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Capricorn Health and Wellbeing

Capricorn – health, wellbeing and diet

What Are the HEALTH Strengths and Weaknesses of Capricorn Health and Wellbeing? Here Are Some Helpful Tips For the WELL-BEING of Capricorn!

Your love of work can sometimes have you burning the midnight oil. You need to listen to your body for signals that you are working too many hours.

ASTROLOGY-HEALTH-CAPRISuppression of your feelings can be another health issue for you, Capricorn. The more you talk about how you feel, the less tension you will put on your mind and body. If you can learn how to show your feelings, you’re much less likely to suffer stress-related disorders, which seem to be the bane of the 21st century.

If you work hard in a rather sedentary job, you will need to balance this with enough exercise to keep your joints moving freely and preventing arthritic problems later in life. Bear in mind, too, that physical rigidity is associated with rigidity of the mind.

How your ruling planet affects you?

You’re a highly sensitive and inward-thinking individual, an obvious effect of your ruling planet Saturn. You find solace in solitude, but unless you openly engage, foster dialogue and vent your feelings, you are bound to implode. This will invariably reveal itself in poor health, so the more you talk about how you feel, the less likely you are to experience stress on a physical and emotional level.

If you’re caught in a sedentary job, get adequate exercise to keep your body agile and prevent arthritic problems later in life. Bear in mind that physical rigidity stems from an inflexible mind.

Physical health and dietary

Capricorn rules the lower parts of the body such as the knees, skeletal system, tendons, skin, and hair. If you are going to play sport, be careful of pushing yourself too hard. Knees are a weak area for Capricorn-born individuals, and they can injure them quite easily. Your lungs are another area of weakness, which is why practicing yoga and other deep breathing exercises will strengthen this part of your body.

You also need to strengthen your sinews and tendons, especially if you’re getting older. Taking glucose sulfate will help rebuild some of that tissue. Also, add some flax-seed to your diet as it is a great antioxidant and will improve your energy levels.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You need to have a regular and balanced diet, but this could be an issue given that you are a workaholic. Skipped meals can play havoc with your nervous system. Your ruling planet is slow-moving, so when your metabolism is slow in the evening, don’t eat heavy or indigestible foods.


Vitamin B deficiencies can arise and you should take a supplement if your diet is not adequate. The foods you need to include are soya bean products, bean sprouts, eggs, wheat germ and white meat, all of which are natural sources of Vitamin B. Whole grains and unprocessed foods are also a great source of dietary nutrition for Capricorn. Avoid acid- forming foods as they are likely to aggravate your arthritic or rheumatic tendencies. Beer and coffee need to be avoided.

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