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Taurus Health and Wellbeing

Taurus – health, wellbeing and diet

What Are the HEALTH Strengths and Weaknesses of Taurus Health and Wellbeing? Here Are Some Helpful Tips For the WELL-BEING of Taurus!

Taurus Health and WellbeingTaureans are born with natural resilience and usually have a solid physique and strong stamina. The earth element rules the skeletal and eliminator systems. Taureans love to eat and this is partly to blame for their weight problems, which are aggravated by a lack of exercise and sedentary habits.

You need to move, Taurus, or, like your totem the Bull, you will bulk up. As an earth sign, you are prone to heaviness in the body and sluggishness in your elimination system. This combination means that your digestion and metabolism are slow, increasing the density of your body tissue. Moderate exercise and a good diet should be a strict discipline in your life to combat your love of eating.

How your ruling planet affects you?

Taurus rules the throat, mouth, neck and face. These body parts have an intrinsic potential to cause infirmity at some point in your life. Ensure frequent examination of your tonsils, thyroid and parathyroid.

Physical health and dietary

You are naturally blessed with resilient healthiness, although you’re not quite as lucky when diet comes into play. Of course, the two go hand in glove. You flaunt a robust physique with a natural ability to withstand extremes in climate and environment, and your stamina is unconquerable.


Choose lean, white meat as opposed to heavy, red meat and other animal products. This small modification can help boost your energy levels.

Your constitution will be much stronger if you pay attention to what you eat and how often. Your diet should err on the side of fruit and vegetables, eaten raw or cooked, with spices added. Keep the starch component on the low side and this will help to fight the battle of the bulge.


The reason you are ‘not quite lucky’ with regards to your diet is due to your tendency to overindulge. Your foremost goal is to moderate your diet, drinking and lifestyle, thereby allowing your health to improve. If you pay a little attention to how your body responds to certain types of food, your constitution will stand to benefit hugely. For instance, Taurus inherently has a sweet tooth. You are drawn to all that’s rich, saccharine and luscious. As a result, you muddle up a variety of flavours that disagree internally. Ignoring your digestive system in favour of overindulgence will dramatically impact your physical vigour.

Refrain from sugar, candy, cakes and other calorific victuals. 

Astrologer's Health Advice

To keep the thyroid functioning at its best, your diet should include foods with natural iodine such as fish, seafood, eggs, liver, kidney beans, and wheat germ. Carbohydrates have a way of turning into fat in a Taurean body and should be avoided.

Taurus’s cell salt is a sulfate of sodium, a mineral that controls the amount of water in the system. This is present in the liver, pancreas and the hormones of the kidneys. An imbalance of this mineral in the body can cause bloating, symptoms of congestion and a feeling of being waterlogged. Some foods that contain this mineral are asparagus, beets, cauliflower, horseradish, spinach, cucumber, onions, pumpkin, raw nuts and cranberries. You should also drink plenty of water to help flush out your system.

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