

aquariusEleventh sign – Aquarius: This investor’s brand is said to do most of their transactions during Tuesdays or Thursdays. The transactions begin around 5 am and continue until 11 am, so there is no need to worry about anything else as your deals can be finalised before 2 pm. After this time, significant losses are a possibility!

piscesTwelfth sign – Pisces: These people usually engage in share market investment activities during Tuesdays or Thursdays. They start their business around 5 am and keep it until 11 am. Avoid carrying on with such activities after that time as it could spell certain losses for you! You needn’t worry about anything else because all your transactions can be completed before 2 pm.


People, who do not know their ruling planets, must take astrology seriously and consult an expert to predict what’s going to happen in this arena of life. Doing so will surely bring positive results for them! You can only make the correct predictions in the stock market when you know your ruling planet.



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